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Student Lifecycle Management Overview SLCM_200 1SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview.

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1 Student Lifecycle Management Overview SLCM_200 1SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

2 SLCM Introduction Unit 1 – Student Administration Unit 2 – Student File Unit 3 – Student Master Data SLCM Help and Terminology Course Content 2SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

3 Learning Objectives Understand the integration of SLCM processes with each other and with other IRIS functions Understand the Student Administration tab on the myUK portal Navigate the Student File tabs Navigate Student Master Data tabs Note: The student data used in this course is not real University student data. It has been specially created for training. 3SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

4 Check for Understanding Instructions Click Attachments (upper right corner) Click SLCM_200 Check for Understanding Print the SLCM_200 Check for Understanding pdf Use the pdf to note the answers to each question as you finish each unit Enter answers on the Check for Understanding Exercise at the end of the presentation 4SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

5 SLCM Introduction SLCM is the Student Lifecycle Management module within IRIS that includes: Admissions Registration Majors/Minors/Options Academic History Enrollment Information Accounts Management Other Student Services 5SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

6 FI, FM HR FI, FM HR Integration Across IRIS SLCM data integrates with other IRIS modules Student ID is integrated with HR Person ID If a student is also an employee the Student ID and the employee Person ID will be the same Student Accounts are integrated with the Financial Student Master Data Academic Records Student File Academic Structure Academic Calendar 6SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

7 Student Lifecycle There are four areas in the SLCM Module: Student Accounting Student Administration Teaching and Study Event Planning The Student Lifecycle diagram (next screen) shows the progression of the students records and the relationship with IRIS SLCM module areas throughout the students association with the University 7SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

8 Student Lifecycle Academic Calendar Application Reporting Academic Structure Rules & Regulations Events Student Master Data Resources Student Administration Teaching & Study Student Accounting Event Planning Academic History of Study Priority Registration Booking (Course Registration) De-registration Progression Sessional Registration Examination & Grading Equivalency Determination Admission Change of Program Degree Auditing Graduation Recruitment Alumni Italics = Optional 8SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

9 myHelp SLCM Portal Access In order to access SLCM data, the user needs: To successfully complete this course To be designated as a person who displays student records To sign the Statement of Responsibility (SOR) Instructions available at: If you have signed the SOR in UK_100, you do not need to sign it a second time If you do not have access, please work with your college contact to get this access assigned The college contact list is located at 9SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

10 SLCM Access and Roles Your role may give you access to the Student Administration tab on the myUK portal Access to subtabs is tied to roles SAPGUI transaction codes in IRIS production Typically PIQST00, PIQCAM, ZEVPLAN, etc. Both of the above 10SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

11 Academic Calendar Runs from the fall session through the second summer session Example: Academic Year 2010 consists of Can be viewed through the Student Administration portal or in the production system SessionCalendar Year Academic Year Code Academic Session Code Fall2009201010 Winter2009201020 Spring2010 30 Summer I2010 51 Summer 22010 52 Full (CEU)2009-2010201099 11SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

12 Unit 1 Student Administration Tab 12SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

13 Student Administration Tab Easiest way for staff and faculty to access basic SLCM information However, not all activities can be handled using the Student Administration tab; some can only be completed using IRIS production You will ONLY see tabs and links for applications for which you have permission Student Administration tab contains subtabs: Academics Administrative Services Admissions Advising Services Faculty Services 13SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

14 Student Administration Tab Student Administration tab used to: Display a student profile (directory information) Display student schedule Display course offerings Display/print real-time class rolls Submit midterm and final grades Display unofficial transcript Display list of advisees Lift academic advisor holds Issue electronic course overrides (permissions) Perform administrative booking (course registration) 14SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

15 Student Administration News Up to date news items display on the right side of the Student Administration screen under Latest Stuff News can include: Registration windows Grading windows System outages Recent changes 15SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

16 Academics Tab Includes Academic Calendar Course Catalog Transfer Equivalencies 16SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

17 Administrative Services Tab Includes College Reports Administrators Assign Student Overrides Course Capacities Booking Rules Registrar Booking Rules Course Capacities Historical Course Changes Override Permissions Course Cache Update 17SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

18 Admissions Tab Includes Admissions Overview Undergraduate Admissions Form Recruitment Service Graduate Admissions Form 18SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

19 Advising Services Tab Includes Advising Services Overview Advisee Record Unofficial Transcript Historical Course Changes Registration Admin Booking Course Catalog Assign Student Overrides Print Student Schedule Appointment Scheduler Appointment Manager 19SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

