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Mercy Tablet Hardware/Use and care Network Login Tablet Power Settings Printing Saving Files , PowerSchool, Moodle, Dyknow Acceptable.

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1 Technology @ Mercy Tablet Hardware/Use and care Network Login Tablet Power Settings Printing Saving Files Email, PowerSchool, Moodle, Dyknow Acceptable Usage IT Dept. /Help Desk

2 Your HP Tablet Taking care of your tablet Click on the link below Exploring the HP 2740p Cost to replace: Battery - $150 Pen - $40 Dont cram your tablet into your backpack! It is highly recommended that you buy a reinforced case for your tablet. These can be purchased from Inacomp or other retailers Your warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) ADP – for major repairs due to accidental damage your tablet will be shipped back to HP. HP 4 Year Warranty - covers items from manufacturer's defect or failure. So for example if your hard drive fails or your screen stops functioning after normal use. Batteries and Pens are considered consumable items by HP and are only warrantied for one year from defect. Your batteries will last about 500 charging cycles or 12-18 months at which time you will have to buy replacements.

3 Mercy Network Login When at school the text Log on to Novell Network displays above your user name. When at home click on the Computer Only Login" link. Novell Login, Computer Only Login If you are logged into your tablet using only a Computer only login you may still be able to get to internal websites such as Mercy's Moodle, E-mail, and PowerSchool, but you will not be able to access outside websites, your Network home drive (H:), or any printers.

4 Mercy Network Login Type in your user name (last name, first initial) and your password, click on arrow or hit enter Your password will expire every 40 days. Must be at least 5 characters and must be unique. When your password expires you will be notified as you login. Make sure you change it the first time you are notified to avoid being locked out of your account. Novell Login 1.Username and Password 2.Password changing

5 Mercy Network Login Lets review the two most common login error messages Login Trouble Shooting

6 Mercy Network Login Login Trouble Shooting Check your user name, re-type your password and try again. If problems persist see IT or Media Ctr. Staff.

7 Mercy Network Login This means that you do not have connectivity to the wireless network. Is your blue (wireless) light on? Login using Computer Only Login. Check wireless connection Once connected log off then back on to network If problems persist go to the Tech Support Office Login Trouble Shooting

8 Mercy Network Login The easiest way to check if you are logged in properly to the network Click Start button Click Computer and check to see if your network drives appear below your local drives. Login Trouble Shooting A quick way to re-login to the network: right click on the red N in the system tray located at the bottom right of your screen and choose Novell Login from the options and re- login.

9 Mercy Network Login Password changing when at home If you are prompted to change your expired password when you login to Mercy Email or Moodle while at home you will be prompted for your old password (the one currently expiring) then asked to type in the new one twice to confirm it is correct. Important! When you change your password through email or Moodle at home, this will not change your Computer user account password. Your computer password will not "sync" up to the new password until the first time you login to the network here at school or if you change it manually to match.

10 *** If you borrow another students computer for some reason and log in using your password make sure you DO NOT CLICK YES when asked if you want to save a password while using an internet browser. Your password will be stored on this students computer and can be found by the user.. Keep your password safe – DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH OTHER STUDENTS!!!

11 Managing Power Options 1.Go to Power Options in your Control Panel 2.Change Plan Settings a)IT Dept. recommended settings are shown.

12 Managing Power Options 1.Click on Change Advanced power settings a.Make sure your hard drive is set to turn off after 60 minutes b.Make sure your computer automatically goes into stand-by whenever you close your lid for security and battery power reasons. This should already be set by default under Power button and lid. c.All other default settings can be left or adjusted based on your preference

13 Avoid shutting down your computer using the Power Button. The computer needs to correctly close all programs to prevent further damage. Patience!!!

14 Printing @ Mercy Where can I print my school work? There are 4 Student accessible printers at Mercy Media Center (2) N15 N16 Your printers are loaded when you login to the network. You will be defaulted to the Media Center MP5000 (high speed, black and white only). You should print in duplex (both sides) whenever possible to save paper. Three of the student printers can print in color, this should only be used when necessary. Only school related material should be printed.

