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Ttz Bremerhaven European oriented research and development -

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1 ttz Bremerhaven European oriented research and development -

2 Non-profit organisation for: National and European Project Development for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Provision of applied R&D services for Small and Medium sized Enterprises ttz Bremerhaven

3 61 experts work on 300 projects Annual estimated turnover: 5 Million Euro Since its foundation in 1988, ttz has succesfully carried through about 2500 technological projects. Activities of ttz Bremerhaven

4 Environmental Institute Engineering Recycled Water Process integrated optimisation of energy and matter cycles Utilisation of waste material from the food industry New applications for renewable raw materials Quality management systems (DIN EN ISO 9001, 14000) Chemical Analysis Chromatography (3 GC including headspace) Spectroscopy (Atomic Absorption, Infrared) Regular participation in Ringtests

5 Bremerhaven Institute of Food Technology and Bioprocess Engineering Product Development Process Development Bio-Engineering (Extraction, Fermentation, Enzymes) QA-Services Food Sensorics BILB

6 European Projects of ttz Bremerhaven ttz participation in international projects during the 5th FP

7 Process Integrated Closed Cycle Water Management System for Dry Docks The aim of the project is to reduce the amount of waste water as well as the consumption of fresh water during repair of ship hulls Example - PIWAMAS

8 Energetic Optimisation of the State- and University Library Bremen Reduction of Energy Consumption by 50% Demonstration of Planning Tools for Similar Projects Enhance User Acceptance of the Library (Moderate Temperature, Low Noise, More Light) Make the Library fit for new Requirements (New Media) Example - GOSUB

9 Example - TETROTILE Recycling of Contaminated Harbour Sludge into Ceramic Tiles by Plasma Melting Dewatering Drying Plasma Melting Forming Crystallisation Sludge Tiles

10 Example – Pro-Back Creating, experimenting, modelling and disseminating the best set of tools that would train technological advisers to become the best support to new technology based firms project holders in their seeking of potential private investors Technology evaluation Business planning Marketing Finance planning

11 Innocons ttz´s Motivation for the Innocons-Project Support Regional SMEs Share and Extend our Experience with Recycling Material Help SMEs to Introduce Information Technologies

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