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LifeExpo Registration & Accreditation Electronic System Welcome.

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1 LifeExpo Registration & Accreditation Electronic System Welcome

2 To help organize a business event of any scope, LifeExpo provides an Electronic Registration System of attendees, based on self-developed software platform Welcome Electronic Registration System

3 Sport delegations, staff, press, visitors and all other attendees check-in at special registration cabins or reception desks. Electronic Registration System

4 An attendee shows an ID card, then operator finds the matching record in database, takes a face picture and prints the badge out, which has a unique bar code. Electronic Registration System

5 Using Welcome you can split the event area to multiple separated access zones. At the zone entrance there is an Access Control Unit (ACU) equipped with mobile terminal or laptop with bar code reader or automatic turnstile - you decide what to use! Electronic Registration System

6 When an attendee enters a zone, it is necessary to bring the badge to a bar code reader. An ACU operator immediately gets the command to let the attendee pass or not depending on the access level, which this particular attendee has. Same with the automatic turnstiles. ZONE 4 VIP ZONE 3 ZONE 2 ZONE 1 FREE ACU CHECK-IN ACU Electronic Registration System

7 Welcome also provides the self-service informational touch screen terminals. An attendee brings the badge to the terminal and gets both common and category specified information. Electronic Registration System

8 Check-in desks Press hall Congress hall Meeting room Welcome allows to connect multiple sport objects to a single network. Network Data Base Electronic Registration System

9 Welcome is an electronic registration system of sports event attendees of any scope, which proceeds rapid check-in and accreditation as well as multiple zone access controlling including move tracking and personal agenda use through the information terminals. LifeExpo ltd. guarantees successful integration of the system with adaptation to the concrete event, considering all the aspects and subtleties. Electronic Registration System

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