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MSC Eco Cruise Fantasia, 1- 5 November 2011. INTERNATIONAL EVENT – BIO & ECO WORLD - is a display of innovative products and services for a sustainable.

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1 MSC Eco Cruise Fantasia, 1- 5 November 2011

2 INTERNATIONAL EVENT – BIO & ECO WORLD - is a display of innovative products and services for a sustainable lifestyle - is the first Eco Fashion Week in Europe


4 Philosophy Philosophy common vision Italy and the world have a great need for a common vision: - A new alliance between quality and lifestyle - A link between citizens and good policy - A dialogue between institutions and enterprises green economy The green economy is an important part of this vision: to combine ecology and economy is a big opportunity to build a sustainable society, ensuring economic and social progress.

5 The Scenario The themes and the culture have been present on the Eco and Bio international scene for over 20 years. From 2009 to 2010 Eco and Bio consumption have recorded an increase of 35% higher than any other sector. Increase of 45% in investments in the companies in the green economy in Italy have developed tens of thousands of small and medium- sized companies with this vocation.

6 Economic objectives Providing an international showcase for companies that produce Biological and Ecological Products, and give them the opportunity to meet international distributors and direct clients from more than 30 countries. Provide opportunities for young designers to create their fashion collections with Eco and recycled materials. Through fashion and beauty, promote an Eco and Bio Lifestyle and Culture.

7 Cultural objectives Educating the public to make eco-friendly choices also for their holidays and promote eco- tourism.

8 The communication objectives Involve the media to motivate people around the world on issues of environmental sustainability and Social responsibility.

9 The exhibition area EXPO GREEN GLOBAL is open to companies from all market sectors for Italian and international services, for the presentation of Green Eco and Bio products and activities.

10 The spaces for exhibitors

11 The spaces for fashion shows runways

12 Market Sectors Green and recyclable products and services Organic, natural food Cosmetics Textiles Products of alternative medicine / vitamins and supplements Herbs and aromatherapy Health - Fitness - Yoga - Nature Spa Green house and family products Furniture and furnishings Eco Fashion and Accessories Eco Paper Publishing Ecological design and green building Innovative technologies Hybrid and electric cars Destinations of Eco tourism

13 Events and Seminar A continuous series of moments of communication and entertainment: Eco and Organic Products Exhibitions (International Market B2B, B2C) Tastings of Organic Cuisine Eco Fashion Shows Presentation of Eco Designers Eco and Bio Seminars Workshop for children on Eco Design Models Course NLP Course with Vincenzo Fanelli Entertainment on board and tours of the cities' Ecology-related and and Bio world Auctions for Charity

14 Events and Entertainment Some events in particular: Eco Fashion WeekThe first eco fashion week in Europe: a showcase for the most famous designers and an opportunity for young designers to present their collections made with environmentally friendly and recycled materials Miss Pure Beauty Competition for professional models (Next Top models) Eco-friendly travel - To educate and promote the choice for eco-tourism Green Global Awards. During a gala, the audience will vote on the companies, products, designers, models that best expressed their ecological vocation

15 The public GLOBAL GREEN EXPO is open to guests of MSC Fantasia 3000 passengers (more than 3000 passengers). A public aware of the ecological issues and prospective buyers of the exhibitors products.

16 The cruise Genoa Barcelona Palma de Mallorca Ajaccio Genoa

17 The Mediterranean Cruise on MSC Fantasia Departure: Mon 01 NOV Genova....17:00 Tue 02 NOV Barcelona13:00 -20:00 Fri 9 NOV Genoa 09:00.... Wen 03 NOV Palma de Mallorca 08:00-17:00 Thu 04 NOV Ajaccio 13:00-19:00

18 Participating countries Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, UK, USA, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Korea, Dubai (UAE), Brazil, Venezuela, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Macedonia, Turkey, Israel,Lebanon, Australia etc…

19 The communication of Expo Green Global Conference with Presentation of the Event - releases in the participating countries (at Genoa on 27.10.2011) Promotion of the event in each country, participanst through Local travel agencies Promotion of Competition for the Miss Pure Beauty in various Italian regions, through the media and travel agencies

20 The communication of Expo Green Global TV TV - Hosted talk shows and television programs in various participating countries - TV reports about the event - Special Gala Event on TV in many participating countries Radio Radio - Ad in the participating countries

21 The communication of Expo Green Global Internet and social networking Internet and social networking website of the event with spaces for sponsors and exhibitors Communication materials - A luxury magazine-catalog of the event - Stickers, flyers, posters - Invitations for the press conferences - Invitations for guests of the ship

22 The communication of Expo Green Global PR – Press Office - Editorials before and after the event - Interviews on board (participants from 30+ countries)


24 The communication of Expo Green Global EXHIBITORS Promotion of their products Direct contact with consumers (samplings) Tastings, retail Meeting with international distributors

25 The communication of Expo Green Global SPONSORS International visibility Presence of all materials Exhibition space Availability for seminars and conferences 24 hours on MSC Multi Media Advertising National television stations in 30+ countries SKY, FOX, FTV International Award on stage for the sponsors Distribution of advertising materials

26 The communication of Expo Green Global MEDIA PARTNER Presentation of their editorial products Exclusive interviews with international personalities Presence of logo on promotional materials, banners, multimedia, displays, etc. And many other opportunities in the studied collaboration.

27 Media partner

28 Promoters & Organizers Albena Petrova + 39 3454770644 Franco Guglielmelli +39 3391212401 Promoters & Organizers Albena Petrova + 39 3454770644 Franco Guglielmelli +39 3391212401


30 Some of the events in the last few years beginning with THE ECLIPSE organized by SCENT model

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