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Healthy Transportation lessons from Missoula In Motion.

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1 Healthy Transportation lessons from Missoula In Motion

2 Missoula Valley Population about 80,000 Elevation 3200 ft Major employers Hospitals US Forest Service University Municipal Government Non-profits Transportation Options Trail network Transit Vanpool

3 Transportation Demand Management TDM focuses on the demand for movement of people and goods rather than cars The most efficient system is a synergy of Biking, Public Transit, Pedestrians, and Cars. They all have their place Our programs revolve around educating folks about their transportation options and plugging them into what modes fit best into their lives

4 Our programs aim to: Reduce traffic congestion Improve air quality Promote individual and community health Alleviate parking pressures Save everyone time and money Missoula In Motion helps local businesses, institutions and individuals address transportation needs in our community.

5 Why Healthy Transportation

6 Impacts on Individuals Average Annual Household Expenditures, 2008 Item Proportion of Total Expenditure housing34% car ownership & operating expenses17% food13% utilities7% health care6% Entertainment6% Apparel4% household furnishing3% education2% 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey

7 Impacts on Business Job Satisfaction Employee Recruitment Productivity Land and Facility Costs Good Neighbor

8 Impacts on the Community Quality of Life/ Community Character Air Quality Infrastructure Costs and Construction Economic Development Traffic Congestion and Carbon Footprint

9 Transportation Options Busing Bicycling Carpool / Vanpool Telework Variable Schedules Parking Community Support Competitions

10 The Bus The bus can be a great option if: Service is available within three blocks of your worksite and is near the employee's home. Employees have easy access to a Park and Ride lot Bus schedules match work schedules. There's safe access between transit stops and your site.

11 Support Busing Provide bus information. Learn what bus routes are close to your worksite and share the information with employees. Keep a supply of current bus schedules on site. Promote bus riding. Offer subsidies. Work with your transit agency. Take employees on a ride. Ride the bus yourself.

12 Montana Transit Providers

13 MIM Supports Busing Offer subsidies. MDA – EZ Pass RMSP Work with your transit agency. Dump the Pump Take employers on a ride. Bikes on Buses Kiosks Bus Benches

14 Bicycling and Walking Assess your surrounding area Know safe pedestrian and bicycle routes in the area Keep a bicycle route map on hand and assist employees in bicycle trip planning Set up a buddy mentor program Programs to Encourage Walking and Bicycling

15 Support Bicycling and Walking Events Bike Walk Bus Week PEDal Festival Sunday Streets Missoula Active Transportation Plan Maps Pocket size maps Interactive Bike to the Ball Park Breakfast on the Bridges Bike Corral – bike parking Business by Bicycle - loaners

16 Rules of the Road Ride Predictably Establish Eye Contact with Drivers Look for Drivers in Parked Cars Be Visible Every person operating a bicycle shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle. -Montana State Law

17 Walking Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, and parks. Walk Score measures how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle. Visit

18 Carpool / Vanpool Cut back on gas Meet new people Save on insurance Reduce vehicle wear-and-tear Catch up on sleep, work, or reading Try it from home, a bus stop, day care, school or Park-and- Ride lots

19 Support Carpooling ridematching (internal and external) Preferential/discounted/free parking guaranteed ride home travel subsidy accommodate schedules fleet vehicles for work related trips onsite amenities parking cashout (when charges exist) Provide "Carpool Wanted" opportunities Urge employees to give it a try.

20 Park & Ride – Missoula and Bitterroot Missoula six local locations, at shopping centers and churches. I-90 Fishing Access in Alberton 9 Mile Exit Highway 93 South Bank in Hamilton Grocery store in Stevensville Gary and Leo's in Florence Lolo Shopping Center Highway 93 North Grocery in Ronan Cafe in Charlo Trading Post in St. Ignatius Church in Ravalli Gallery in Arlee Casino Truck Center at the Wye

21 Teleworking 3,475 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 123 pounds of carbon monoxide, 12 pounds of volatile organic compounds, 12 pounds of nitrogen oxide – U.S. General Services Administration, 1996 Companies that allow people to work from home just two days a week eliminated per worker a year

22 Benefits of Telework Employer Advantages Increases productivity Decreases absenteeism Improves employee morale Decreases overhead Provides a great retention and recruitment tool Employee Advantages Decreases stress Decreases or eliminates commute time and expenses Increases job satisfaction/Improves work environment Decreases work related expenses Provides balance between work and family life Courtesy of Valley Metro, Phoenix, AZ.

23 Variable Work Schedules Compressed Work Week Flextime

24 Parking Management One of the most powerful tools that can be used for modifying commute choice Effective parking management can help create funding for other commute programs Parking management is a set of strategies used to balance the supply and demand for parking.

25 Programs Momentum Way to Go! Club

26 Surveys and Evaluations Arrangement of Transit Discounts Individualized Commute Planning Progress Reporting Awards & Recognition Program Promotion and Marketing



29 Winner Missoula Housing Authority was recognized for their increased bus ridership large number of housing inspections via bicycle switch of a company vehicle to a fuel-efficient model covered bike parking amenities internal competitions and awards for employees outstanding workplace encouragement and staff support Second Place St. Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center subsidizing bus passes for employees rewarding sustainable commuters through raffles Honorable Mention Big Sky Brewing innovative commuter reward program on-site bicycle technician to service and repair employees' bikes Transportation Best Practices Award 2009 Winners

30 Membership is free with a pledge to use sustainable transportation for your work commute at least once a week. Members-only benefits include: Monthly Raffles Milestone Prizes Guaranteed Ride Home Local Motion Newsletter Individual Tracking and Statistics

31 Member Mode Split




35 Marketing Campaign Billboards TV Radio Newspaper

36 Support a Competitive Spirit Internal Competitions Prizes, website raffle function Commuter Challenge Transportation Best Practices Award External CLIF –2 Mile Challenge

37 Results 2010 Commuter Challenge 75 Organizations 800 Individuals 560 Perfect Participation 2876 Sustainable trips (and sov trips saved!)

38 Results Momentum 66 Presentations Hosted 15 events Way To Go! Club 575 New Members for a total of 3334 Eliminated 1.7 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide emission Removed 1.7 million vehicle miles traveled from municipal infrastructure Provided 53 Guaranteed Rides Home

39 Upcoming Events Transportation Best Practices Award Luncheon – February 3 Sunday Streets Missoula – June 5, 2011, Higgins Avenue – 10 AM- 4 PM PEDal Festival – September Caras Park

40 Successful Programs The right coordinator – dedication and enthusiasm. The right program – meeting your needs Management support – role models. Marketing – Tell people about your great program!

41 Support Community Projects Missoula Greater Downtown Masterplan Complete Streets Resolution Missoula Active Transportation Plan Higgins/Hill/Beckwith Roundabout Mountain Line New Buses Higgins Street Bike Lanes

42 Habit is habit, and not to be thrown out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. – Mark Twain

43 Phone: 258-4961 Alexandria Stokman, Program Supervisor

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