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Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

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1 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

2 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

3 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy
The Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy (SSTA) will provide professional development to secondary school teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects to help them teach more effectively and improve student outcomes. Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy STEM supplies for participating teachers Hands on workshops Face to face mentoring Leadership development *Educational technology supplies and training Monitoring and evaluation of program success The SSTA consist of a year long program custom designed program for each country based on STEM needs analysis professional teacher training STEM resources and supplies to teachers continuous teacher support from education experts hands on workshops curriculum designed in partnership with Rice University monitoring and evaluation of teachers and students during and after the program ?? In 2014, pilots will begin in Mtwara, Tanzania and Pemba, Mozambique. *technology used will depend on the local ability to support ICT initiatives Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

4 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy
SSTA Monitoring and Evaluation Objectives The 2 pilots of the SSTA will measure the following long term impacts on students of teachers that participate : Impact Area Goals (KPIs) Enrollment More students will enroll in government schools and attend more frequently. Graduation Rates More students will pass end of course exams and graduate. Matriculation Students will pursue a university degree in a STEM related area. Career choices Students who do not attend university will chose a STEM related field to pursue or will attend a technical school. These key areas will be used to determine the success of the SSTA program and its future. Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

5 SSTA Timeline Example September to December2014 May/June 2014
Teacher Selection Initial 6 day workshop, collect data Online follow-up Mentor teacher visit Follow-up workshop, introduce new lessons, Final workshop, Participant portfolio presentations Data collection, continued teacher support If program results are successful decide the future of the SSTA in country with key stakeholders September to December2014 May/June 2014 July/August 2014 January 2015 February to July 2015 August to December 2015 July/August 2015 December 2015 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

6 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy
Schlumberger will be working in partnership with Rice University to develop the curriculum of the SSTA. Rice University is a small, private, four-year institution of higher education located in Houston, Texas, USA Rice aspires to conduct groundbreaking research, offer unsurpassed teaching, and make valuable contributions to the betterment of our world. Rice's faculty members include 2 Nobel Laureates, 1 Pulitzer Prize, and 10 National Academy of Engineering Fellows. ranked among the top 100 universities in the world ranked among the top 20 national universities in the U.S. ranked 4th globally in research impact (2011), ranked 10th in the total number of NSF graduate fellows (2008) For more information about Rice University please visit and Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

7 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy
Rice University currently offers professional development to secondary teachers in Houston, Texas, USA. Since 2005, this program has impacted more than 600 secondary science teachers in the Houston community. Teachers are trained in best teaching practices and content knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biology. The results of the chemistry and biology programs can be seen in the graph below. Through a partnership with Rice university, Schlumberger will deliver the heart of this successful program, inquiry based teaching and learning, through the Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy. Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

8 Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy
The SSTA will take an inquiry based approach to learning. What is inquiry based learning? Inquiry based learning is an approach that provides learning opportunities to students through continuous questioning. Students seek resolutions to questions while building their own knowledge along the way. The process of learning and building knowledge is highlighted rather than the end result. This differs from what children are taught in traditional school settings because it encourages the student to question the world around them and to learn through hands-on activities, problem solving, and generating solutions. Teachers are seen as facilitators of learning, instead of delivering direct knowledge. Schlumberger STEM Teacher Academy

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