20 Faculty Services Tab Includes Faculty Services Overview Class Rolls Grading Blackboard 20SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

21 Student Services Tab Students access their records via the Student Services tab 21SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

22 Student Services Tab Their access includes Applying for admission and reviewing related information Updating their current and permanent address Activating their user accounts (email, web, etc.) Accessing their financial account and making online payments Creating a pass code for information access Displaying financial aide information Displaying their registration window Booking courses Displaying grades Checking for holds Applying for graduation and updating expected graduation date Applying for admission and reviewing related information Updating their current and permanent address 22SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

23 Unit 1 – Check for Understanding The Student Administration portal… Is the easiest way for staff and faculty to access basic SLCM information. Is the only way to access student information. Is the way the students access information. Which tab would you use to print a students schedule? Academics Tab Administrative Services Tab Admissions Tab Advising Services Tab Faculty Services Tab Which tab would you use to print a class roll? Academics Tab Administrative Services Tab Admissions Tab Advising Services Tab Faculty Services Tab 23SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

24 Unit 2 Student File 24SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

25 Student File Student File records are created when UK receives applications, test scores, transcripts, etc. Student File contains information about the students relationship with UK, including: Holds Majors/Minors/Options Admission Registration Academic Standing Advisor 25SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

26 PIQST00 In production, use one of the following methods to access PIQST00 which contains both Student File and Student Master Data records Enter PIQST00 in the command field and press Enter Add PIQST00 to your favorites (preferred by most users) Use the menu path, Student Lifecycle Management PIQST00 Student File 26SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

27 PIQST00 Student File The Object Manager displays on the left side of the screen Most users do not use this feature To close, use the menu Settings Hide Object Manager The students academic records display on the right side of the screen 27SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

28 Student Number The Student Number is a unique 8-digit ID number assigned to each student by the IRIS system The Student Number is the key to student records and is used instead of the SSN UK maintains the SSN, if known, so you will be able to search by SSN, if necessary, using the ID Number field 28SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

29 Student Search There are three ways to pull up a students records Enter the students ID in the Student Number field Enter the students last name in the Student Number field, press Enter, and then double-click on the students name in the search screen 29SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

30 Student Search Click on the Possible Entries icon in the Student Number field, enter the students last name, first name, and/or ID number (SSN) on the Personal Data tab, press Enter, and then double- click on the students name 30SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

31 FERPA Students may place privacy flags on their records which indicate that the student has restricted directory information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) When the records are accessed, the Data Privacy Warning (FERPA) window displays If this message displays, no information can be released on this student, not even to the student unless the student provides picture ID Close the window by clicking on the Continue icon or pressing Enter 31SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

32 Key Date The Key Date is the date as of which IRIS displays, processes, or creates student data Determines what data you can see Defaults to the current date (recommended default setting) Can change the date by typing a new date into the field 32SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

33 To change the Key Date field, either enter the date in the field or click on the Define Key Date icon Choices include: Today Start of Year – Academic Year and Session Key Date – Defaults to current date Start of Current Academic Year Click on Continue to close the window Key Date 33SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

34 High Date Another important date is the system High Date which is the default validity end date of 12/31/9999 This default end date stretches far into the future, to keep the validity of a record or action from being delimited (ended) prematurely 34SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

35 Student File Numerous tabs display student academic work Your role will determine the information you are able to display and/or change 35SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

36 Tab Navigation Three ways to navigate tabs Click on the tab Click on the Next or Previous icons Click on the Tab List icon and then the tab name 36SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

37 PIQST00 Three types of icons exist on PIQST00 Student File Application icons Student Master Data icons Tab specific icons Access to specific icons also is determined by your role in the system 37SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

38 PIQST00– Application Icons End user icons include Account Balance Displays open student account data Academic Work Overview Displays students academic work Note Overview Displays notes placed on the students records, such as advising, admissions, registrar, etc. 38SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

39 PIQST00 – Student Master Data Icons Use the Display icon to navigate to the Student Master Data screen Once on the Student Master Data screen, a Change/Display toggle will allow you to switch to change mode Do not use the Create icon, since it will create a new student in the system 39SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

40 PIQST00 – Tab Specific Icons Each tab contains icons specific to the records on the tab Example: Icons on the Registration tab are used to create, display, and change programs of study 40SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

