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#EMF2014 Transportation Solution Roundtable. #EMF2014 Post-Presentation Discussion Period.

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1 #EMF2014 Transportation Solution Roundtable

2 #EMF2014 Post-Presentation Discussion Period

3 #EMF2014 So what are we proposing to do??? Hire and train and locate in the neighborhood Transportation Experts on “how to get there from here”. Initiate a Van share program to go from the city to employment hubs Provide Vehicles For Change (VFC) cars for hard to reach jobs Expand “Last Mile” Programs Coordinate buses/vans to Grocery and other stores; job training; and to non local medical facilities Expand Bike share and other bike programs.

4 #EMF2014 Local Office / Transportation Experts 4 – 7 FT/PT Staff Be in and of the community to help people get to there from here Attend and present at community events Knowledgeable about public transportation, having access and skills on all the transportation web sites Coordinate with the local bike and ride share programs Coordinate the store and shopping bus programs Manage and act as dispatchers for the van share program. Recruiting and managing drivers and vans Resource point for VFC and other vehicle programs

5 #EMF2014 Van Share Program Initiate commuter vans from East Baltimore to employment hubs Four – six passengers per van Vans provided by VFC Riders share the operating costs Drivers ‘earn’ car van ownership over four years Office manages/recruits and schedules drivers/vans Vans available during off hours for Doctor trips and emergency pick ups on a rotating basis. Dispatching done by office

6 #EMF2014 “Last Mile” Proposed Program Team with existing organizations to identify current routes and new routes. Publicize them to the community Team with employers to identify new routes and employees Organize 6 new routes per year around employment hubs Team recruits drives and obtains vans from VFC Convert routes to employer paid over 18 Months Saves workers hassle of walking that last mile to work, especially helpful in rain/wintery weather.

7 #EMF2014 Healthy Living / Shopping Provide, via bus/van regularly scheduled shopping trips Alternate between daytime and evening routes Assumes funding by stores – previous program was deemed very successful by residents Pickup locations/timing and stores managed by Office staff Alternate between select group of stores – Supermarket – Discount Department stores Van share and shopping vans available for non-neighborhood medical trips and job training on an as needed or scheduled basis

8 #EMF2014 Bike Programs Encourage Bike share programs to locate in East Baltimore and employment hubs Negotiate discounted rates for East Baltimore neighborhood residents Expand Bike donation / bike repair programs Work with city to encourage bike lanes and safe parking zones


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