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AHS Band 2013 Walt Disney World Trip. Disney Info Hotel Radisson Resort – Celebration 2900 Parkway Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34747 407-396-7000 Chaperones Nurses.

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1 AHS Band 2013 Walt Disney World Trip

2 Disney Info Hotel Radisson Resort – Celebration 2900 Parkway Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34747 407-396-7000 Chaperones Nurses Rhonda Higgins Dana Newman – Mike Archer Jennifer Eaves - Robin Armijo Karen McSpadden Lisa Horton Diane Shorey David Shorey Jane Mehring Mitch Mehring Contact Numbers Michelle Raffety– Trip Chairman – 832-729-6441 Mike Archer – President - 713-398-4622 Bus Company Sierra Bus Lines – 713-947-2877 – Katie Valverde

3 Disney Itinerary Friday, March 8 th 3:00 – 5:00 – Band Rehearsal 5:30 – 7:30 – Luggage Check In Saturday, March 9th 8:00 AM – Arrive at AHS for Rehearsal and Check-in 9:00 AM – Rehearsal 10:00 AM – Check in Luggage 11:30 AM – Leave AHS 8:30 PM – Arrive @ University of South Alabama for Buffet Dinner 10:00 PM – Depart USA Sunday, March 10th 9:00 AM – Arrive at Hotel and eat Breakfast Buffet 10:30 AM – Depart for Epcot Center 2:00 PM – Check-in with Chaperone in front of Fountain at Epcot Center between World Showcase and Front of Park. 8:30 PM – Check in with Chaperone in front of Fountain at Epcot Center between World Showcase and Front of Park. 9:00 PM – Epcots Illuminations 10:00 PM – Depart for Hotel 10:30 PM – Arrive at Hotel 11:00 PM – Curfew 11:15 PM – Chaperone Room Check Monday, March 11th 6:00 AM – Wake-up Call 7:30 AM – Depart Hotel for Planet Hollywood for Buffet Breakfast 9:15 AM - Depart to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort 12:45 PM - Chaperone Check-in at the Golden Oak Outpost across from the Crows Nest Shop & Pecos Bill Restaurant located in Frontierland near Splash Mountain. Students will be taken back stage to change into uniforms. Any type of photography will not be allowed backstage. If any cast member sees a student taking pictures, they will confiscate the camera. 2:30 PM – Marching Band Performance in the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade 8:30 PM – Chaperone Check-in TBD 9:00 PM – Main Street Electrical Parade TBA – The Magic, the Memories and You ( Park hours will determine the time of the show) 10:00 PM – Wishes Nighttime Spectacular ( fireworks show) 11:00 PM – Depart for Hotel TBD – 30 minutes after arriving at Hotel will be Curfew Chaperone Room Check

4 Tuesday, March 12th 6:15 AM – Wake-up Call 7:15 AM – Depart Hotel for Rain Forest Café, Downtown Disney 9:00 AM – Depart to Disneys Hollywood Studios 2:30 PM – Chaperone Check-in TBD 3:00 PM – Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! Parade 7:30 PM – Chaperone Check-in TBD 8:30 PM – Fantasmic 9:30 PM – Depart for Hotel 10:00 PM – Arrive at Hotel 11:00 PM – Curfew 11:15 PM - Chaperone Room Check Wednesday, March 13th 6:00 AM – Wake-up Call 6:45 AM – Begin to Check Out And Load Buses 7:15 AM – Depart Hotel for Hard Rock Café and Breakfast 9:00 AM – Walk to Universal Studios Students will have a choice between two different parks. Either Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. There will be Chaperones in both parks. 2:00 PM – Chaperone check-in TBD 8:15 PM – Chaperone check-in at Entrance to Blue Man Group 9:00 PM – Blue Man Group 11:00 PM – Depart Orlando (Approximate Time) Thursday, March 14th TBD Stop for breakfast TBD Lunch ( This meal is NOT included) TBA – Arrive at AHS - There will be a message placed on the Band Hall phone as well as updates on the AHS website as to our arrival time.


