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In this presentation Health forms, Prescriptions Packing list Bus ride At Space Academy Communication.

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1 In this presentation Health forms, Prescriptions Packing list Bus ride At Space Academy Communication

2 Health Forms, Prescriptions One for Space Academy One with current information for the bus ride. ( Sorry, Space Academy cannot share this information with us.) Prescription medications, Vitamins and/or herbal products will be collected and dispensed by nursing staff. During the bus ride the students hold on to their medication and inform us when they are taking medication. Motion sickness This is an academic trip

3 Packing List Lunch for the Bus trip down – Including a water bottle – Label everything. (No gum, snacks, or other types of food or drink – SHS will supply snacks and water for the whole grade ) Combination Padlock from the school lockers. Dont over pack: pack for 6 days; Bring a suitcase that you can easily carry or roll. Clothes should allow for active movement during training exercises. No sandals are allowed outside of the living quarters. See packing advice online

4 Please do not bring to Space Academy Cellular phones, will be left on the bus Portable music players Hand-held computer game Other expensive items What stays on the bus: All Electronics (electronics must cost less than $130) (DVD players and laptops are not allowed on the trip) Cell phones (are only used to call home from the bus and then remain on the bus – these phones will not be able to be recharged)

5 Communication Students can call home using calling cards or call collect. All calling cards are welcome. If you need to contact us 1. By email. We will check our email daily. 2. Leave a message at our hotel 1-256-830-2222 for Mrs. Pond or Ms. Lampic 3.For emergencies you can contact us on cell phone nr. 773 996 6143 We can not answer the phone during lectures and presentations. Please leave a message.

6 Bus ride September 29th 2013 Sunday morning September 29th Drop off: by 4:45 am Departure 5:00am sharp The students will call when we arrive at Space Academy. Cell phones are to be shut off the rest of the time to preserve the battery for the trip back. The Space and Rocket Center ask to not bring cell phones onto the premises.


8 Bus ride October 4th 2013 Departure after closing ceremony and lunch. Time: about 1:00 pm Arrival SHS Chicago Time : Friday night about 11:00 pm -12:30 am The students call when we are about half an hour away. A phone tree created by the room parents is started at the same time. Do not park in the main parking lot. If you are not picking up your child on Friday, one of the chaperones must have a note with the name and phone number of the person who will have that responsibility. Please be on time.

9 Phone tree Academy 7 Cate Kinder Lauren Cerda Hardey 7 Lilly Grisko Nushin Samii

10 Communications Students are busy. If you dont hear from them for several days, we can encourage them to call. Home sickness Few get homesick. The staff is very supportive, compassionate and effective helping students.

11 We will post some pictures At artschools/ See them as samples of what is going on. Students and counselors are taking pictures that can be viewed at our return.

12 This is an School Academic Trip All SHS rules apply. Students are being observed for full cooperation with the program and their counselors. Dismissal Any student refusing to follow camp rules and guidelines will be dismissed from the program. Participants dismissed from the program will forfeit their tuition. The student will be sent home before the completion of the tour at the parent's expense.

13 Shopping For snacks and souvenirs parents have sent about $30- $60 in the past. Space and Rocket center are also using refillable gift cards/ wristbands. Ms. Lampic can help with the Trainee account numbers

14 Forms and info These forms and information will be available at the Sacred Heart website under Academics/ 7 th grade/Space Academy The final letter SHS Health update Packing list

15 Thank you for your support Chaperones Maya Lampic Lexi Pond Katie Roeck David Gusaas

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