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1 Matt McDermott 2 Applications Operating System Hardware What it does Creates a package of an application Eliminates software.

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1 1 Matt McDermott

2 2 Applications Operating System Hardware What it does Creates a package of an application Eliminates software install Isolates each application What it is good for Resolve conflicts between applications Simplify application delivery and testing What it does Creates a package with a full OS What it is good for Resolve incompatibility between applications and a new OS Run two environments on a single PC ®

3 3 Simplifying deployment and management of Virtual PCs Accelerated OS upgrades - reducing application incompatibility concerns Simplified virtualization management for IT Intuitive user experience, no training Future: corporate-managed work environment on personal/3 rd -party PCs Simplify Virtual PC image creation, delivery and update Centralized, policy-based provisioning and management Hide Virtual PC – users access and see the applications Desktop virtualization is a rapidly growing technology. In empirical research studies, EMA has forecast over 25% growth in desktop virtualization – even greater than for server virtualization. Enterprise Management Associates, Inc Andy Mann

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5 5 Document redirection Offline files PresentationVirtualization User State Virtualization ApplicationVirtualization DesktopVirtualization ServerVirtualization Having one vendor for the hypervisor, operating system, and much of our application software was very appealing to us from a support and cost perspective. Bert Van Pottelberghe, Sales Director, Hostbasket

6 6 VDI (Windows VECD – Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop), Terminal Services Microsoft ® Enterprise Desktop Virtualization based on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Runs virtual images on a server, and provides remote access from any endpoint (with zero- touch deployment) ServerClientClient Server-Based Virtualization Client-Hosted Virtualization Creates a local copy of the virtual image, available to work offline, and with no servers

7 7 Current focus Accelerate upgrade to Windows Vista®: Enable legacy applications that requires (Windows XP/2000) to run on the new OS platform Jumpstart to future OS deployments Future focus Deliver a corporate-managed virtual desktop to unmanaged PCs Increase manageability and usability of employee laptops Drive business continuity and migration of new subsidiaries Increase productivity for contractors, offshore, branch offices Enable work-at-home and increased mobility

8 8 Typical upgrade path to a new operating system Upgrade the organization to the new OS Migrate or replace incompatible applications Test compatibility of all applications with the new OS

9 9 Application-to-OS Compatibility Solution Run legacy applications in a Windows® XP/2000 environment

10 10 MEDV leverages Microsoft Virtual PC, to enable enterprise deployment of local desktop virtualization

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13 13 Seamless UI integration Web Redirection Host to Guest Integration

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18 18 Virtual images repository and deployment Centralized virtual images repository for image creation/testing Standard MSI for corporate software distribution Auto-install package for self deployment (via removable media (e.g. DVD) or from a website) Efficient image delivery and updates over LAN or WAN (using TrimTransfer de-duplication technology based on IIS) Centralized management and monitoring Centralized management server to control deployed VMs Image provisioning based on Microsoft Active-Directory ® users/groups User authentication (online over SSL or offline based on local cache) Support heterogeneous environments Automate first-time virtual machine setups (e.g. initial network setup, unique computer name, domain join) Adjust VPC memory allocation based on available RAM on host Centralized database for client activity and events

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20 20 Initial delivery (using TrimTransfer) Alt. I: update the Master image once and deliver image differences to endpoints Alt. II: connect to Active Directory domain and use standard software delivery Easy to manage User data and settings must be saved on the network Standard! (use WSUS, SCCM, etc)

21 21 Usage policy and data transfer control Per user/group usage policies (e.g. expiration, time limits for offline work) Host-guest data transfer control (e.g. copy-paste, file transfer, printing) Automatic redirection of predefined websites (e.g. corporate intranet) to the virtual environment End-user experience Background VM management - hide the Virtual PC session from the user, and automatically troubleshoot Publish applications from VPC image to host Start Menu Single desktop experience – applications that run in the VPC seamlessly appear side-by-side with native applications (including task-bar, tray-icons) File transfer tool – share files between host and guest

22 22 Preparing an Image for MEDV Defining MEDV Workspace and Usage Policies Testing a MEDV Prepared Image Packing a MEDV Image Upload a MEDV Image to Image Repository Creating a Deployment Package Running a Workspace

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24 24 End Users Want Freedom, Flexibility Controlled Network Access Device Lockdown Data Security Predictable Configurations Anywhere/ Anytime Access Device Independence Personal Data/Applications Flexible Configurations IT Pros Want Control

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27 27 OS licensing changes are expected

28 28 Register MEDV v1 Beta Learn about Microsoft Virtualization MEDV Podcast download/windows-springboard-series-microsoft-enterprise-desktop- virtualization-MEDV/ download/windows-springboard-series-microsoft-enterprise-desktop- virtualization-MEDV/ MEDV introduction video + demo MEDV TechEd EMEA IT Pro session

29 29 You can find MDOP on the Windows client site under Desktop Management Technologies go to Check out Demos & Videos, Case Studies, Data sheets & white papers Our blog is at Other MDOP information at the Windows Client techcenter at Download our software from TechNet*, MSDN* or the MVLS* site (*require a subscription, no trial for AIS)

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