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Slow Moving Water Healthy energy for a healthy planet.

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1 Slow Moving Water Healthy energy for a healthy planet

2 Introduction We are a technology development company with several patented technologies Our goal is to provide the world with an excellent alternative to carbon fuels A result of our business plan decentralizes power systems into affordable power

3 Introduction Replacing conventional energy with a low cost, easy to produce energy source Providing a method to stabilize man made climate changes with a non-pollutive energy source

4 Conventional Power Plants Nuclear consumes major resources at uncertain cost ROI never realized maximum pollution created by radioactive waste uses major land areas, uses massive amount of H 2 0 long term costs are enormous, Hanford site $12 billion Coal Lignite consumes major resources at unequal distribution massive Earth disturbance major contributor of pollution including CO2 ROI is possible with cheap coal expensive electricity

5 Conventional Power Plants Gas-cogeneration cleaner and more efficient than coal consumes major resources and land area produces pollution and CO 2 ROI better but subject to rising fuel costs gives long term employment lesser of the evils of non-renewable resources Hydro-Electric cleanest and most benign major power source today major govt fundraiser from permitting fees large construction projects that hire many consumes major resources and massive land area few damnable sites left in the world losses from power transmission are significant

6 Fossil Fuel Power Plant Problems OIL and coal dependence –hurts the economy through monopoly manipulations –promotes war –prone to blackouts and sabotage Pollutes the environment –ill health air quality is a number one problem, asthma fossil fuels are the #1 source of CO 2 pollution –marine life suffers from oil spills and diesel engines

7 Nuclear Power Plant Problems Nuclear energy is highly pollutive – Uranium processing creates C0 2 and greenhouse gasses – radioactive waste emitted into air – waste disposal problems – radioactive fallout from nuclear disasters

8 Renewable Energies Wind wind is unreliable uses major land area low environmental impact undeveloped resource to make hydrogen zero CO 2 pollution ROI is fast Solar Steam does not produce power at night high power profitable output zero CO 2 pollution few plants worldwide, needs development modest land use ROI is fast fgs

9 Renewable Energies Photovoltaic excellent use of resources manufacture is limited, lack of pure silicon creates more efficiency in utilities needs more development zero CO 2 pollution predictable ROI Geo-thermal excellent use of resources produces many megawatts limited areas, room for development extra wattage in heating needs more development zero CO 2 pollution

10 Water as a Source of Energy Most efficient power source ever – tides, streams, and rivers Low cost, low to no pollution Abundantly renewable

11 SMW – Thinking Differently Huge amount of power from little space Movable power plant –small land area Minimal environmental impact

12 SMW – Thinking Differently Makes Hydrogen first, grid power second Decentralized power – private or co-op ownership – localized distribution grids

13 The SMW Solution SMW is a new way of doing business in the Hydrogen industry New process for making and storing hydrogen –hydrogen made from slow moving water –hydrogen compressed into metal hydrides and stored in off the shelf steel containers Hydrogen made by electrolysis is: –proven, non-pollutive, inexpensive, easy to produce and delivers a source of energy for many needs

14 Who Benefits from SMW Tech Industry – high heat industries: dry kilns, cement plants, Municipalities –heating, cooking, grid power Individual users: tug boats, water transport, heavy equipment Polluting power plants

15 Animations of the SMW technology Animation – overview of SMW process for producing, storing and shipping hydrogenAnimation Animation of the turntables, where the paddle hits the waterAnimation

16 In Stream Turbine Generators blades obstruct current at 90 degree angles –low surface area for power generation SMW goes with the flow – high power high surface areaSMW goes with the flow

17 In Stream Turbine Generators Cost comparisons of stream turbines – HG Energy = 4 to 7 cents per kilowatt hour – Slow Moving Water = < 1 cent per kwh Cost of production –SMW power plant = $2 million, approx.

18 Producing Hydrogen Slow moving water provides a renewable source of power to turn the generators Permanent magnet generators provide Direct Current power –Direct current power provides more energy for the electrolysis process than grid AC current Electrolysis turns water into hydrogen –an existing technology

19 Electrolysis Using two platinum electrodes, hydrogen gas will bubble up at the cathode, and oxygen will bubble up at the anode. These gases are collected separately and stored in metal containers.

20 Storing Hydrogen Until now there has not been a viable way to store hydrogen – capacity – liquid hydrogen needs to be stored at -360 off gasses 10% a day Storing hydrogen in hydride metals solves this problem Hydride technology already exists – SMW is making improvements

21 Hydrides Hydrides are formed when transition group metals take on hydrogen at the atomic level

22 Storage Capacity of Hydrogen Titanium is an excellent hydride candidate due to cost and absorbancy Stores up to 60% of its own weight in H 2

23 Shipping Hydrogen The SMW goal is to provide Hydrogen for the world --- shipped the same way any gas is currently shipped; including liquid hydrogen - makes life better The method of storing hydrogen in metal hydrides means more BTU energy can be stored and shipped in the same space

24 Existing Market Size Hydrogen last year = $1 billion in residential, industrial, food, transportation, and fuel cell industries Oxygen – medical, industrial, residential – $677 million in home use last year alone

25 Market Entry Model Additive to hydro carbon fuels Trucks and ferries (bunker C diesel) –begin by replacing oil with hydrogen in the transportation industries Go into the natural gas industry –first as an additive then as a principle fuel Set up power plants next to cities along rivers and coasts –new revenue source for towns

26 the SMW Advantages lowest impact on environment can be used onsite –decentralized power grids highly efficient uses existing infrastructure can solve many problems –scrub smokestack emissions etc. best storage capacity

27 Our Objectives Zero pollution Lower initial cost Lower maintenance cost Short ROI Best way to produce and store hydrogen

28 Financials $500,000 already invested $110,000 budget for 2007, research, marketing, technology development $1,500,000 being raised for prototype development and additional research

29 Slow Moving Water LLC. provides the world with a low cost, easy to assemble renewable energy source. With our genius patents and our common sense approach we have put together a technology that is an the best alternative to carbon fuels and nuclear energy. Contact Doctor Elijah Bonesteel |

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