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Christian Weyer Solution Architect thinktecture

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1 Christian Weyer Solution Architect thinktecture

2 Azure Services Platform overview Windows Azure.NET Services: Access Control Service.NET Services: Service Bus.NET Services: Workflow Service 2

3 Azure Services Platform 3

4 4

5 5

6 6 Business logic Datacenter Respond to hardware failures Add storage capacity Handle increase in traffic Diagnose service failures Apply OS patches Perform live upgrade for new feature Expand to new locale Service glue and operations …

7 7 …. Service 1Service 2Service NService 3 ……

8 8 Switches Highly-available Fabric Controller Out-of-band communication – hardware control In-band communication – software control WS08 Hypervisor VM Control VM Service Roles Control Agent WS08 Node can be a VM or a physical machine Load-balancers

9 9 Load Balancer Channel Endpoint Interface Directory Resource Fundamental Services Load Balancer Public Internet Background Worker Role Background Worker Role Front-end Web Role Front-end Web Role

10 Durable, scalable, available store Simple abstractions Simple interface REST ADO.NET Data Services Maybe a.NET API (wrapper) 10 Blobs Tables … … Queues

11 Includes a local execution environment Development Fabric Development Storage Visual Studio 2008 support Web Role template Worker Role template Deployment add-in Command line tools 11

12 12

13 13 Your Customers Your App Access Control Service Live ID Users XYZ Domain Users Who is the caller? What can they do? UI Integrate Service Bus Orchestrate Store WF Data

14 14

15 15 Service Orchestration Service Orchestration Service Registry Naming Federated Identity and Access Control Messaging Fabric CRMCRM Customers Leads Trends Campaigns Supply Chain Inventory Order Entry Planning Purchasing Point Of Sale POS Integration Product Catalog Returns Web Store

16 Service Orchestration Service Orchestration Service Registry Naming Federated Identity and Access Control Messaging Fabric ClientsClients MS/3 rd Party Services MS/3 rd Party Services On-Premise ESB ESBESB Desktop, RIA, Web Desktop, RIA, & Web Your Services 16

17 Not every application is a server application a number of different app styles need to communicate proper DMZ is seldom in place Advanced communication patterns peer-to-peer publish/subscribe enabled for cross-platform and -technology IPv4 address shortage dynamic IP address allocation Network Address Translation (NAT) 17 Sender Receiver ? Machine Firewall Network Firewall Network Address Translation Dynamic IP

18 Syndication Peer-To-Peer Callbacks, notifications Multi-casting, Pub/Sub Light-weight orchestration Remote control 18

19 19.NET Services Service Bus

20 Service Client Relayed Connection ConnectOpen Authenticate 1 3 2 4 ACS Service Bus Trust.NET Services 20 Direct Connection (optional) 5 6

21 Service Bus Sender Receiver sb:// outbound connect TCP/SS L 828 Backend Naming Routing Fabric Frontend Nodes TCP/SSL 808/828 outbound connect bidi socket Msg NAT Firewall Dynamic IP Subscribe Route 21

22 Programming model is WCF-based 22

23 23

24 Your Own Host Your Own Host Dublin (extension to Windows Server & IIS/WAS) Dublin (extension to Windows Server & IIS/WAS).NET Workflow Service 24 WF

25 25 http://... Service Bus

26 Email Christian Weyer Weblog Christian Weyer thinktecture 26

27 In-depth support and consulting for software architects and developers {}

28 Presentations TechDays: MSDN Events: MSDN Webcasts: MSDN Events MSDN Events: Save the date: TechEd 2009 Europe, 9-13 November 2009, Berlin MSDN Flash (our by weekly newsletter) Subscribe: MSDN Team Blog RSS: Developer User Groups & Communities Mobile Devices: Microsoft Solutions User Group Switzerland: Managed User Group of Switzerland: FoxPro User Group Switzerland: www.fugs.ch

29 Presentations TechDays: TechNet Events TechNet Events: Save the date: TechEd 2009 Europe, 9-13 November 2009, Berlin TechNet Flash (our by weekly newsletter) Subscribe: Schweizer IT Professional und TechNet Blog RSS: IT Professional User Groups & Communities SwissITPro User Group: NT Anwendergruppe Schweiz: PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server):

30 7. – 8. April 2010 Congress Center Basel

31 Classic Sponsoring Partners Media Partner Premium Sponsoring Partners

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