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Car Sharing.  History  Types  Demographics  Dedicated Model / B2B  Ride Matching  Total Transportation Solution 2.

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1 Car Sharing

2  History  Types  Demographics  Dedicated Model / B2B  Ride Matching  Total Transportation Solution 2

3 Car Sharing Phases in North America

4 Types of Car Sharing Traditional Dedicated

5 What is Traditional Car Sharing?  24/7 Hourly Car Rental  Cutting edge in-car hardware & software system to access vehicles  Members reserve vehicles from their desktop or PDA  The reservation & access information is sent to the vehicle electronically  The customer accesses, drives and returns the vehicle with no paper transaction or personnel  Upon return; member is charged and vehicle is ready for another member

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7 Impact Goal: To reduce the overall carbon footprint of today’s transportation methodology 1.Takes vehicles off the road – 25% more inclined to sell a vehicle – 25% more inclined to postpone a vehicle purchase 2.Creates Modal Shifts in its members’ transportation habits – Car sharing members report an average decline in VMT (vehicle miles traveled) of 44% *Statistics based on the report “NORTH AMERICAN CARSHARING: A TEN-YEAR RETROSPECTIVE” by Shaheen, Cohen, and Chung. TRB 09-3688 Conducted by Innovative Mobility Research Martin, Shaheen, Lidicker,

8 Types of Car Sharing Traditional Dedicated

9 What is Dedicated / B2B Car Sharing?  On-Site Automated Rental  Removes the burden of the transaction – No branch visit needed – In car technology – 24 hour access – Home-city centric  Use Cases  Employee Benefit  Pool Fleet Replacement / Supplement  On-site / Corporate Campus Rental Transaction  Mileage reimbursement alternative

10 Fleet Size Reduction Current customers have reduced fleets by as much as 3.6 to 1 (average recommended initial reduction of fleet is at least 35%) Carbon Footprint Reduction Enterprise CarShare Programs have reduced CO2 emissions by as much as 65% per vehicle and 89% of assessed emissions Cost Reduction Shifting to a Enterprise CarShare fleet reduces cost per mile significantly, i.e. pilot examples have seen reductions as high as 34% in overall costs and/or 28% in per mile reimbursement costs (.50/mile to.36/mile) Impact

11 Where Does it Make Sense?  Large Corporate Campuses Population employees who Commute to work  Facilities in Suburban Markets Travel to visit customers/suppliers  Personal Mileage Reimbursement Travel Policy  Existence of Pool Cars

12 Ride Matching

13 Gas prices are 3X what they were 10 years ago Average cost of car ownership is $9,000/year 80% of seats on our highways are empty 20% of US CO2 emissions come from our cars

14 Interesting Facts:  US employers are spending $10 Billion/year on helping transport their employees to work (in the form of parking, transit subsidies and commuter benefits)  Employee engagement is at an all-time low with 70% of the modern workforce not feeling engaged at work  1 out of 3 employees consider leaving their job because of the commute  75% of the millennial workforce would rather go without their car than their cell phone

15  Connecting Employees  Private Network  Facilitate Car Pooling  Support Company Sponsored Vanpooling Reduction in parking Improve employee retention Support sustainability goals

16 Total Transportation Solution Total Transportation Solution “Meeting people’s mobility needs in the neighborhoods and the communities where we operate” $$$ Environment Time

17 What if? Transportation Demand Management can be provided by one RAC Company  Fulfill a Transient Rental Need at an Airport  Provide Rental Solutions Close to Where People Live and Work  Provide Rentals by the Hour, the Day, the Week and the Month  Allow for 24 hour Rental Service  Help Reduce Parking Concerns  Eliminate the Burden of the Commute  Provide Measurable Sustainability Results Total Transportation Solution

18 Thank You!

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