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Online Coursework Management Sue MilwardSummer 2012.

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1 Online Coursework Management Sue MilwardSummer 2012

2 Agenda What have we done? Where are we now? Where are we going? How does this affect me?

3 What Have We Done? Developed OCM v1.0: eSubmission, Plagiarism, eMarking, eFeedback, SITS link - all within ELE Designed to meet TQA guidelines Aimed to support reduced turnaround times, deliver process efficiency, be more sustainable, support quality enhancements Available from January 2012

4 Student submission

5 Administrator view

6 Double marking

7 What Have We Done? Ran a pilot Jan to Aug 2012 and gathered feedback from staff and students CollegeCompleteIn ProgressAbandonedTotal Bus School1023 CLES5005 EMPS1214 HUMS120416 SSIS20911 LTHE0101 Total2131640

8 What Have We Done? Feedback: Staff are most concerned about change to online marking Administrators embrace efficiency savings of online process Markers benefit from more time to mark Students very enthusiastic Assessment practices vary widely, one size doesnt fit all Staff perception of lack of human interaction with students

9 Type your page title here Type slide contents here in grey, 18pt Arial – try not to over-fill slide: bullet points with blue bullets always allow a line space between each point bullet points with blue bullets I can see pros and cons. I think it would streamline hand-in, administrative processing and return of coursework, but it might be clunky in terms of providing feedback Improved quality of feedback (both in terms of detail and promptness). Speed of processing (administratively) coursework....can't be done without a computer... Markers wanting administrators to print. I wont use it! Feedback: What Have We Done?

10 Challenges: Technical issues Change management Move to online marking Staff perceptions Communication –underestimated the support needed What Have We Done?

11 We have listened!

12 Where Are We Now? Developing OCM version 1.1 Multiple markers Moderation Mitigation and extensions SITS module groups Improvements to look and feel

13 Where Are We Going? September 2012 – OCM version 1.1 available NOT COMPULSORY Training and full support From September 2012 – Review of OCM using feedback from OCME project. New roadmap will be produced October 2012 – Full OCME report published September 2013 - ??

14 How Does This Affect Me? Make OCM better for you by volunteering to review and test the system this summer Encourage colleagues to engage or to contact the Project team with questions Dont be afraid to ask Use OCM next year – IF IT MEETS ALL YOUR NEEDS

15 OCM – We are listening!!! Contact us: Sue Milward ext 5539, Liz Hegarty ext 5719

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