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FOR HIM MAGZINE MEDIA KIT 2010. Beijing Trends Power Advertising Ltd. Co. Tel 86-10-65871662 Tax 86-10-65871681 Add Floor.

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3 Beijing Trends Power Advertising Ltd. Co. Tel 86-10-65871662 Tax 86-10-65871681 Add Floor 21, Trends Building, 9th Guanghua Road Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100020 Advertising Director Lulu 86-10-65871660 Senior Account Manager Liu Zhe 86-10-65871663 Senior Account Manager Stella 86-10-65871670 Senior Account Manager Anita 86-10-65871665 Advertising Sales Manager Emma 86-10-65871671 Advertising Sales Manager Zhou Ming 86-10-65871672 Senior Creative Editor Centre 86-10-65871664 Senior Creative Editor Blue 86-10-65871662

4 General Introduction

5 On "FHM", what you should know about A true men's magazine He is an advocate, participant and leader of new male culture; He tries to tap the real interesting from the details of the world; He is a friend rather than a tutor; He is a necessary complement of cognition rather than a think- tank of the readers; He presents a smart and comfortable lifestyle to help readers in finding their own interesting points rather than the end-result of life. A men's fashion magazine ranked the first in domestic circulation Founded in May 2004, the Trends Media Group had offered a strong backing support to "FHM", the British EMAP Group and FHM had offered the best international copyright support and content sharing to FHM. With its unique radiating mode, its unique value and magazine operating idea of "fun, real, sexy, practical", "FHM" quickly occupied the men's fashion magazine market, ranking the first class position in national men's fashion magazines. Over the past five years, it has continuously achieved remarkable,success and special honor.

6 Editorial

7 Break the inertia of thinking, emphasis on wisdom and fun The magazine operating idea of "fun, real, sexy, practical" made FHM the spotlight many people as soon as he was born. Over the five-years persistence, it has also established a unique market position in domestic mens journals. Fun: easy and humorous, presenting ideas in a funny amusing witty way Humor is the most valuable characteristic of the mans world. Even facing the suffering, we can also deal with it by the spirit of humor. The overall editing style of "FHM" is cynical, easy, fun. Its language style is entirely colloquial, real and straightforward. Sincerity: removing hypocrisy and focusing on experience, sharing and exchange The expression of "FHM" is real and cynical, he attaches importance to interact with readers to ensure readers participate fully in the magazine content, have a joy sense of participation and control and personally experience the true taste of "FHM". Practical: intelligent consumption, enjoying the development of material civilization "FHM" is a personal trainer and friend for men, it starts from the mens perspective and mans way of thinking to scan the world, love life. It helps the reader to calmly and intelligently manage all kinds of relations and makes science and technology become humane and their assistant. Sexy: sharing sexy secrets and promoting the males aesthetic quality Sexy woman is an indispensable part of every mans life, so it is also an important part of "FHM". For the readers of "FHM", a woman is both male sex hormones and an important judger of mans achievement. Opening "FHM", what you can see

8 Leading men to scan the world with humorous attitude and amazing creativity It covers five sections, including current affairs, economy, science and technology, sports, sexuality, culture, consumption, clothing and beauty, expresses the right interpretation of such content in different ways. FHM never intends to teach what is good taste on how to be successful, but allows readers to fully relax. Incoming: This includes the latest news on people, events and products, introductions and advice on various lifestyles as well as interactive columns for readers. Scanner: An area of culture which is including movies, TV shows, books, music and internet, etc., to rely on FHM Chinas consistent talent for discovering whats new, hot and interesting to meet the ever-increasing demands of the readers. Feature: This section contains features on special topics, which are labeled Main Event, Handbook, Metrosexual Lifestyle, and Role-Planning Challenge. Insider: This fetishism area where fashion trends, fads, gadgets and people are fused together. This section has always had materialism at its heart, but attempts to do away with traditional ways of doing things; it values the description of products and thing, and creativity is emphasized when it comes to expression. This section will become a public community where advertisers and readers can enjoy the flourishing world of modern technology and new products. Essential: An area to include more technology, automobile, liquor products, travel and sports, etc., to satisfy mens urge to know more about everything, to emphasize wise choice to products. Opening "FHM", what you can see

