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Our country ! Poland Mateusz Kołacz Andrzej Filipowski Emil Dąbrowski Kuba Kużbiel Artur Górski Kl. V e.

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2 Our country ! Poland Mateusz Kołacz Andrzej Filipowski Emil Dąbrowski Kuba Kużbiel Artur Górski Kl. V e

3 Polish flag

4 Polish emblem Custom of application of coat of arms has been formed in the middle ages and origin owns in combat tactical knight's group, banner presented that, or department (squad) during conduct of battle military presenting basic unit. When heavy riding has appeared on field of battle, armors were for similar, but helmets covered head and face, reconnaissance of individual knight became impossible almost. Drawing made it possible identification for reconnaissance simple (easy), this unit concentrate from there too and it was identified for (after) proporcu, properly color and adjusted combat sign. That sign proceeded on different exactly knight's arming part, first of all, on helmet and shield, where from old determination date arma, insignia or clenodium.

5 Lock castle in Malbork Preparation lasted for structure from year 1278, when it start wood (forest) wycinkę and stockpiling consume bricks ( budulca, timber, stones on foundations ). Production of brick required biggest fetch and tiles, it consume which (who) in lats (summers; years) 1278-1280 ok. 4 480 000, From that on prominence of first defensive wall 1 280 000, but on structure of proper (suitable) lock (castle) 3 200 000. It is possible to date first period of structure on summer (year) from start of structure for displacement of assembly from nearby 1278-1281 ( Zantyru. There was lock (castle) in this period komturski. Called consisted from main lock (castle) high lock (castle) ( later ) and average lock (castle) from northern part ( presently ) przedzamcza.

6 Teatr Wielki – The Great Theatre Greatest constant (solid) theaters are placed in Warsaw near 30. Most important is set up (founded) national theater among they in (to) 1765 ( ) and great theater in warsaw in (to) 1778 ( set up (bet; found) ). Theater of diversification has earned particular recognition formerly warsaw ( ) TR, which (who) is organizer of pilot presentation in scenery of city within the confines of project field warsaw.

7 The Mariacki Church Founded become (stay) according to by cracow bishop in lats (summers; years) on place wood 1221-1222 gothic ś ą ś ą Długosza ko ciół Iwo Odrow ża wi tyni. It throw up in lats (summers; years) on its (his) foundation in gothic style 1290-1300 ś ś czę ciowo ko ciół, for (after) in 1320 year ś więcony, but and it has not fell to people for taste it ś ą wi tynia. ą Zburzono j And new build, finest ś ko ciół. In (to) 1355-1365 of foundation of mikolay.l cracow townsman ( Wierzynka and it annex extended presbytery for main body ) ś ą stolnika sandomierskiego wi tyni. Then it advice champion of mikolay in (to) for.l 1392-1397 better ś ś Wernerowi wietlenie ko cioła. It has lowered walls of lateral naves construction, but in (to) main big opening window wprowadziłó. This way, indoor match has been changed on ś ą wi tyni bazylikowy.

8 The Palace of Culture and Science Palace of culture lasted and it has been thrown up sciences as gifts of soviet nations for polish nation " ", but joseph of Stalin was ą he (its; his; it) structure pomysłodawc. Planner of high-rise building, soviet architect of lev (lion) Rudniew, it wanted, in order to he (it) was in polish style, so, it has bypassed different city, among others, crakow, Chełm, ś Zamo ć, for assembly of wanted information and fact-finding (familiarization) with (from) ą architecture ą polsk. Five projects has made along with group next. Poles have chosen project 120 - -m building, but ultimately, from prestigious respects, russians have decided on considerably greatest object. Structure lasted from 2 may 1952 for 22 july 1955, but it worked at near 3500 workers her (it) radzieckiech. They lived in (to) specially for they on warsaw with cinema (movies) build housing estate Jelonkach, ą stołówk, ś ą wietlic and basin [ 1 ]. It has perished (has disappeared) in time of structure in cases (chances) at work 16 russians.

9 Polish Mountains

10 The boats have only slightly changed over the years. The boatmen dressed in colourful, locally made, characteristic waistcoats, still tell beautiful stories, legends and ask people riddles. Because of that, the atmosphere on the boat is wonderful and amazing views, constantly changing in front of our eyes, make us remember this experience for ever. And even though the clothes are moist and the shoes wet sometimes, you feel like coming back here and experiencing the meeting with Dunajec River and the Pieniny Mountains again.

11 The Wisent or European Bison (Bison bonasus) is a bison species and the heaviest land animal in Europe. A typical wisent is about 2.9 m (9.5 ft) long and 1.8–2.2 m (5.9–7.4 ft) tall, and weighs 300–920 kg (660–2000 lb). It is typically smaller than the related American bison (B. bison), and has shorter hair on the neck, head, and forequarters, but longer tail and horns. Wisents are forest-dwelling. They have few predators with only scattered reports from the 1800s of wolf and bear predation (besides humans). Wisents were first scientifically described by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758. Some later descriptions treat the wisent as conspecific with the American bison. It is not to be confused with the aurochs.

12 The White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) is a large wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae, breeding in the warmer parts of Europe (north to Estonia), northwest Africa, and southwest Asia (east to southern Kazakhstan). It is a strong migrant, wintering mainly in tropical Africa, down to the south of South Africa, and also in the Indian Subcontinent. It is a huge bird, 100-125 cm (40-50 in.) tall, with a 155-200 cm (61-79 in) wingspan and a weight of 2.3-4.5 kg (5-10 lbs). It is completely white except for the black wing flight feathers, and its red bill and legs, which are, however, black on juveniles. It walks slowly and steadily on the ground. Like all storks, it flies with its neck outstretched.

13 My school Elementary School No 47 named after Jan Klemens Branicki in Bialystok Dominika Hrubczyńska

14 The process of building of our school started in 1989.

15 Building of my school In our school there are 28 classrooms, 2 dayrooms, a canteen and a large gym.

16 On Ocober 1996 the school was given a name of Jan Klemens Branicki

17 To make the celebrity more important a man pretending to be Jan Klemens Branicki took part in it.

18 There are discoteques in our school.

19 5 th Origami Day

20 The visit of students and teachers form Latvia – June 2003

21 The Students Sport Club

22 Aneta Czygier

23 The Czygier Family My family contains of five members: my sister Martyna (14), my mum – Malgorzata, my dad – Remigiusz, me – Aneta (11) and our dog – Muza. We live in Bialystok. I go to Elementary School No 47 and my older sister to the Gymnasium No 8. Mu mum works in the hospital and my dad is an engineer.

24 My family likes having a good time. We ve got a lot of friends. We like listening to music, watching film. In summers we ride a bike.

25 Drzewo genealogiczne mojej rodzinyDrzewo genealogiczne mojej rodziny Me, Aneta Czygier Ur. 24.10.1996 r. My sister, Martyna Czygier Ur. 01.01.1994 r. My mother, Małgorzata Czygier Ur. 06.10.1965 r. My father, Remigiusz Czygier Ur. 25.10.1968 r. My grandmother, Maria Malinowska Ur.21.01.1936 r. My grandfather, Albin Malinowski Ur. Xx.xx.1928 r. My grandmother, Eliza Czygier Ur. 15.02.1939 r. My grandfather, Stanisław Czygier Ur. 04.01.1944 r.

26 My family have a great holiday every year I have been to Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and to many other countries. Ive visited almost all European capital cities.


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