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WCL204 Before We Start… How Many Days Left Till XP EOS??

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2 WCL204

3 Before We Start… How Many Days Left Till XP EOS??





8 Time to make the move

9 9 Sector Based Imaging


11 My boss has XP. She needs Windows 7 before she lands. I have 10 machines I want to pilot Windows 7 on. I want to enable my remote workers to migrate to Windows 7 without sending in their laptops.

12 MDT 2010 Windows Deployment Server (WDS) Windows Deployment Server (WDS)



15 Application Settings FilesFiles User Accounts Index of Hard-Links - files don’t move Application Settings Files User Accounts

16 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 or System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Operating Systems ApplicationsDrivers


18 Testing Process Infrastructure Remediation Image Engineering Application Management Migration Office Deployment Security Deployment Operations Readiness Project Process and Team Guidance Business Case for Deployment Do I need to invest in test hardware, personnel, and infrastructure? Do I replace all of my users’ hardware? Do I need to build and maintain an image for each hardware class? Are my applications going to work? Do my techs need to manually migrate everyone’s files at their desk or in the lab? Office, too? Does that mean more testing and images? How do I think about policies, data, and security now? Do my users need to send their hardware to IT or be without their PCs for a day? How is this going to impact users and the helpdesk?



21 Plan Deliver Operate

22 Application Compatibility Toolkit Asset Inventory Service Microsoft Assessment and Planning System Center Family Application Compatibility Toolkit Windows Compatibility Center Compatible Applications List Application Quality Cookbook Application Verifier Application Compatibility Toolkit Application Virtualization Application Quality Cookbook Virtual Legacy Windows OS (MED-V, XP Mode) Test & Mitigate AnalyzeAnalyzeCollectCollect



25 Application Compatibility









34 Pros and Cons of Each Method Method XP-to-Vista-to- Windows7 using setup.exe Manual migration and install from DVD Drive Cloning based on a Reference Windows 7 Install Automated migration with applications and drivers ProsApplications migrate If you can find the media, it’s an easy user experience Easy to figure out You know what you’re getting Makes you look busy to your boss Easy to duplicate hard drive Fast installation via file copy or apply Seems to work Everyone is doing it, even OEMs Speed One build works for all hardware Data moves in the process You know which apps are installed ConsOMG, where do I start? Applications break Hardware breaks Sloooooowwww Makes IT guys feel dirty attempting it Slooooowwww Clicking “next” fatigue Lots of images to manage User data migration can take hours Building it can be tricky for the first time Apps need to be packaged Drivers need to be added/managed



37 Sessions On-Demand & CommunityMicrosoft Certification & Training Resources Resources for IT ProfessionalsResources for Developers Connect. Share. Discuss.


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