9 Readers Analysis

10 FHM readers gender rate 18-24 9.7% 25-39 Core Reader 83.5% 40-50 6.9% Higher quality and full of vitality, readiness to accept anything new, with an average age of 31 Be loyal to FHM, you should be FHM reader educational rate Blow bachelor degree 37.3% bachelor degree and above 48.6% Master degree and above 14.1% Received higher education, many have overseas study experience FHM readers income rate Below 80000rmb 32% 80000-160000rmb 39.6% More than 160,000rmb 25.3% High income group with solid consumption basis FHM readers occupation rate Supervisors in corporations 32.5% Senior professionals 31.2% General employee 21.3% Professinal 15% Professional elite, really know how to balance work and life 9.7%83.5%6.9% 37.3%48.6%14.1% 32%39.6%25.3% 32.5%31.2%21.3%15% BriefIn Brief Introduction of the New Hippies " New are or " New Hippies " is the clearly targeted group of "FHM". They are willing to try a new life, they are material fetishes, but they are not t shopaholic; they are interested in the principle of things or industrial products, they are infatuated with new products and new ideas, they are constantly looking for themselves in the collections, they are good at shopping and willing to share the shopping experience with others; they are clearly aware of their targets and persistantly pursue them; they know to appreciate and respect others; they have hobbies and amateur lives......

11 FHMs readers are the main force of fashion consumption FHM has a very large readers group with higher education, tasting and consuming ability, the so-called New Rich Group. They believe in the notions of consume first, enjoy first and, possess strong consuming willing and consciousness. According to China's New Rich Marketing & Media Study H3 (2008), which was released by Sinomonitor International in September, 2008, FHM takes the first place in several surveys regarding the proportion of readers. Be loyal to FHM, you should be FHM Esquire Mens Health Mens Uno Maxim NO.1 Change cell phone every half an year 16.3% 8.2% 9.6% 5.4% 10.1% NO.1 Prepare to buy import cars 22.6% 9.5% 14.4% 22.4% 2.7% NO.1 Prepare to buy Chinese cars 13.6% 11.1% 9.1% 7.9% 3.4% NO.1 Own a lap-top which is above 20,000 36% 9.8% 11.9% 3.4% 17.9% FHM Esquire Mens Health Mens Uno Maxim FHM Esquire Mens Health Mens Uno Maxim FHM Esquire Mens Health Mens Uno Maxim

12 Be loyal to FHM, you should be NO.1 Spent over 1000 on cosmetics in the past year 14.7% 12% 14.6% 10.6% 13.4% NO.1 Spend 50,000 every year on clothes 34.6% 20.2% 15.3% 10.6% 25.1% NO.1 Spend 20,000 every year on jewelries 34% 26.8% 23% 17.9% 8.8% The average issue reading rate means that the proportion of readers per issue in the overall investigated ones for one magazine during certain time or period, which shows the magazines' coverage ability to readers, is the key reading standard. FHM Esquire Mens Health Mens Uno Maxim FHM Esquire Mens Health Mens Uno Maxim FHM Esquire Mens Health Mens Uno Maxim

13 Circulation

14 Strong publishing, proudly achievements Through a professional publishing company, a strong distribution network and a perfect distribution channel, "FHM" has consistently ranked first class in the domestic man fashion magazine with circulation of 650,000 copies. Adhere to FHM, we should do Areas & Quantities Distribution Total amount 650000