41 Student File - Tips Make sure you are in the correct student file! After you select or type a new Student number, press Enter to populate the Student File fields Check the name and other information that populates the Student File screen before you begin working with the data Clear the fields before entering a students number in the Student Number field by highlighting the number, pressing Delete, and then pressing Enter 41SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

42 Student File - Holds Block the processing of certain activities for a student Examples: registration, admission, etc. Can be viewed in the myUK portal Only Advisor holds can be inactivated using the portal Can be viewed, created, and/or inactivated in the IRIS SAPGUI interface (IRIS Production system) 42SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

43 Student File - Holds Status field displays whether the hold is active or inactive Green square = active hold Gray diamond = inactive hold (historical record) 43SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

44 Student File - Holds Icons on the Holds tab are used to: Create a hold Change a hold Inactivate a hold View a hold 44SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

45 Student File - Holds To display information about a hold, click on the Select icon to the left of the hold Click on Display Click on Contact Address to see who to contact to release the hold 45SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

46 Student File - Holds To close the data windows, click on Continue or press Enter 46SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

47 Student File – Recruitment May be entered either Manually, such as when a student attends a UK event Automatically, such as when UK receives a test score, etc. Contains Type (Undergrad, Grad) and Source (Application, Alumni Recruitment, etc.) 47SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

48 Student File – Applications Contains records pertaining to UK admissions applications including: Notification number Description System Status 48SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

49 Student File - Admission Contains application to UK including Program of Study, Application Status, Academic Year, etc. 49SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

50 Student File – Majors/Minors/Options Contains undergraduate majors, minors, options, etc. and graduate area of study 50SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

51 Student File – Registration Populated automatically by the admission process and for each semester thereafter of continuous enrollment 51SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

52 Student File – Program Type Progression Contains progression records of the following: Academic honors (Deans list, etc.) Academic standing (good standing, probation, suspension, etc.) Progression classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.) 52SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

53 Student File – General Data Contains general information including Program of study Anticipated graduation date Etc. 53SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

54 Student File – Status Contains student status information including: Status (applicant, attending, etc.) Valid from and to dates 54SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

55 Student File – Advisor(s) Contains student advisor information including: Advisor Name Advisor Function 55SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

56 Student File – Requirement Catalogs Contains information including Audit Type Requirement Catalog Version Etc. 56SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

57 Student File – Application for Degree Contains records pertaining to applications for degrees including Academic year Academic session Application status Program ID 57SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

58 Student File – UK Degrees Awarded Contains UK degree information including: Qualification (degree, certification, etc.) Degree type Degree level Etc. 58SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

59 Student File – Enrollment Certification Request Contains requests for enrollment certification, such as Education verification for enrollment Good student discount for insurance Insurance proof of dependency or student status Etc. 59SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

60 Student File – Transcript Requests Contains information regarding requests for student transcripts, such as Hold Until End of Semester Hold for Post Degree Hold for Processing of Repeat Option Etc. 60SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

61 Student File – Activity Documents Contains system records audit trail for student activities including: Module Booking Change of Program Sessional Registration 61SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

62 Unit 2 – Check for Understanding Which tab would you use to view the students program of study? Program Type Progression Tab Registration Tab Holds Tab On the Holds tab, how can you tell if a hold is active? A green square is in the Status field A gray diamond is in the Status field A red circle is in the Status field A blue square is in the Status field How can you find out who the student should contact to release the hold? Display the hold and then click on the Change Information button Display the hold and then click on the Contact Address button 62SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

63 Unit 3 Student Master Data Student Master Data 63SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

64 Student Master Data Contains students biographic and demographic information Your authorization in the system will determine which data you can access Tip: A green checkmark on the tab indicates it contains student information Reminder: Unless you are making a change to a students master data, remain in Display mode! If you enter the Student Master Data screen in Maintain mode, you will lock that students information and other users cannot change that students data 64SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

65 Student Master Data To access the Student Master Data screen, go to PIQST00, then click on the Display icon to the right of Student Number field To return to Student File, click on the Back icon 65SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

66 Student Master Data Display/Change toggle allows you to change from Display mode to Maintain mode, provided your role allows the access In Display mode, fields are gray and cannot be modified In Maintain mode, modifiable fields are white 66SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

67 Master Data – Personal Data Information includes: Gender Name ID Number (Social Security Number), if known Birth Date 67SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

68 Master Data – Standard Address Information includes: House number and street City, state, and ZIP code Phone number Email address 68SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

