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Advanced Sustainable Solutions ENEX Group Ltd.

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1 Advanced Sustainable Solutions ENEX Group Ltd.
Company Presentation ENEX Group - ЕНЕКС Груп OOД © 2010 Doc Nr 504fa-ver

2 ____________________
Advanced Sustainable Solutions ENEX Group Ltd. ____________________ ENEX Group Ltd. offers practically the whole spectrum of services related to the energy sector in general, alone or in close partnership with trusted partners in Austria, Bulgaria, Benelux, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and USA.

3 ENEX Group Ltd Power generation turbines
Services and Products Power generation turbines Air, Gas and Liquid Compressors Co-generation systems Waste to energy solutions Electricity management infrastructure Automated power management systems Heat generation, management and transportation Gas and oil extraction and pipeline equipment Oil refineries equipment Renewable energy systems design and solutions Carbon asset management and trade Safety of energy infra-structures Pollution/contamination clean-up Energy and energy carriers trade                              Water purification systems Water dispatching and monitoring systems

4 Main areas of operation and services
Building and Construction Research Design Packaging Design and construction of Automated Process Management Systems Fine-tuning, upgrade, modernization Management of entities and systems Energy trade Trade Advanced financing solutions Transportation and port services Consultancy Investment risk assessment and risk management Renewable and environmentally friendly energy technologies Due diligence Carbon Asset Management

5 Construction* Outdoor grid, transport and communication infrastructure
(including in severe natural conditions areas): -- Electrical grids up to 110 and higher KV (including through water barriers) -- Installation of power masts and pillars -- Local and main gas and oil pipelines (including in complicated terrains and through obstacles – water basins, railways, highways, etc.) Electrical substations for up to 750 KV Heat generation and transportation systems Co-generation - HEC (heat, electricity, cold) * - non exhaustive list

6 Construction and Packaging*
Wide spectrum of own made to measure components and components of leading producers related to: Compressor, turbine and pumping equipment Pipelines components Low and high-voltage cables, transformers and other equipment Metal constructions Stand-alone or Full-cycle components for Automated Management Systems (AMS) AMS for oil and gas extraction and processing plants AMS for chemical plants AMS for gas turbines, gas transportation systems * - non exhaustive list

7 Energy Trade Energy trade and services related to energy trade
Advanced financial solutions Due diligence Transportation and port services (Black, Baltic Seas and Danube River)

8 Consultancy Risk Assessment and Risk management in investment projects
Energy security and security of energy delivery routs and means Emerging markets for renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies Energy efficiency Carbon asset management

9 Research and innovations for safer and cleaner energy production
ENEX Group Ltd. is proud to be among the companies that invest into and apply innovative methods aimed at increasing the safety and security of the energy installations and infra-structure, including pipelines. Our solutions include inter alia: monitoring and detecting of potential problems additional safety upgrades emission reduction pollution and contamination clean-up 9

10 ENEX Group Ltd. New Services
As of mid-2010 ENEX Group Ltd. started to provide the following services: Utilization of oil sludge, non-standard oil products and some used motor oils at own or partners installations in Europe, and their processing to market products; Clean-up and recovery of spilled oil products with subsequent processing and realization at the market; Possibility to build up sludge processing installation at the client’s site and its management and servicing.   

has the necessary expertise to advice and guide the business on the whole spectrum of carbon asset management related issues, enjoys well established long-term connections with leading specialized traders and has demonstrated proven ability to operate globally under varying local conditions. has in addition access to and experience in implementing technologies and practices in  the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, allowing emission reductions and/or creation of carbon credits, which could be ultimately turned into cash or be used as off-sets.     

12 Experience Among our customers are “Permenergo“, “Surgutneftegaz“, “LI”, “CAM Global”, “Uralkalij”, “Narjanmarneftegaz”, “MOL”, “XOil” and others. Entities of the Company are involved in management and maintenance of energy and heat generation networks at oil fields such as “Yuzhno-Hylchuyu” “Varandejskoe”, etc. The Company is involved in delivery, setup and maintenance of oil and gas extraction equipment in harsh conditions as in the Far North of Russia. ENEX Group Ltd. (in partnership arrangement with “ICON Global and local solutions”) is preferred adviser and partner of a number of European companies and investors involved in energy security and diversification, renewable energy markets expansion, carbon assets management, etc. Experience in working with the EU European Commission on energy related issues.


14 Tel: +359.889.70.54.18 Fax: +359.248.94.313
Advanced Sustainable Solutions ENEX Group Ltd. _____________________________________________________ Tel: Fax:

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