15 Brand Promotion

16 Fierce market offensive, leading new mans culture Influential brand activities "FHM" has always actively and effectively advocated their own brands and has a wide range of media partners. The several major brand activities of every year would give rise to widespread concern and discussion in the community. Over the past five years, "FHM" constantly has looked for and created opportunities for cooperation with brand clients, ensured tripartite interactions of readers, the magazine and its brands customers in their branding activities. We sincerely look forward to your participation and achieving your own values in the process of building "post-yuppie" lifestyle. 1 Adhere to FHM, we should do 2 Foundation anniversary year". Style started On May of each year, "FHM" will celebrate its foundation with theme activities. In 2009 "FHM" five-anniversary celebration party, "FHM" cooperated with Ford Fiesta car with the theme of "First Fashion Sexy Year", shared the memorable experience of FHM cover shot in the past five years, announcing the coming of "first fashion sexy year". Meanwhile, the 2009 "Chinese Style Sexy" Girl Contest activities started on the same day. "8 3" International Men's Day On 2003, the FHM editor Shouma publically launched an initiative of "International Men's Day" in the whole society for the first time, calling loving men and building a harmonious social relation, triggering medias attention. Over the past five years, "FHM" had organized various activities to celebrate this festival on August 3 of every year. On "Men's Day" of 2009, "FHM" launched the "real man" contest exclusively titled and sponsored by the "real man" jewelry, it aimed to find male model with strong sense of social responsibility and loyalty to themselves in their respective industries. It also cooperated with Beijing New World Department Store, Shanghai No. 1 Yaohan, launched a large-scale promotional activity focusing on male consumers for a period of nearly half months.

17 Series of "Chinese-style sexy" theme activities From 2008, "FHM" had started Series of "Chinese-style sexy" theme activities to strive for exploring the aesthetic standards the Chinese men and lead multidimensional examine and explore for public on "what is Chinese-style sexy". In July, 2008, the Contemporary Art Exhibition of "Chinese-style sexy" supported by Mark Fairwhale. Mark Fairwhale international fashion was exhibited in Beijing 798 Art District; in May, 2009, selection of "FHM" Girl of "Chinese-style sexy" began. The six-month competition across the six major cities reaped the advantages of time and space, it created a comprehensive, three-dimensional and unlimited business opportunities for co- operation brand clients. It aimed to find girls with Chinese temperament and make the general public to have a deeper understanding on "sexy". 3 Strong investment on outdoor advertising It has various and ubiquitous outdoor advertising, occupying the best advocacy position in front- line cities, including Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou, it got in-depth access to the readers in their living, fixed emotional connection and create magazine's top brand image. Adhere to FHM, we should do

18 Advertisement Planning

19 What will bring you by cooperating with "FHM" FHMs Advertising Advantages Its attitude of consume first, enjoy first would help to enhance the sales of products. Its notion of fetishism would provide a sufficient basis for consumers purchase motivations. Its angle of information display would promote the market presence and internal functions of brand itself. It has the most top-level editing, marketing, planning and sales team; It is the magazine with the strongest interaction with readers. It has a tripartite interaction among readers, the magazine and brand customers. It is the best platform for brand promotion; With more than five-years round and fast development, FHM has established its own brand effectiveness by being the No. 1 in circulation and an extraordinary pass along rate per issue.

20 2009 5 2009 5 What will bring you by cooperating with "FHM" 2009 9 2009 9 2009 7 2009 7 HUGO 2009 9 HUGO 2009 9 MOTO 2009 8 MOTO 2009 8 Focus on Creativity and Interaction Accurate and efficient product advertorials Creative image film Comprehensive brand brochure Three-dimensional special form

21 Magazine Advertising Rate 2010 General Sample DM: Smaller than 16K, National DM is RMB1.00/copy, Selected Region is RMB1.20/copy 100,000 copies up What will bring you by cooperating with "FHM"

22 Ads Size What will bring you by cooperating with "FHM" Material Request Please on time provide four- color ads film, and color ads. 1. Color-separated negative with positive proofs and color guide for color ads. 2. Single-page color-separated negative with density-testing bar and 10%-100% line points. 3. Printing Screen Line: 175 lines/inch 4. Draft Density: K:1.7D C:1.4D M:1.3M Y:1.0D 5. Paper material: Cover page 210gsm, Inside page 90gsm Bleed Size 3mm


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