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1 Delivering Business Value Today and Tomorrow. 2 Hardware OS Data, User settings Applications Current Microsoft technologies More on the horizon Folder.

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1 1 Delivering Business Value Today and Tomorrow

2 2 Hardware OS Data, User settings Applications Current Microsoft technologies More on the horizon Folder Redirection Offline files Hardware- independent WIM Images Image management and deployment across WIM and VHD images Centralized Desktop Calista Technologies Improved Offline/ Online sync Issues IT Faces PC components bound together, difficult to replace hardware, software What’s Changing Breaking ties using technologies like virtualization to increase agility

3 3 Streamline PC Management “ My enterprise is becoming more disperse. How do I keep people connected to what they need?” “How can I reduce costs and take advantage of new technologies like virtualization ?” “How can I enable the software and devices my users require and minimize their risk?” Access Information Anywhere Enhance Security and Control App-V; MED-V Bitlocker; AGPM; DaRT MUI; 4 Virtual OS; Subsystem 4 Unix; AIS; AGPM; App-V; DEM

4 4 1 Deliver end-to-end solutions 2 3 Provide immediate ROI Lower Desktop TCO Regular updates Faster upgrade cycle, separate from Windows Minimal deployment effort Run out of the box Integrate with existing management solutions >95% of MDOP customers are (very) satisfied $70-$80 net cost savings per PC per year using MDOP

5 5 Applications Operating System Hardware What it does Creates a package of an application Eliminates software install Isolates each application What it is good for Resolve conflicts between applications Simplify application delivery and testing What it does Creates a package with a full OS What it is good for Resolve incompatibility between applications and a new OS Run two environments on a single PC ®

6 6 Dynamically streaming software as a centrally managed service 5.0 H1 FY2010 Next version 4.5 Current version Readily accessible applicationsReadily accessible applications Accelerated desktop deployment and application recovery Minimize app-to-app compatibility testingMinimize app-to-app compatibility testing Leverage existing PC Lifecycle Management investments Provisions applications to usersProvisions applications to users Centralizes permissionsCentralizes permissions Isolates applicationsIsolates applications Provide real-time metering reportsProvide real-time metering reports Heidelberg “Microsoft Application Virtualization helps us dramatically reduce packaging time, optimize application delivery and management processes, and cut the total cost of ownership for our client environment. It paid for itself in just six months.” Axel Junghans Global Client Manager Heidelberg

7 7 Simplifying deployment and management of Virtual PCs H1 CY2009 First Release March 2008 Acquisition Announced Accelerated OS upgrades - reducing application incompatibility concerns Simplified virtualization management for IT Intuitive user experience, no training Future: corporate-managed work environment on personal/3 rd -party PCs Simplify Virtual PC image creation, delivery and update Centralized, policy-based provisioning and management Hide Virtual PC – users access and see the applications “Desktop virtualization is a rapidly growing technology. In empirical research studies, EMA has forecast over 25% growth in desktop virtualization – even greater than for server virtualization.” Enterprise Management Associates, Inc Andy Mann

8 8 Enhancing group policy through change management 4.0 CY2009 Next version 3.0 Current version Enable group policy change management Provides granular administrative control Reduce risk of widespread failureReduce risk of widespread failure Versioning, history & rollback of group policy changes Role-based administration & templates Flexible delegation modelFlexible delegation model “ Advanced Group Policy Management has been like a magic bullet for us. Its automated change management and workflow-enabled delegation capabilities are impressive. I wouldn't be able to manage GPOs without it. ” Michael Wilcox MIS Client Services Supervisor Forsyth County Forsyth County

9 9 Translating software inventory into business intelligence 2.0 CY2010 Next version 1.5 Current version Manage enterprise assetsManage enterprise assets Simplify compliance and disaster recovery Easily administered online serviceEasily administered online service Full software asset inventory scanning Centrally hosted database of software titles Assigns intelligent naming and categorization to software Robust reportingRobust reporting “Microsoft Asset Inventory Service is a simple yet comprehensive solution for managing software assets from all publishers. And with the licensing component for Microsoft products, it provides an easy, quick way to assess compliance with Microsoft programs. ” Jason McGhee Regional Manager Universal Management Solutions

10 10 Powerful tools to accelerate desktop repair 7.0 ETA CY 2010 Next version 6.0 Current version “This toolset enables us to restore clients instantly without rebuilding Them - saving up to six hours per instance.” Accelerate TCO savings by minimizing recovery time Recover instead of reloading Windows Make PCs safer to useMake PCs safer to use Recover unbootable PCRecover unbootable PC Access deleted files, manipulate services, reset passwords, & more Safely detect and remove malware while the PC is offline David Smith Technical Support Center UMC Health System

11 11 Proactively manage application and operating system failures 3.0 SP2 H2CY200 9 Next version 3.0 SP1 Current version Accelerate IT responsivenessAccelerate IT responsiveness Reduce Windows desktop TCO Improve desktop stability & end- user productivity Agentless crash monitoringAgentless crash monitoring Crash/hang data captured and stored in central server Direct access to troubleshooting and resolution knowledgebase sample report

12 12 App Virtualization 4.5 Dynamic Suite Scalability Lightweight server Localization App Virtualization v.Next 64-bit support Win7/ Win2008R2 Globalization Feature enhancements AGPM 3.0 Flexible security WS08 support Localization Enhanced UI AGPM 4.0 Scalability (cross-forest mgmt) (cross-forest mgmt)Automation Win7 support DaRT 7.0 Network service USB boot AIS 1.5 License reconciliation UI enhancements SCCM Integration AIS 2.0 Virtual App Inventory HW Inventory Console Localization Scalability (100k) Enhanced data export DEM 3.0 SP2 Enhanced reporting MED-V 1.0 VM on client provisioning Usage Policy VM Management MED-V 2.0 Vista in guest LocalizationScalability H2 CY08CY 09CY 10+

13 13 Build Business Continuity for Applications Proactive insight into desktop crashes and hangs Reduce Application Management Costs Enable Roaming and Free Seating Enable governance and change control Reduce Help Desk Calls Accelerate OS Migrations Manage software assets across the Enterprise

14 14 You can find MDOP on the Windows client site under Desktop Management Technologies go to Check out Demos & Videos, Case Studies, Data sheets & white papers Our blog is at Find details on App-V here: Other MDOP information at the Windows Client techcenter at Download our software from TechNet*, MSDN* or the MVLS* site (*require a subscription, no trial for AIS)

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