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The Water Cycle Review.

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1 The Water Cycle Review

2 Collection / Accumulation
Condensation SUN Transpiration Precipitation Evaporation Collection / Accumulation Infiltration Percolation GROUNDWATER

3 This occurs when liquid water changes into water vapor, which is a gas.

Water, usually from precipitation, that flows across land and builds in rivers, streams, and eventually the ocean. ACCUMULATION COLLECTION

5 The process by which plants release water vapor into the air through their leaves.

6 The downward movement of water through pores and other spaces due to gravity.

7 All water located within the rocks below the Earth’s surface.

8 This occurs when water vapor cools and changes back into liquid water droplets. This is how clouds form. CONDENSATION

9 The movement of water into the ground due to the pull of gravity
The movement of water into the ground due to the pull of gravity. The water seeps into the ground. INFILTRATION

10 This occurs when rain, snow, sleet, or hail falls from the clouds onto the Earth’s surface.

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