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Planning Communication and Time

2 Planning The planning phase involves creating a set of plans to help guide you/your team through the execution of how you will begin & finish

3 Analysis of opportunities
Planning Cycle Analysis of opportunities Identify aim Explore options Selection of best option Feedback Detailed Planning Plan evaluation Plan implementation Closure of plan

4 Real Life example An architectural draftsman would be a real life example of planning for a project. He/her is in charge of creating blueprints for projects.

5 Time Use the strategy schedule: Sort activities/ tasks
Hunt down hidden factors Establish routines Delegate tasks Use a planner Listen to yourself/team Eliminate tasks

6 Real Life example A manager would be a real life example of time because he manages what people do and when it needs to be done.

7 Communication Best summarized as the transmission of a message from a sender to a receiver in an understandable manner. 4 key components to communication Encoding Message (Media) Decoding Feedback

8 Communication Process
Message (Media) Encoding Decoding Sender Receiver Feedback

9 Communication 3 different types of communication: Oral Written
Face-to-face, speaking, meetings Written Memos, letters, Non-verbal Body language, appearance

10 Real Life example Dispatchers are communications personnel
Receive and Transmit messages Police, fire departments, emergency medical services, taxicab providers, trucking companies, train stations, and public utility companies

11 project-management-img.png
nningGoalsPersonPuzzle.jpg htm tm communication.html


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