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Think Smart Look Amazing 1 Think smart, Look amazing.

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1 Think Smart Look Amazing 1 Think smart, Look amazing

2 Think Smart Look Amazing Great success in 2010 Normal + pocket size: +15% vs y-1 Kaiyuan retail survey: ahead of Vogue and Bazaar The 1 st international 100% beauty magazine TV + website + magazine trinity platform - interaction Iconic fashion event – incredible market impact The bridge of top fashion brands with consumers Viva e-magazine

3 Think Smart Look Amazing High quality of local production (>90% in fashion) =>Strong relevancy to Chinese readers MC is now 4 th choice for Top 15 fashion clients, above Cosmo MC Fashion – aspiring yet accessible

4 Think Smart Look Amazing MC Beauty - authoritative yet practical Leading beauty trend and consumption behavior China beauty market reference

5 Think Smart Look Amazing MC Feature – broaden your horizon yet relevant Marie Claire distinguishes itself with must read stories that cover a breadth of topics reflecting the eclectic interests of the discerning 21th century women.

6 Think Smart Look Amazing The leading brand for fashion innovation Marie Claire Style China 2010 More than 30 top fashion brands participated Over 100 Super Stars, models and celebrities presented Over 150 Media full exposure on websites, TV, newspapers and magazines Over 800 advertisers join the ceremony Iconic fashion event - incredible market impact in 2010 incredible market impact

7 Think Smart Look Amazing PEB – The most authoritative beauty award

8 2011

9 Think Smart Look Amazing 120P Fashion Trend Book: March / Sept Trend book - Showcase the seasons key trends and the very best clothing and accessories

10 Think Smart Look Amazing 120P Watch & Jewelry Special: 120P Watch & Jewelry Special: May & Nov Interpretation to the latest trends of Jewelry & watch, and fashion accessories Practical tips about how to buy jewelry and watches

11 Think Smart Look Amazing Wedding special in May and October Introduction of the most practical tips to new couples

12 Think Smart Look Amazing February Love March 2011 Fashion S/S 2011 Fashion trend book January Luxury issue April Beauty Carnival June Lightness for Summer issue July Special men Issue May Wedding Watch & Jewelry+ fashion accessories August Environmentalist MC Style China 2011 Month Main book Supple ment Month Main book Supple ment October Love ourselves Win women + In-book wedding supplement November Travel Issue Watch & Jewelry + fashion accessories September 2011 Fashion A/W 2011 Fashion trend book December Anniversary Month Main book Supple ment 2011 Marie Claire Editorial Calendar

13 Think Smart Look Amazing Ipad / Iphone versions E-magazine on monthly basis

14 Marie Claire Beauty No. 1 International 100% beauty magazine

15 Think Smart Look Amazing MC Beauty - Turning monthly 2011 Value for money Beauty fans must-have Entertaining & innovative Professional & practical Interactive

16 Think Smart Look Amazing Who are the readers of MC beauty? Always passionate and curious with high sensibility on beauty products. They are willing to learn all the practical beauty and skin care skills. Hoping to become a trend setter or beauty pioneer. They are eager to try new beauty products, and would like to share and exchange their comments. Internet is one of their favorite platforms for interaction. They are active beauty fans, 25 in average

17 Think Smart Look Amazing Interaction starts from sample trial On-pack new cosmetic product samples Further interaction for extra prizes Readers encouraged to go to for registration And to share and exchange after trial Partnership with No. 1 beauty program

18 Think Smart Look Amazing The No.1 beauty community with interesting interaction, large of beauty products, you will love to share with authorized beauty experts and thousands of beauty elites. Beauty Experts + Beauty Elites + Beauty Fans Written by thousands of beauty fans MC Beauty Magazine MC Beauty Magazine MC Beauty Community MC Beauty Elite Institute Exclusive beauty video shooting by MCTV team MC Beauty community

