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EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) Student : Padua Gloria Student number: 2916574 Supervisor : Professor I.Venter.

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1 EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) Student : Padua Gloria Student number: Supervisor : Professor I.Venter

2 OVERVIEW Employee management system. High level design Implementation Testing Scenario Timeline References Demo Questions

3 Quick re cap Employees are the backbone of any organization, business etc. Employees play a major role in deciding the success of an organization. The project was based on an automobile workshop located in Kigali, Rwanda. Workshop has at least 20 employees. The workshop owner is still using legacy system that is cabinet files. The workshop owner wants to upgrade his system

4 Quick re cap(CONTD) To monitor and manage the tasks of employees(Keeps records of the functions performed by each individual employee) The system needs to be secure Allocate work to employees. Must be linked It must be accessible at all times.(Web based application used)

5 High level design

6 Implementation Created a database using MySQL and phpMyAdmin. This is the back end of the EMS In order for the users to interact with the system they need an interface that retrieves, updates and deletes data from the database. Used php, JavaScript, Ajax and html

7 Testing This is split into two parts. This is in order to deal with the both the two users. That is the Administrator and the employee So I split the users into two groups that is the users and administrators Then gave them step by step guide line on how to use the system and let the users interact with the system. Then their was a questionnaire they filled to rate the performance of the system.

8 Tasks done Add a new car and assign a task to employee Add a new employee Delete an employee Calculate Salary

9 Testing (contd) Each user was able to complete the task allocated in the users guide so all the functionalities were accounted for. For the interface: user friendly, understandable and easy to navigate. System performance is fast. And the database insertions work correctly. System Testing Scripts and SQL injections to test security of the database that is to check if unauthorised access to the database is possible. Used PHP time to check the amount of time it takes to execute a function

10 Usability testing

11 Testing Graph

12 Negative feedback Some of the links on the administrator side were not working. With the more insertions more data.

13 Scenario A car owner brings a faulty car into the work shop. The administrator captures the following information number plate, make, problem and then he assigns a car to an employee. Then he adds a new employee is employed into the workshop so his basic personal details need to also be captured into the database. An employee then logs into the system and looks through his work sheet and then picks a task to begin with. Administrator is then able to keep track on who is working on a car and what time they started working on it. When the employee has completed his/her task he updates the this information including the services he performed on the car. Every employee is entitled an hour break he is also able to allocate what time he took a break. Then he is able to view his salary update for each car he works on.

14 TIMELINE Project ModuleContentsDocumentatio n Submission Submissi on Status Project Analysis User requirements document Project plan Requirement Analysis 2012/03/30Yes Project design and Development User Interface specification, prototype, OOA/HLD and OOD/LLD documentation 2012/05/25 Yes Project implementation Fully documented implementation and refinement 2012/08/31Yes Project testing, Evaluation and Presentation Testing and evaluation criteria document, users guide, Testing suite demo, final write up 2012/11/23Yes

15 References All about PHPMyAdmin All about Apache All about PHP Dvorski D.D Installing, configuring and developing with XAMPP. MySQL and PHP Reference (revision: 28791) Rasmus.L, Veracruz, Mexico. PHP advanced tutorial.

16 Demo Administrator assign a task to employee Delete an employee Calculate Salary Employee Pick a car to work on Update after you finished working on a car Edit Personal details Salary statement

17 Questions

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