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Output Devices.

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1 Output Devices

2 Output Output is data that has been processed into useful forms called information that can be used by a person or machine. Types of Output are: Reports Graphics Audio Output Video Output

3 Graphics output Defined as non-text pictorial information Scanned Graphic Faxed documents are actually graphics, not words you can use in a word processor.

4 Scanning Text You can scan a text document but then you have a picture of the text, not text itself that can be manipulated in a word processor

5 A program, such as OmniPage will allow you to convert scanned documents into text you can use in a word processor. Check out their web site for many multi-media products. Click here

6 Audio Output Defined as sounds, including words and music, produced by the computer Voice output can be of two types: Encoded output is created by inputting sounds into the computer which turns the sounds into digits and stores them on disk. Later the sounds can be retrieved. Voice synthesis programs can convert text from word processing documents into speech sounds.

7 Video Output can display different types of video from cameras, VCR's, video disks, CD's, HDTV, etc.

8 Display Devices are Monitors and Flat Panel Displays
Old name is CRT (cathode ray tube) Come in different sizes Some can display a full page of news text or be tilted

9 Color Display

10 One color, green or gray on black or gray background
Monochrome Monitors One color, green or gray on black or gray background

11 Flat Panel Displays LCD or Liquid Crystal Display Passive or Active Matrix.

12 Resolution Images are displayed on the screen using patterns of lighted dots called pixels or picture elements. A 640 X 480 resolution means that there are 640 dots across by 480 down. VGA monitors have a resolution of 640X480 SVGA monitors have a resolution 1,024 X 768 or higher

13 Dot pitch refers to how close the dots are to each other
Some high resolution displays are like photographs The closer the dots are to each other, the sharper the image on the screen. Lower dot pitch is better.

14 Screen is coated with phosphorus Shadow mask aligns beams of light Yoke moves the image across and down the screen Older Non-interlaced monitors light every other line

15 Printers Impact Printers Dot Matrix Non-impact Inkjet Laser Thermal
Plotters Special Purpose Printers

16 Dot Matrix Printer

17 Number of pins determine sharpness of letters (9pin or 24 pin)

18 Non impact inkjet printers
Inkjet cartridges print documents by spraying ink on the paper. Usually you have a separate black cartridge because black is used more

19 Laser Printer

20 Laser printer speed is measured in PPM (pages per min.)
Resolution is measure in dpi (dots per inch)

21 Thermal Printers High quality color but needs special paper

22 Ink pens move over paper
Color Plotter Ink pens move over paper

23 Special Purpose Printers

24 Other Output Devices

25 LCD Projectors

26 Facsimile or FAX

27 Multifunction Device

28 Special Needs Devices

29 Multi-media classroom

30 The Future ???

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