19 Think Smart Look Amazing 19 Skincare Makeup Hair Body Health MC Beauty Elite Institute 74% are eager to trial new beauty products 64% would like to share and exchange their comments 43% have bought the beauty product online Already 39,450 Online Students

20 Think Smart Look Amazing Hierarchy of Needs by Maslow could explain why MC Beauty Institute works To be a member of beauty community and communicate with beauty expects and elites and share her thoughts Continued upgrading to collect points, which represent her position. Based on her online behavior, she will gain related benefits (trial, real product, comment published on magazine, participate MC TV programs, etc) She will represent more girls, she has power to influence more people. She is a leader of thousands fans Why those girls love to join MC Beauty Institute?

21 Think Smart Look Amazing As a MC Beauty Elite, having more exposure on MCB, TV, MC studio, Website, and obtain brand sponsor By sharing beauty tips, getting the coach by beauty experts, having more chance to join the brands offline events. Graduating from Institution with more and more fans. Helping to answer online questions regarding to beauty / skincare 6. Gradu- ation 7. Elite Submit the trial report and get more points for exchanging more benefits 4. Junior 5. Senior Purchase MCB and get the information of Elite Institution & Beauty Products To be a freshman and choose a beauty product for trial Go to website and recruit to MC Beauty Elite Institution Acquire credits through beauty testing The top 10 beauty tips would be put on the magazine with the student photo 21 The working flow of users experience in beauty elite institute

22 Think Smart Look Amazing Leading the trend of digital reading 2010 Viva flow-in rate/edition 320,000 MCB newspaper on mobile, launching in January 2011 - Cooperation with three leading mobile operators - 8 editions /month=5yuan - Double exposure for beauty brands Palm MCB on mobile Viva platform + MCB mobile newspaper

23 Think Smart Look Amazing 25% 25% make up 12% 12% fitness, diet, health 11% 11% celebrities, beauty trends and others 12% 12% hair care 15% 15% perfume, body care, etc 25% 25% skin care MCB Year 2011 editorial structure

24 Think Smart Look Amazing January: New year new look February: Smart skills of makeup March: Pink April: Glorious skin May: Green beauty June: Beauty elite institute special July: S ( S shape, sexy..) August: Cool of skin September: seasonal hair care October: High-tech beauty November: Happy shopping (Cooperation with a few strategic shopping malls) December: Year-end lab test + perfume calendar Key topics you cant miss… MCB Year 2011 Editorial Highlights

25 Think Smart Look Amazing 1)Survey conducted in September 2010, covering BJ / SH / GZ / HZ / SY / NJ / WH / CD / SZ / CQ 2) MC Beauty ranking ahead of many international fashion magazines just after the launch. +13.9% Kaiyuan – Sept 2010

26 Think Smart Look Amazing Appendix

27 Think Smart Look Amazing Marie ClaireMarie Claire Beauty Cover priceRMB 20 / monthlyRMB 10 / monthly On-sale date10 th / nationwide25 th / nationwide Readers average age30yrs25yrs The percentage of beauty column in the magazine A well mixed fashion magazine of Beauty, Fashion, feature and lifestyle sections. Beauty content accounts for 20% of the entire magazine. 100% dedicated to beauty aiming to meet with beauty lovers needs. Complete and comprehensive content including the skin care, make up, hair care, perfume and body care, health, etc. Style positioning of the Beauty content Authoritative; professional; trendy.Vivid; practical; entertaining; interactive UniquenessThe global well known Marie Claire PEB Awards and Greater China Award is considered as the most authoritative beauty award in China. Its a magazine that you can play with, readers are always encouraged to share, exchange and interact. Its No.1 beauty paradise provided with a trinity platform of magazine, TV and website. Circulation strategyStrong leadership in the 1 st tier cities, while quick developing in the 2 nd and 3 rd tier markets. Attacking 1st-tier cities, and rapidly penetrate the 2 nd and 3 rd tier markets taking the advantage of cover price. Yearly sampling strategy only available to MC beauty

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