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Project Portfolio Management PPM User Guide Project Managers Version 1.0.

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1 Project Portfolio Management PPM User Guide Project Managers Version 1.0

2  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 2 PPM Project Project Manager User Guide  Introduction  Access Rights  State Diagrams – Engagement – Account – User  PPM Structure  Navigation – Delivery Areas – Engagements – Tasks  Approval / Rejection  KPIs  Staffing  Invoices – Part of a dedicated session later  Creation of Engagement – Part of a dedicated session later

3 Introduction

4  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 4 Introduction This document is intended to act as reference for the operations that a Project Manager will need to carry out within the PPM system. For a complete system overview, basic navigation and simple tasks, please refer to the Consultants & Employees User Guide.

5 Access Rights

6  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 6 Access Rights Matrix The following table shows the functional areas that will be covered in this document and the access rights associated with them and the Project Manager role. Activities marked as later than Phase 1.0 are not covered in this initial version. CRUDFunctional Area XXXXEngagements XXEngagements – Financial Information XXXXTasks XXXTEA 1 Approval XKPIs XMember XXXInvoice Legend CCreate RRead UUpdate DDelete Phase 1.1 Phase 1.2 1Timesheet, Expense, Absence. Deletion of an Approved/Validated of Timesheet, Expenses & Absences is an Admin right. User must ask for the deletion to the Approver who will forward the demand to Admin.

7 State Diagrams

8  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 8 State Diagrams Engagement Management Pre-Active Deleted Active Inactive Start Project Manager Edit Project Manager Set to Inactive Project Manager Delivery Head Set to Deleted Add new Engagement Project Manager Set to Active Done by the admins at the beginning

9  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 9 State Diagrams Account Management Pre-Active Deleted Active Inactive Start For information only Finance Add Set to Active Finance Edit Finance Set to Inactive Finance Set to Deleted Finance

10  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 10 State Diagrams User Management Pre-Active Inactive Active Pre-Active Start Deleted For information only HR Add HR Edit HR Set to Inactive HR Set to Deleted Edit Interfaces Add Interfaces Set to Active HR Manual Management is for exception handling only Interfaces

11 Structure

12  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 12 Hours logged against Tasks PPM Structure Engagements Client XXX - Delivery Area Delivery Area - Management... Engagement YYY Administration Pre-Sales Billable Time Billable Time – Special Rate Non-Billable Time Warranty 1+ per Client On-going activities Legend task Engagement Delivery Area Delivery Area Management Engagement either T&M or FTFP Expenses & Absences entered against Engagement or Delivery Area Management People assigned to Engagement FTFP Engagement only

13 Navigation Delivery Areas & Engagements

14  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 14 Navigation Delivery Area & Engagement - Listing Engagements can be viewed by clicking on the Engagement tab from the Home Page

15  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 15 Navigation Delivery Area & Engagement – Filtering & Viewing The list of Engagements can be filtered by Type, Company, Member... Click Go to run the filter Click on Engagement Name to view details    Select your filter

16  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 16 Navigation Delivery Area – View Delivery Area Information Main Financial Information List of Engagements Members Financial Details Expenses Details Click to Edit Click on name to go to Engagement Bold shows current level

17  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 17 Navigation Engagement – View Engagement Information Tasks Members Financial Details Expenses Details Click to Edit Bold shows current level Tasks Details Main Financial Information

18  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 18 Navigation Delivery Area & Engagement – View – Details The Edit page allows you to change details of a Delivery Area or a Sub-Engagement. Details such as Name, Parent, Company, State and Cost Center should be verified and an email sent to sysadmin in case of errors Details such as Start, Finish and Status can be modified as the project progresses Fields marked * are mandatory

19 Navigation Tasks

20  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 20 Navigation Tasks – Listing – For an Engagement An Engagement of type Service will have the following tasks associated with it Hours are logged against a task, not directly against an Engagement Only Engagements have tasks. A Delivery Area does not have tasks associated with it. An Engagement of type FTFP, will have an additional task - Warranty Click on New Task to add a task Click on Task name to view details and edit

21  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 21 Navigation Tasks – Listing – For a Delivery Area Management A Delivery Area Management will have the following tasks associated with it Click on Task name to view details and edit A Delivery Area Management must not have more Tasks.

22  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 22 Navigation Tasks – Edition The New Task Page allows you to add a new task to the Sub-Engagement. Cost Center should be the one linked to Delivery for the client Code is free text. In the initial configuration a 2 character code has been used Fields marked * are mandatory An Inactive Task can not be used Always Hour Only if the duration is different form the Engagement

23 Approval / Rejection

24  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 24 Approval / Rejection Steps 1.View & track Status 2.View Request Details 3.Approve / Reject

25  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 25 Approval / Rejection View & track Status – Step 1 All workflows needing your approval will be visible in your Home Page Workflow Inbox. For more information concerning the workflows please see the User Guide Click on Approve to begin Submitter of request Type of the Request

26  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 26 Approval / Rejection View Workflow Details – Step 2 Start the task to Approve or Reject Workflow Journal

27  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 27 Approval / Rejection Approving or Rejecting – Step 3.1 Approve Yes or No Add Comment Comments are important as they can provide information on why the workflow was approved / rejected. They are visible in the Journal by all users. Click when finished   

28  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 28 Approval / Rejection Approving or Rejecting – Step 3.2 Task Finished Workflow Journal

29 Members

30  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 30 Members The Engagement details pages give a summary of the hours logged against the project as well as a list of the members of the Engagement Member assignments should be verified, and in case of error, please contact sysadmin (M) Indicates Member (P) Indicates Project Owner

31  ]project-opem[ 2007, Title / Speaker / 31

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