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California Water Balance. Water Reserved for the Environment.

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1 California Water Balance

2 Water Reserved for the Environment

3 Hydroelectric Power Generation Hydropower facilities represent about 25% of Californias electrical power generation capacity On average, in-state hydropower provides about 15% of Californias electricity

4 Water Supply Infrastructure Reflecting the disparity in location of water needs and available runoff, extensive system of federal, state, and local water projects has been constructed to move water to where it is needed


6 Federal Central Valley Project Largest single water project in California Operated by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation 18 federal reservoirs plus 4 state-federal reservoirs, 12 MAF total storage capacity Largest generator of electrical power in California

7 Sample CVP Facilities

8 The State Water Project Californias 2 nd -largest water project Operated by DWR 20 reservoirs, 660 miles of aqueduct, 26 power & pumping plants 4 th -largest generator of electrical power in California

9 Sample SWP Facilities

10 Local Agency Water Projects Include wide variety of canals, reservoirs, groundwater storage projects Also include water recycling projects and a small desalination projects

11 Sample Local Agency Facilities

12 Flood Control Infrastructure Federal, state, and some local agencies have constructed large- scale flood control projects Major Central Valley Flood Control Project features include dedicated storage in numerous reservoirs, and 1,600 miles of project levees

13 Water Management Framework Major federal agencies – USBR and USACE (provide water supply & flood control), USEPA (regulates water quality) Major state agencies – DWR (provides water supply & flood control), SWRCB (regulates water quality & water rights) Local agencies – provide water supply, flood control, water treatment, wastewater treatment

14 Key DWR Responsibilities Operate State Water Project (provides ~ 3 MAF annually) Operate & maintain flood control facilities Administer state dam safety program (about 1200 regulated dams) Plan for Californias future water supply needs


16 Estimated Future Water Needs Net changes statewide in average-year water demand for baseline scenarios by sector, 2000–2030

17 Key SWRCB Responsibilities Administer water rights permitting program Administer water quality planning program Through Regional Boards, administer water quality permitting program to assure conformance with water quality plans


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