15 Saving Files HARD DRIVES DO GO BAD! SAVE FILES OFTEN AND ON MULTIPLE STORAGE DEVICES 1.By default your files are saved to your Local Disk (C:) 2.Backup your School related files to your network home (H:) drive. a)Shows up when your logged in at school b)You can access it over the internet from the File Access link on the schools website or the Access your H: drive link on Moodle. c)1 GB of space. It can be increased upon request 3.You should save personal (music, video, pictures, etc.) files to an external storage device at home. (USB hard drive, USB thumb drive) Saving your data

16 Email, Dyknow, Powerschool and Moodle Mercy Email Your email address = School use only, do not use your school account for Facebook or other non-school related sites. 150 MB limit PowerSchool Grades and attendance DyKnow Interactive note taking, quizzes, polls Teacher can monitor student computer use Moodle Online learning management system Course materials, worksheets, quizzes, forums, chat, online assignments Communication and Learning Tools Email and Moodle use your Novell network password. PowerSchool and Dyknow passwords are separate.

17 Acceptable Usage Policy The Mercy Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), is located in your agenda book. You are responsible for reading and understanding it. When using the Mercy Network you are agreeing to follow the policies. All internet and email use is monitored and logged/archived. No downloading non-school related music and videos No chat rooms or chat programs (skype, aol, yahoo, etc.) No proxy sites No file sharing programs(Limewire, Frostwire, etc.) No attempts to access network folders, programs or other services other than those assigned to you. In other words: NO HACKING! Violations of the Mercy Acceptable Usage Policy are handled by the Dean of Students What you can and cant do with your computer on the Mercy Network

18 One of Mercy values is Human Dignity. Because we respect the dignity of others we treat all people with respect in person and online.

19 Internet Filtering Mercy uses an internet filtering service to help ensure that the Mercy network is used for school business and academic purposes. The following categories of websites are blocked at Mercy: Filter Avoidance Gambling Games Hacking Peer file transfer (Music/video download sites) Porn Cheating and Plagiarism Instant Messaging Web-based chat Web-based email Trying to avoid the filter though use of proxy sites or other means is a violation of the Mercy AUP and could subject you to disciplinary action. What websites can you access at Mercy?

20 Software You own your computer, and you are responsible for maintaining it for school usage. You can install other software not intended for school use, but the IT Department will remove any software or re-image your hard drive if necessary. The IT Dept. is not responsible for saving ANY of your files or re- installing any non-standard software. Re-imaging puts your tablet hard drive back to the state it was when you took it out of the box. It erases all content on your hard drive and restores all of the programs and settings needed at Mercy. Usually re-imaging is necessary when a laptop has a virus. File sharing software (Limewire, Frostwire, etc.) and other freeware are the main causes of spyware/adware/malware/viruses. What you can and cant load on your Mercy Tablet

21 Mercy Information Technology Department The Mercy IT Dept. 7:30 AM – 3:00 PM every school day. Mr. Bank - Support Co-Ordinator/HP Technician, Hardware, Software Issues Mr. James – Network Administrator, Software, Network Issues Sr. Adele Stommel - IT Manager The IT Dept. uses a web based help desk system to help track and resolve your issues. There is a link to the help desk application on Moodle. Whenever you have an issue that requires your computer to be looked at, or a part to be ordered, you will be asked to fill out a help desk ticket. You can also fill out a help desk ticket from home or from anywhere else if you have questions or issues and you cant make it to the Tech Office. Whenever your tablet is in for service, you will be provided with a loaner tablet to use. If you simply need your password reset or you are having problems printing you can also see Media Center staff, Mrs. Corte or Mrs. Koskela Who to see when you have a problem User name and password for the help desk are the same as Novell network. Instructions on how to fill out a ticket are in the Tech Office.

22 Go to the Google home page. Click Sign in. Create Account now and follow the instructions. You must use your Mercy email. When setting up your profile, use only your FIRST and LAST INITIAL to identify you. This will keep your identity safe. Have students create a Google account to easily use Google Docs in the classroom

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