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MBS ROAD MAP Mike Chalk, MBS Manager Phil Goble, CIO.

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1 MBS ROAD MAP Mike Chalk, MBS Manager Phil Goble, CIO

2 In this session, we will discuss some of the important MBS enhancements scheduled for the remainder of 2014. We get our best ideas from our MBS companies. Please plan to attend our MBS BYOB (Bring Your Own Business) session tomorrow at 10:45am in the Technology room, to give us your enhancement ideas. WELCOME

3 Some of our road map items have their own sessions: We will be discussing MBS Credit Card Processing and PCI Requirements tomorrow at 9:30am in the Loyalty room. We will be discussing the MBS E-Rate Improvements tomorrow at 10:00am in the Loyalty room. UPCOMING SESSIONS

4 The following enhancements will be in the next release of MBS, 3.72. This release will be available in May 2014. E-Rate Support – Well discuss this in a separate session. Equipment Inventory Consolidation – We will be moving your Internet and TV equipment, stored in the Company Broadband Equipment Master, to the Company Equipment Master. 3.72 RELEASE

5 DID/DOD Management – This enhancement allows you to associate DID and/or DOD lines to MBS landline services, for informational and usage rating purposes. Set Company Configuration Option 387 to Y. DID/DOD lines need to point to a live landline service, for usage processing. No provisioning support is in place for DID/DOD lines. Bonnie can give you a more detail look at this enhancement if you are interested! 3.72 RELEASE




9 Session Undo! Ability to manage CPE (equipment) outside of Customer Care: Trouble, Task Management, or Cash Drawer. Address moves across service areas (no disconnect). Product transition improvements (eliminate date restrictions, allow moves across service areas, reconnect to a new product). Session detail report as a.pdf. Bulk adjustments via bill image adjustment tool. CUSTOMER CARE

10 Trouble Email updates to customer (status changes, new notes). Auto-prioritize or escalate, based on subscriber priority. Ticket countdown (for SLA management). Plant Attachments. Show pending Customer Care info (installs). TROUBLE AND PLANT

11 Ability to send and update external calendars (Google, Exchange, etc.) from Task Management. These can be personal or shared group calendars. Improvements to the Company Actions process: Location-based triggering (service area); Triggering by Product. CDFs. Hold status. Display all pending info from Customer Care. TASK MANAGEMENT, PHASE 2

12 Build or integrate with an external inventory system. Sell items as Bill me later (create NRCs for an upcoming billing). CPE maintenance. Pull already accepted deposits from MBS. Simpler payment acceptance. CASH DRAWER

13 More self-care actions (change 911 address, etc.). Usage analysis. 800 inbound/outbound breakdowns. Internet, wireless. See pending session info? Display reconnect message when paying, and SAM may reconnect. Chat. E-CARE

14 MBS Two-Way API This API will allow external systems to update data in MBS, such as trouble tickets or tasks. Phase 1 will be limited to items where MBS is the system of record. Phase 2 might include the ability to create new items, such as new trouble tickets or new subscribers. Salesforce We have had existing and prospective customers asking us about interfacing with Salesforce. INTERFACES

15 CDG has plans to build simplified mobile versions of some of our MBS modules. Technicians in the field (with a wireless connection) will be able to access MBS via their smartphone: Trouble. Task Management. Plant. Other functions? Equipment updates. Logging accepted payments. Adding charges. MOBILE APPS

16 Smart links in QRT: Open subscribers, tickets, tasks, etc. directly from results listing, based on the column names. Reconnect prompt when accepting a payment from a customer with non-pay TD services. Improve SFTP support (add certificate capability). MISCELLANEOUS

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