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Resource Description and Access – Implementation Update Deirdre Kiorgaard - Director, Serials Collection Management & Standards, National library of Australia.

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1 Resource Description and Access – Implementation Update Deirdre Kiorgaard - Director, Serials Collection Management & Standards, National library of Australia - Australian Committee on Cataloguing Representative to the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA

2 Outline Value of RDA The RDA Toolkit & Subscriptions US National Libraries testing Draft RDA Implementation Plan NLA Implementation team Training & Documentation Keeping in touch with RDA developments

3 Value of RDA Resource Description and Access or RDA – is the standard that replaces the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR) – is a web-based tool RDA offers Improved description of digital resources, unpublished resources and resources with multiple characteristics More guidance on the creation of authority headings Compatibility with a range of encoding schema Clearly defined data elements and improved granularity Opportunities for better catalogue displays and navigation Opportunities for more efficient data creation

4 Sample – RDA Toolkit Interactive and online Integration with policies and processes

5 Access to the RDA Toolkit Released 23 June 2011 - Free period expired 31 August 2011 Instructions are part of an online package Instructions also available via Catalogers Desktop and in loose leaf print (via Facet Publishing)

6 RDA Toolkit Subscriptions Solo user and site subscriptions are available at fixed prices Consortia & group purchase can be negotiated Access for Training and Classroom use is available at special pricing Double-user offer for subscribers before August 31, 2011 Prices are quoted in a range of currencies including Australian $. There are no plans for an Australia national license for RDA ALA Publishing manage subscriptions Contact ALA Publishing to be placed on their email list

7 US National Libraries testing Purpose of testing To determine whether RDA Online in its initial release offers sufficient benefit, compared to current methods, to achieve the objectives that the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA has stated for the proposed new cataloging code Participants Library of Congress, National Library of Medicine, National Agricultural Library, and 20+ other participants from all types & sizes of libraries, who use a wide variety of library systems


9 Evaluative factors (1) Record Creation Can an acceptable original RDA record be created? Can an acceptable RDA record be created from pre-RDA copy? How quickly can an RDA record be created? How consistently is RDA interpreted? Record Use Can non-cataloging staff find an RDA record using a search query? Can the end user find an RDA record using a search query? Training & Documentation Needs Can RDA be used effectively by staff who are: self-taught; trained hands-on by local colleagues; trained via distance learning; trained in a classroom, multiple days; trained in a classroom, 1 day? What will be the impact of RDA implementation on local & Consortial documentation for general community, and special communities?

10 Evaluative factors (2) Use of RDA Online Tool/RDA Content Can implementers use RDA Online to replace local documentation and/or subscriptions to other cataloging tools? Is the text of RDA Online readable? Systems and Metadata Can system vendors implement the new MARC 21 data at acceptable cost? What is the impact on institutions whose systems don't implement? Can the community accept and load RDA records in synchronized fashion? What local system changes need to take place? How will ILS system upgrade cycles affect implementation? What will be the impact of RDA: on RSS feeds, ILL, ECIP software? What desired changes can be handled by global update, e.g. "Bible. N.T." ?

11 Evaluative factors (3) Technical Feasibility In what percentage of records does RDA require data to be recorded differently from current rules? What percentage of RDA records can be retrieved with earlier records in the same search? What percentage of RDA records can be displayed in the same result set with earlier records? Local Workflows At the end of the test period, what local workflow changes were seen as needed?

12 Evaluative factors (4) Costs What are the costs of: updating national and local documentation; creating a record with RDA compared to current rules; course development; training existing staff? How much time will be needed: for training key trainers & for key trainers to train other staff; for staff to learn to create acceptable RDA records? Will training materials be freely available, and what training will be offered by BL, LAC, NLA? What are the costs of converting existing catalog data to RDA? Benefits Is throughput time better with RDA compared to current codes? Can support staff or students perform tasks using RDA that currently are done by professionals? What are the benefits of converting existing catalog data to RDA? Are there resources that can be described using RDA that couldn't be described at all using earlier codes?