69 Master Data – Address Overview An overview which contains multiple addresses for the student including: Standard address Current address International address Permanent address 69SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

70 Master Data – Additional Data Information includes: Data privacy warning (FERPA) Ethnic origin 70SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

71 Master Data – Visa/Residence Data Information includes: Resident status and country Passport number Visa type, number, country of issue Etc. 71SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

72 Master Data – Transcripts/Tests Information includes: Transcripts from external organizations (high school and/or college) Tests from external sources 72SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

73 Master Data – PCC Units Displays Pre-College Curriculum (PCC) credits (high school curriculum credits used for undergraduate admission) 73SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

74 Master Data – Related Persons Contains emergency contact(s) and other related person information including: Name Address Contact information 74SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

75 Master Data – myPasscode_AD Contains Access and AD user ID information 75SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

76 Unit 3 – Check for Understanding How do you move from the Student File to the Student Master Data screen? Click on the Display icon next to the Student Number field Click on the Student Master Data icon Click on the Change icon next to the Student Number field Use transaction code SSMD00 On which tab would you find the students emergency contact person? Personal Data Tab Additional Data Tab Related Persons Tab Your authorization… Will allow access to all student data Determines which data you can access 76SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

77 SLCM Help & Terminology 77SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

78 Key Terminology IRIS TermDefinition Student File A collection of student information, viewed via tabs, pertaining to the students relationship with the University of Kentucky. Student Master Data A collection of student information, viewed via tabs, pertaining to the students biographical and demographic data including addresses, veteran information, privacy flag, transcripts and test scores from other institutions, and more. Student Number (NOT SSN!) A unique 8-digit ID number assigned by IRIS. This is the key to student records. We will still maintain the SSN, if known, and search is permitted by SSN. 78SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

79 Key Terminology IRIS TermDefinition Program of Study The college and the degree Example: BA-AS is the program of study Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences Module A course in the IRIS system Example: BIO 103 Module Group A grouping of Academic requirements such as majors and minors Example: MANA is the module group for a Management major 79SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

80 Key Terminology TerminologyDefinition BookingClass registration Event Type The activity type of a course Example: PSY 100 is made up of the event types Lecture and Laboratory Event The meeting pattern and location of the event type Event Package The equivalent of a section Example: A-H 106 001 80SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

81 Key Terminology IRIS TermDefinition Sessional Registration A student will have a sessional registration for each semester of enrollment; basically means the student is eligible to register Priority Registration Time period for continuing students to register for the upcoming semester; occurs every November and April Appraisal Grading; an institutional process for evaluating (grading) in a planned, structured, and standardized way Business Partner (BP) One who has a financial relationship with UK; all students are also business partners 81SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

82 Help Websites myHelp website: Contains Quick Reference Cards (QRCs), updated course manuals, Simulations, Frequently Asked Questions, and other job aids IRIS website Contains Information Directory, Forms, and other references 82SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

83 SLCM Courses Classroom Lab Courses SLCM_AD_300 Event Planning SLCM_AD_340 Programs of Study & Majors SLCM_CA_310 Student Account Balance Display SLCM Web Courses SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview SLCM_AD_310 Student Records SLCM_AD_315 Booking Rules SLCM_AD_320 Booking SLCM_WP_210 Grading SLCM_WP_220 Overrides SLCM_WP_230 SLCM Faculty Overview SLCM_WP_310 Advising 83SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

84 SLCM_200 Exercises After the course, you can practice viewing student data in the Training Sandbox Click on Attachments Click on SLCM_200 Practice Guide Print the SLCM_200 Practice Guide pdf Go to the Training Sandbox and follow the directions in the practice guide 84SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

85 Course Summary You are now able to: Understand the integration of SLCM processes with each other and with other IRIS functions Understand the Student Administration tab on the myUK portal Navigate the Student File tabs Navigate Student Master Data tabs 85SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

86 Check for Understanding Instructions To begin the Check for Understanding, click Continue (bottom left corner of the screen) Click Here to continue when the system message appears Click Start Test to continue Although it says Test, this course does not have an assessment When you have entered your answers, click End Test (located at the bottom right of your screen Click Close (lower right corner of the screen) 86SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

87 Course Completion Instructions Click Logoff (lower right corner) When the WBT window closes, go back to your original browser window Click on the browser window in your taskbar and wait for the screen to refresh Scroll down the page until you see the Confirm Participation section To complete the course, click Confirm Participation 87SLCM_200 Student Lifecycle Management Overview

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