6 Student Rules Bus Transportation Students WILL NOT be allowed to lie or stand in the aisles for extended periods of time. ­Aisles must be kept clear AT ALL TIMES. Students are not allowed to sit or lay on any other students lap while riding on the bus. No Glass Containers. Only bring re-sealable beverage containers (no cans) There is also NO BLANKET SHARING…….especially boy/girl. Each student is responsible for keeping his or her area of the bus clean. Please inspect your area and remove all trash each time you exit the bus. The chaperones are NOT your maids. Hotel No Boys in Girls rooms, and no Girls in Boys rooms. No exceptions! No adult/parent/siblings are allowed in youth rooms AT ANY TIME. If a parent wishes to visit with their student they can meet them outside of the room as long as it is before curfew or in the park during the day. This is for the privacy and security of the other students staying in that room. Curfew will vary each evening depending on the time the park closes. In most cases, it will be between 10:00 – 11:00, with room check 30 minutes after the arrival at the hotel. Students will be given instructions as to specific times before you get off your bus that evening. At curfew, the student is NOT allowed to leave their room for ANY reason. If there is an emergency, please call your Chaperone or Nurse. A list of numbers will be given to you Sunday morning along with your room key.

7 If a student is found outside the room after curfew, they will spend the rest of the time remaining in the parks with Mr. Ward or Mr. Caston. A student that leaves the confines of the hotel at any time will be subject to discipline which may include returning home at parents expense, remaining with an adult the rest of the trip and other school consequences upon return as provided by the districts discipline policy. Atascocita High School Band is a guest at the hotel. Please keep your room clean. There will be a check for trash, and or any damage at the end of the trip by your chaperone. Damage to any room will be the responsibility of the entire room. Trip Activities Students are not allowed to leave the confines of the Disney Property at anytime. Students are required to be at the pre-arranged location and time for mid-day check-in. Leaving the designated areas will result in consequences during our stay, as well as through your AP when arriving back to school after Spring Break. No student is to walk around the park during the day by themselves. If you are seen by a director or chaperone, you will enjoy the park with them until you find a group to walk around with. Packing DVD Players, console game units and Laptop Computers will be allowed on the trip. Be advised that if these items are lost, the Band assumes no responsibility for the loss. NO OPENED/UNLABELED BEVERAGE CONTAINERS PERMITTED. No canteens or other type of water bottles.

8 In accordance with Humble ISD movie policy, only G or PG movies may be shown on the bus. Students are allowed to bring these, but please make sure they are properly labeled with the students name. ALL luggage will be screened with the student present. Anything suspicious will be removed, placed in labeled container, secured in band hall and can be claimed upon return. Anything illegal will result in the student being removed from the trip and subjected to districts policies. Neither the school district, AHS Band nor AHS Band Boosters are responsibility for students personal property, including but not limited to personally owned instruments, cell phones, luggage, money, etc.) Student luggage is limited to 1 suitcase (26 max), 1 carry-on pack, food/snacks, musical instrument, music, uniform and shoes. Medications All medications must be in original containers. Prescriptions must be properly labeled with students name, medication name, prescribing Doctor and administration instructions. Students are permitted to carry rescue inhalers, epi-pens and topical (acne) medications. These still need to be documented on the students medication form, indicating carried by student. All other medications are to be placed in a zip-lock bag with a completed medication form and the students name written on the outside. Students are responsible to contact nurse for medications. The following medications will be maintained by the nurse/Chaperones so please do not send: (list…things like ibuprofen, acetaminophen (Tylenol), antacid, decongestant, calamine, Benadryl, Dramamine, etc.) MUST BE AUTHORIZED via Medication Form.

9 In Addition… This is a school activity and as such, all school policies apply including the school districts discipline policies and guidelines. There will be a no tolerance policy for Alcohol, pornography, drugs, tobacco products, fireworks or weapons of any kind. If found in your room or on your person, your parents will be called and asked to come pick you up at your parents expense. Shop lifting is a serious offense. Though sometimes our students believe this is just a prank, the Park Officials take this VERY seriously. A parent will be notified, and removal from the trip along with any legal issues that will be necessary will be at parents expense. Students are expected to comply with requests/directions from any of the adult Chaperones. Please treat your Chaperone with the utmost respect. They are volunteering to go on your trip and sometimes taking their vacation time to ensure you have a safe stay. We truly want everyone to have a fun-filled, enjoyable experience that will provide them with many fond memories of their time with AHS Band. The rules and policies that are put in place are done to help facilitate the management of a large group, to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone throughout the trip, and for everyones safe return home.

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