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Barcelona, 20/08/2011. INTRODUCTION More than 25% of the existing housing moistures are originated on the roof. Mainly caused by the lack waterproofing.

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1 Barcelona, 20/08/2011

2 INTRODUCTION More than 25% of the existing housing moistures are originated on the roof. Mainly caused by the lack waterproofing solution or the failure. A roof is a protection element exposed to atmospheric agents (rain, ice, snow, solar radiation, pollution, etc.) Barcelona, 20/08/2011

3 ROOF TYPES Following its shape: Flat or bent skirt, flat or pitched, simple or double bent, etc. Following its constructive elements: Homogeneous (one layer), heterogeneous (multiple layers) Following its protection or finishing: Concrete, tiles, stoneware, panels, etc. Following its uses: Trafficable (not vehicular), non trafficable or green roofs. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

4 WATERPROOFING TYPES The most important characteristic from a waterproofing system is its sealing power against atmospheric and pollution agents. Most common types: Waterproofing sheets (bituminous or synthetic) Metal sheets (folding and moldable) Metal deck- Metal panels Big elements with sealed joints Overlap elements (tiles, slates) Liquid ( bitumen emulsions, acrylic emulsions, epoxy, PU, polyuria, etc.) Barcelona, 20/08/2011


6 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Elastic coating based on an acrylic copolymer emulsion Barcelona, 20/08/2011

7 TECHNICAL PROPERTIES Adaptive liquid membrane for structures with irregular geometry. Monolithic membrane without joints or overlaps and securely attached. Water based. Thinner, tar or any asphalt derivate product free. Easy to apply: single-component, roller, brush or airless spray. 100% waterproof. Breathable to water vapor. I allows the support to breath. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

8 TECHNICAL PROPERTIES Very good elongation properties. High absorption capacity to the roof movements caused by temperature changes or settlement. Great endurance to atmospheric agents. Formulated to comply with UNE 53.413 norm for flexible coatings without reinforcement. Environmentally friendly, complies with Directive 2004/42/CE in relation with Volatile organic compounds (VOC). Barcelona, 20/08/2011

9 USES Specially indicated for waterproofing of external concrete surfaces, precast concrete, bitumen waterproofing, tiles, asbestos cement, projected PU foam, expanded polyethylene and wood (balconies and terraces), roofs, vaults, balconies, gutters, pots, etc. In liquid applied waterproofing for non trafficable balconies and terraces, for private use when reinforced with geotextile IMPERTEXSA A-50. Protection of polyurethane foam insulation. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

10 USES In adaptive liquid waterproofing coating for structures with irregular geometry and protective coating on vertical walls. Provides a monolithic continuous elastic and flexible coating without joints or overlaps. In repair and rehabilitation waterproofing work over concrete, mortar, asbestos cement, non glass ceramic tiles, tiles, wood, etc. Protection of concrete structures in marine environment. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

11 TECHNICAL DATA Barcelona, 20/08/2011 CharacteristicsValue AspectSemi matt ColorWhite, blue, red, grey, green and terracotta. Viscosity120.000 centipoises Solid Volume42 – 45% Consumption2 kilos / m², in two or three layers Tack3 hours at 20º C Elongation at Break400 – 600% Cold bendingNo cracks between – 5ºC and 180°C Washability> 10.000 cycles following UNE-48284 VOCComplies with Directive 2004/42/CE, Annex I subclass c) 3,9 – 4,1 g/l depending on the color (40g/l maximum 2010)

12 APPLICATION Application method : roller, brush or airless spray. Dilution : 0 to 5% Diluent and cleaning : Water Repainting time: 12 - 24 hours at 20º C –Can be repainted after cleaning the existing coating as much as needed. Application conditions: Working temperatures must be above 10 °C and below 35 °. RH below 80 %. Temperatures of support and coating must be within the application conditions too. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

13 APPLICATION Support : The concrete structures must be cured for 28 days. The surface to be treated should be clean of grease, oil, curing chemicals, dust and dirt. IMPERTEXSA can be applied directly on wet substrate following sealing procedure. Eliminate surface irregularities. Do not apply on loose, dusty, unclean substrates which are unacceptable to receive the coating. If required use mechanical or manual tools to clean the support. Resurface and seal the cracks with polyurethane caulk, reinforced with ROOFTEX FLEECE 80 wherever necessary. Treat the expansion joints (according to standards) and seal with polyurethane caulk. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

14 APPLICATION Support : We recommend using a thin geotextile interlayer to control the film thickness and uniformity. Sealing: Apply on layer of IMPERTEXSA CUBIERTAS 20% diluted with water. Drying time 2 to 4 hours at 20º C. Finishing: Apply two layers of IMPERTEXSA CUBIERTAS without diluting. Drying time between layers is 12 hours. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

15 PRECAUTIONS Dont apply IMPERTEXSA CUBIERTAS if rain is forecasted during drying time, on cloudy days or during maximum insolation hours. Drying time and repainting time may vary following weather conditions. Apply on surfaces with enough slope to avoid stagnant water. This product is not recommended for trafficable areas, although temporary pedestrian accessibility is allowed for maintenance jobs. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

16 PRECAUTIONS Avoid direct exposition to sun of the containers. For a correct waterproofing, we recommend to cross layers between first and second hand, reaching a better distribution of the coating and correctly regularize the consumption. On roof waterproofing, parapet (walls) must be painted with a minimum high of 15 cm. Dont use brackish water, chemically polluted, cloudy or calcareous in excess. It could be alter the product properties. Storage of the containers must be protected from frost, prolonged exposure to sunlight and high temperatures. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

17 PACKING 20 and 5 kilos drums. Colors: White, blue, red, terracotta, green and grey. Recommended maximum storage time: 1 year at 25 º C in their respective containers. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

18 SAFETY Water based product. Each container has a safety label with instructions that must be observed. National an local safety regulation must also be respected. Avoid inhalation of vapor or direct contact of the painting with skin and eyes. If applied on enclosed rooms, force ventilation is required. Use personal protective equipment.. IMPERTEXA CUBIERTAS is free of nonylphenols, formaldehydes, thinners, tar, asphalt or chloride plasticizers. Barcelona, 20/08/2011

19 APPLICATION EXEMPLES Barcelona, 20/08/2011

20 APPLICATION EXEMPLES Barcelona, 20/08/2011

21 APPLICATION EXEMPLES Barcelona, 20/08/2011

22 APPLICATION EXEMPLES Barcelona, 20/08/2011

23 APPLICATION EXEMPLES Barcelona, 20/08/2011

24 APPLICATION EXEMPLES Barcelona, 20/08/2011

25 THANKS Barcelona, 20/08/2011

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