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Earth’s Freshwater Water on Earth.

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1 Earth’s Freshwater Water on Earth

2 Objectives Describe how water is distributed on Earth
Describe what powers the water cycle and how water moves through the cycle

3 Distribution of Earth’s Water
Most of Earth’s water is salt water 97% is ocean water (salt water) 3% is freshwater (water with not salt) The majority of Earth’s freshwater is stored in ice caps and glaciers

4 Distribution of Earth’s Water
Earth’s water is stored in reservoirs such as ocean, glacier, pond, or even the atmosphere.

5 The Hydrologic Cycle Water is the only molecule on Earth and any other planet that is present in all three states of matter. Solid (Ice and snow) Liquid (water) Gas (water vapor)

6 The Hydrologic Cycle Earth’s water is present in all three states, it can get into a variety of environments around the planet. The movement of water around Earth’s surface is the hydrologic (water) cycle The water cycle has no beginning or end it is a continuous cycle.

7 The Hydrologic Cycle The water cycle can be broken down into three steps Evaporation: Water turns from a liquid to a gas Condensation: Water vapor condenses into water droplets Precipitation: Water droplets grow bigger from colliding and falls from the clouds Snow, rain, hail, or sleet

8 The Hydrologic Cycle

9 People and Water People also depend on water as a natural resource.
Not content to get water directly from streams or ponds, humans create canals, aqueducts, dams, and wells to collect water and direct it to where they want it

10 Water Use Water Use Use United States World (Global) Agriculture 34 70
Domestic 12 10 Industry 5 20 Power Plant Cooling 49 >1

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