13 2010 June 23 RDA Toolkit published. July-DecemberU.S. National Libraries RDA Test. 2011 January-MarchU.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee analyses the results of the test and prepares its report to the management of the three U.S. national libraries (LC, NLM, &NAL). April-JuneThe RDA Test Report is evaluated by LC, NLM and NAL. JuneThe Library of Congress releases the RDA Test Report and announces their decision on implementation of RDA. RDA Implementation Plan

14 RDA Implementation Plan - proposed dates 2011 July–SeptNLA, LAC, British Library consider their response to the RDA Test Report and the implications of what LC decides about implementation. Proposed timeframe for RDA implementation in Australia (as outlined below) confirmed. Proposed timeline pending JSC national libraries response to RDA Test Report Mid 2011-MARC21 changes expected to be available on Libraries Australia. NLA conducts train-the-trainer sessions for Australian training agencies. Late 2011 -Expected rollout of training to Australian libraries by training agencies. 2 nd QTR 2012 Expected implementation period

15 NLA RDA Implementation team Catherine Argus Manager, Standards & training Jenny Stephens RDA Implementation officer

16 Documentation FAQ Implementation Schedule Training materials Workflows Stakeholder information sheets Policy decisions and statements

17 Training Training needs survey Australia New Zealand Library context; Levels of current knowledge; Content of training; Training methods; Time for training ; Training locations Request for Expressions of Interest in providing RDA training Trainers to provide – Comprehensive face to face training courses for cataloguers – Shorter courses e.g. for library managers or reference staff – Training Australia-wide National Library of Australias role

18 Sample NLA training materials

19 Training courses and seminars in Australia

20 Information sheets Tailored information sheets for different groups including: – Library managers; Cataloguers; Serials cataloguers; System managers; Reference staff; Small libraries (public, school, special) ; Specialist libraries (e.g. music, law, map); Systems vendors; Book suppliers Covering: The timeline, Key information about RDA, Links to further information Summary of the changes affecting particular groups What you need to know to prepare Example (system managers): Changes from AACR, New elements, MARC changes, Potential catalogue display changes, Global heading changes, Record Import/export; Libraries Australia changes

21 Publications on RDA Describing Electronic, Digital and other Media using AACR and RDA : A how- to-do-it manual / Mary Beth Weber and Fay A Austin ISBN: 978-1-85604-684-8 Forthcoming Dec. 2010 Introducing RDA: A Guide to the Basics / Chris Oliver ISBN 978-0-8389-3594-1 Introduction to Resource Description and Access : Cataloguing and classification in the digital era / Shawne D Miksa ISBN: 978-1-85604-683-1 Forthcoming Practical Cataloguing: AACR, RDA and MARC21 / Anne Welsh and Sue Batley ISBN: 978-1-85604-695-4 Forthcoming Feb. 2011

22 Policy changes Library of Congress Policy Statements – – Shorter and fewer than the LCRIs – More cataloguers judgement Libraries Australia International policies

23 Libraries Australia Support creation & exchange of RDA data from agreed implementation date Continue to support AACR2 (while supported in MARC21) Issue guidelines about upgrading records Investigate global changes Update policies, training courses and system documentation Provide a training system

24 MARC21 changes Mappings in RDA : RDA to Bibliographic format (Appendix D), Authority Format (Appendix E). MODS->RDA mapping and MADS->RDA mapping and Information on approved changes for vendors

25 MARC21 changes Content Types, Media Types and Carrier Types Attributes of Entities (Names and Resources) Relationships between Entities Other changes to MARC Bibliographic Indicating the use of RDA rules and ISBD punctuation

26 ACOC- RDA website

27 Keeping in touch with RDA developments Online product Print product JSC website US National RDA Test / ACOC website rdaaust discussion list via ACOC RDA site RDA Team NZ Cataloguers wiki Incite (ALIA) Gateways (NLA)

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