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THE FINAL REPORT ICT integration in science teaching 09/12/2011 By Setsuo NAYA.

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1 THE FINAL REPORT ICT integration in science teaching 09/12/2011 By Setsuo NAYA

2 1. The aim of my activities 1.To disseminate ICT integration. 2.To make and improve digital contents, i.e. teaching videos, used in classrooms. 3.To make and improve lesson-plans which show how to use the videos in classrooms.

3 2. The aim of ICT integration in science teaching. interesting (1)To make science lessons more interesting. student- centered. (2)To make science lessons more student- centered. organize (3) To help teachers to organize their teaching. low cost materials (4) To introduce the simple and essential experiments using low cost materials. multimedia solution (5) To provide the multimedia solution about the experiments which are difficult to perform in class rooms.

4 3. How are the videos composed? (1)The Kenyan syllabus (2)Three steps of science teaching (i) Question (ii) Prediction and discussion (iii) Experiment

5 4. The procedure of making the videos (1)Storyboard (2)Lesson plan (3)Shooting (4)Editing--- (Windows Live Movie Maker) (5)Trial in classrooms (6)Revising

6 (1) Storyboard

7 (2) Lesson plan

8 5. Videos and lesson plans (Chemistry) 1.Separation of a solid-solid mixture 2.Separation of a solid-liquid mixture 3.Separation of a charcoal powder and common salt 4.Extraction of salt from cheese 5.Conduction of aqueous solution (Physics) 1.Heating effect of an electric current 2.Effect of resistance on heating 3.Magnetic effect of an electric current 4.Construction of a simple DC motor

9 6. Video presentation 1. October 5 th : VVOB, NI3C, ICT unit 2. October 25 th : ICT champion teachers, Kenyatta college lecturers

10 October 25 th Workshop

11 7. Workshop Evaluation

12 8. COMMENTS What would you want included in the subsequent workshop? More practical. More hands on creation and practice in lesson delivery. More video presentation. Full lesson presentation. More time for interaction with all the stakeholders and participants. Integrate ICT lessons in all the subjects. There should be presentation in mathematics subject.

13 9. Any other comments KIE curriculum developers and ministry of Education should join us to get firsthand information on improving the curriculum in secondary school. Regular workshops are important. Training to be organized for teachers in schools. Champions be given laptops Make ICT champions principals.

14 10. Recommendation (1) 1. To continue with making videos. Mr. Mutua & Cemastea trainers :Physics Mr. Kilonzo & Cemastea trainers : Chemistry Mr. Kizito & Cemastea trainers : Biology Cemastea trainers : Mathematics ICT champion teachers 2. To deliver demonstration lessons using videos in ordinary lessons. Questionnaire Revising the videos

15 Recommendation (2) 3. To have workshops on ICT integration regularly: Contents: How to make videos and lesson plans. Video presentation. Demonstration lessons using students Participants: ICT champions, KIE, CEMASTEA trainers, Ministry of education, School teachers Facilitators: Mr. Mutua, Mr. Kilonzo, Mr. Kizito…… 4. To provide cameras and laptop PC.

16 11. Acknowledgement I really appreciate your kindness and endless support. Mr. Sang B.K., Mr. Oyuga J.O., Ms. Joice Marete, Ms. Elisabeth Birgen, Mr. Ronald Kili, Mr. James Ogola, Mr. Kizito Makoba, Dr. Paul Van Otten, Ms. Maaike Smulders, Mr. Silas, Mr. Mutua, Mr. Kilonzo

17 Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

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