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Centro de Negocios We care about global sustainability…

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1 Centro de Negocios We care about global sustainability…

2 …cause we know every drop counts.

3 About Soincon Waters C/ General Prim, 32 bajos Cambrils (Spain) Website: T: FAX: SOINCON WATERS is a company made up of highly skilled staff in the field of optimization and analysis of pipeline networks and installations, water pipe digital cartography, fluid network issues advising, detection of underground leaks, and the relevant know how for the operational repairs to solve them. SOINCON WATERS uses the most modern equipment in its detection procedures along with the technical personnel experienced in this field. Soincon Waters yields 0,7% of his benefits to solidarity projects that contribute to the global sustainability.

4 C/ General Prim, 32 bajos Cambrils (Spain) Website: T: FAX: Our Businesses Soincon Waters offers services in several areas: Inspection Area Inspection Area : Sector plans and digitalization for pipeline networks. Distribution networks inspection. Underground conductions detection. Hydrogeologic studies. Well inspection and analysis. Road soil stability control. Leaking detection Area Leaking detection Area : Non destructive detection of water leaks in hidden pipes and distribution networks. Leak tracing in gas pipelines. Network consumption reports. Pipeline pressure measurement. Leak control telematic systems.

5 C/ General Prim, 32 bajos Cambrils (Spain) Website: T: FAX: Projects and Reporting Area Projects and Reporting Area : Technical reports on optimum water distribution. Digital plans of water network. Telemetric network control systems. Network rehabilitation projects. Geotechnical reports on aggressive ground formations in respect to materials in situ Technical reports on efficiency and energy optimization in networks. Application of renewable energy in network distribution. Construction projects for water distribution networks. Hydrogeology and Water Management Hydrogeology and Water Management : Sprinkler control Current and gauge control in rivers and canals. Current gauge in rivers and estuaries. Water level in rivers, dams and tanks Water quality control Salt or other, contamination control. Flooding control. Rainwater networks.

6 Civil Engineering Area Civil Engineering Area : Planning and execution of projects. Construction and building. Environmental impact evaluation. Projects environmental supervision. Maintenance for infrastructures. C/ General Prim, 32 bajos Cambrils (Spain) Website: T: FAX:

7 C/ General Prim, 32 bajos Cambrils (Spain) Website: T: FAX: Company Experience Dragados y Construcciones AGBAR, Aguas de Barcelona EMATSA Grupo Ferrovial Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas EMASESA, Empresa Metropolitana de Abastecimiento y Saneamiento de Aguas de Sevilla U.T.E. del Canal Segarra-Garriga Compagnie Générale des Eaux Port de Tarragona SAUR ISOLUX WATT Euronergo Tarraco Ecologic Soincon Waters staff has worked for some of the most credited companies in the field: They have also worked and made operational services for municipal governments like Barcelona, Munich, Geneva, Poitiers, Arnes, Perpignan, Tarragona, Cambrils, Calafell, Altafulla, Blancafort, Segur de Calafell, Vandellós…

8 Distribución Soincon Waters distributes and operates with the latest generation materials from SebaKMT, a leading company in the construction and development of equipment for water network diagnostics and management, and problem point location. The market segment covers electrical networks, communications, and fluid transmission. SebaKMT equipment includes fault locator systems, vehicle assembly of inspection equipment and monitoring, reflectometers, impulse wave receivers, line tracers, burners, multiple frequency locators... Formación: Soincon Waters offers a training in the use of the machinery that distributes, in collaboration with SEBA KMT. C/ General Prim, 32 bajos Cambrils (Spain) Website: T: FAX:

9 SOINCON WATERS S.L. C/ General Prim, 32 bajos Cambrils (SPAIN) Website: T: FAX: Soincon Waters and The Sustainability Drop are registered trademarks of SOINCON WATERS S.L. All other products, Logos, brand names, or company names mentioned in this presentation are properties and trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright © 2010 Soincon Waters S.L.

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