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LeadWare Supporting the Tradeshow and Event Industry Worldwide.

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1 LeadWare Supporting the Tradeshow and Event Industry Worldwide

2 Our Goal: Supporting the Alignment of Sales and Marketing Objectives for Tradeshows

3 According to a MathMarketing*, businesses with the greatest degree of alignment are growing 5.4 points faster, closing 38% more proposals and losing 36% fewer customers to competitors. *MathMarketing has served many leading businesses who seek to align Sales and Marketing and pursue growth. These include AAPT, AXA, CA, Canon, Colonial, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Optus, Oracle, Perpetual, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Vodafone and World Vision.

4 LeadWare supports alignment with: Easy User Adoption: The LeadWare is intuitive and has a role- tailored interface so that both sales and marketing teams are able to quickly design and execute strategic tradeshow plans. Repeatable Processes: Best practice repeatable processes for preshow promotions, data collection capabilities, product information distribution and CRM import templates are designed and managed on your branded LeadWare Browser site.

5 Show provided tradeshow lead retrieval has: - Never offer a repeatable process - Never collect robust information - Never offer economies of scale - Never be flexible or scalable - Always be the enemy of alignment

6 A study by Deloitte & Touche proves that exhibitors that conducted a pre-show campaign raised the quality of the booth audience by 46%. The conversion of booth visitors to qualified leads rose 50%.

7 70% of attendees will: - Have an agenda - Visit less than 5% of the booths. - Allocate 5-10 minutes per booth.

8 Without repeatable and measureable show processes aligned with the strategic objectives of sales and marketing: You lose 70% of your audience and hope is your strategy.

9 LeadWare runs on PC based hardware including new entry tablets and is touch screen compatible. The Motorola MC-50 is the most effective data collection solution in the industry when combined with LeadWare.

10 A positive correlation exists between the quality of information collected on the tradeshow floor and the successful generation of sales revenues.

11 Unlimited custom graphics can be used to enhance branding preshow, during and post show

12 The badge information is editable to ensure accurate information is sent to the CRM

13 Touch Screen Compatible

14 Branching Question Surveys Scholars routinely employ rating scales to measure attitudes via questionnaires, and prior research indicates that this is best done using sequences of branching questions in order to maximize measurement reliability and validity. NEIL MALHOTRA: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. JON A. KROSNICK: Departments of Communication, Political Science, and Psychology, Stanford University. RANDALL K. THOMAS: Survey Research Center, ICF International.

15 Branching questions are the most important tool for collecting measureable marketing data.

16 Branching questions allow much more detailed information to be collected for the Sales Team.

17 Branching questions ensure the positive connection between sales and potential customers.

18 Why are exhibitors spending money on tradeshow marketing materials that are thrown away?

19 Provide the attendee with all the product information they need – immediately!

20 LeadWare delivers client requested information via e-mail and saves costly marketing material production, shipping and drayage.

21 Product information is evergreen and always as accurate as your web page.

22 The Thank You letter is dynamically merged with the product selections from the LeadWare product catalog. The product links are active and represent a viral marketing opportunity. This letter can be sent at the end of each tradeshow day which allows the attendee to forward product information to decision team stakeholders and promotes a follow up visit to your booth.

23 LeadWare supports the Windows mobile platform.

24 Attendee Qualification All the application power of a laptop in a handheld.

25 Product Selection Salesperson Notes

26 LeadWare is compatible with all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

27 Quality information leverages sales every time – it is irrefutable.

28 Some of the 2,000 LeadWare customers we support each year



31 EventSupport



34 Next Steps… Meeting Your Strategic Intent with LeadWare For customer quotes and a strategic overview of LeadWare go to:

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