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PBXware Call Center Edition Presentation

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1 PBXware Call Center Edition Presentation

2 Introduction The Call Center Edition offers a set of features needed for an organization to effectively start and manage inbound or outbound call campaigns. Features include unlimited ACD Queues, unlimited call agents, comprehensive reporting, real time queue statistics, real time queue monitoring, soft phone, optional predictive inbound and out bound dialing, skills based routing, and many more.

3 ACD Queues ACD Queues • Unlimited Agents and Queues • Ringing Strategy
• Call Recording • Predictive Dialer • Queue Call Back

4 Real Time Agent Monitoring
Listening to calls Whispering Barging into calls

5 Call Recording Call Recording System • Agent • Queue • Instant

6 Call Centre Communicator
• VoIP Soft Phone • Instant Messaging Client • Operator Panel • Conference Administration • Call Center Communicator • Fax Send/Receive • MS Windows Desktop Application

7 agentCOM agentCOM • Full Screen View • Supervisor Assistance
• Not Ready Button & Status • Call & IVR Transfer • Queue Member Status • CRM System Integration

8 Dialer Dialer Dialer is powerful application (module) integrated in Bicom Systems PBXware Call Center edition which main function is to dial numbers submitted by administrator trough web interface. • Easy Campaign Number Management • Multiple Dialer Mode • Dialing Retries • Campaign Disposition • Campaign Agents • General Features • Powerful Statistics Data • Answering/Fax Machine Options

9 Call Center Statistics
Enhanced Call Statistics Call Center Statistics Queues/Agents statistics and real time status Inbound/Outbound Graphs CSV and PDF Data Export Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop Applications AQMON ACMON

10 Call Center Statistics
Call Center Statistics allows detailed call report….

11 Call Center Statistics
• Barging • Queues/Agents statistics and real time status • Inbound/Outbound Graphs • CSV and PDF Data Export • Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop Applications

12 Call Center Statistics

13 Call Center Statistics

14 Call Center Statistics
Entry Position Statistics

15 Call Center Statistics
Interrupt Messages Statistics

16 Call Center Statistics
Unanswered Calls Statistics


18 Overview The Coolest DIRECTORY INQUIRY SERVICE in Ireland
40,000 Calls per Day 9 million Calls per Year HIGH PRESSURE ENVIRONMENT RENEWAL of their TRADITIONAL PHONE SYSTEM

19 Challenge 1. Improve EFFICIENCY 2. Improve RELIABILITY 3. Improve ERGONOMICS 4. To LIBERATE

20 Solution PBXware CALL CENTER Edition
OPEN STANDARDS Hardware - Redundant Sever Inbuilt Statistics CRM Lookup AGENTCOM : Single Desktop Screen for Agent

21 Results SYSTEM NOT CRASHED 35% Gain in Productivity Huge Reduction in Costs Agents have much happier WORK PLACE Supervisors CONTROL System and Agents LIBERATION from Traditional Vendors

22 Our Customers

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