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Mark Wild, Chief Executive Officer Public Transport Victoria.

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1 Mark Wild, Chief Executive Officer Public Transport Victoria

2 Source: Channel 9, 24 February 2014 Reflecting on why PTV is here… >…As the stress and strains on the public transport system worsened, nobody seemed to be in charge, nobody wanted to accept responsibility, nobody was prepared to be accountable. It was always somebody elses fault… >…The Public Transport Development Authority will be a customer-friendly organisation. Importantly, the authority will have a strong focus on the right of every Victorian to a safe and secure public transport network… The Honourable Terry Mulder, Minister for Public Transport Transport Legislation Amendment (Public Transport Development Authority) Bill 2011

3 Public transport will continue to carry more of the transport load Melbournes bus patronage grew by 56% in the seven years to mid-2012 as service improvements were rolled out

4 >Melbournes population to reach 6.4 million by 2050 >Doubling in the 65+ population >Further growth in established suburbs The effectiveness of our future transport system will depend on how well it accommodates population growth, economic change and changes in land use – Plan Melbourne 2050

5 5 Transport underpins the liveability, economic prosperity, efficiency and success of cities. >The number of daily trips will grow by up to 80 per cent by 2050 >An additional eight million daily person trips on top of the 12.5 million trips today > There will be a greater reliance on public transport to meet this demand.

6 A transport system for a new economy 6

7 How do we achieve greater mobility >Increased frequency and reliability, improved travel times and connectivity >New and upgraded infrastructure across the network >Harmonise public transport services across trains, trams and buses to provide access to areas of employment 7

8 More than trains, trams and buses…. >Network status boards >Smartphone apps >Bus tracking >Journey planner >Mobile website >Updated maps 8

9 Williams Landing Case Study >Five routes in Point Cook created, providing more frequent and direct services to new Williams Landing station >More than 3,300 people using Point Cook buses each day – an increase of 80 per cent >The number of train customers travelling to the station by bus is three times higher than anywhere across the network >If you provide well connected multi-modal services they will be used >PTV changing bus networks to better connect with train services 9

10 Setting new standards >Enhancing transport interchanges >Adopting new technology and ways of providing passenger information >Innovative approach to delivering efficient and effective public transport


12 What is the relationship with councils >We need to work together to deliver attractive public transport solutions that are embedded into precincts >Without a destination we dont have passengers >Without passengers there wont be a destination

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