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This is Mozy Simple, Automatic, and Secure.

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1 This is Mozy Simple, Automatic, and Secure

2 End Users IT & Support Management & Finance
I was just about to hit save, when… My hard drive just crashed I accidentally got a virus Someone stole my laptop I overwrote my proposal I hit “save” instead of “save-as” I just got my new laptop—where is my data? Can I access my data from my iPad? IT & Support We support multiple operating systems and devices We are planning a major OS and hardware upgrade We have different departments using different solutions Users are not saving their data to the network drives We would rather our users backup when not on the corporate network We have no way of knowing if our users are backed up Our users hit “cancel” because it makes their machines slow Our divisions have different backup requirements Management & Finance We need a solution that fits into our budget We are wasting money managing multiple solutions We are losing money when we decrease productivity We are considering what apps to push to the cloud to: Decrease costs Ease the strain on our data center Free up bandwidth We are considering going to a BYO Device model

3 Mozy Cloud Backup World’s Most Popular Online Backup and Access Service Highly Scalable, Reliable Cloud Storage System Broad Product Portfolio Globally Distributed Footprint Over 2,000,000 users, growing rapidly Over 80,000 businesses 20 billion customer files stored on Mozy Platform Consumer and Business editions Mac® and Windows® client support Mobile & Sync Solutions Customers range from consumers to global enterprises Operational since 2005 Acquired by EMC in 2007 70 petabytes (PB) of customer data stored on Mozy platform [100 terabyte (TB)/day] Multiple North American datacenters European datacenters online since 2008 Additional worldwide datacenter build-out To put it simply, Mozy is cloud-based back-up service. We’ve been a part of the EMC family since 2007 – and as such, we are integrated into today’s EMC portfolio. Our business model is to complement yours and provide our customers a full end-to-end Backup solution.

4 Account management support
Group structures, Sub-Administration Centralized/Custom Client configuration Custom Installation Packages Active Directory Support User-based pricing Target: Corporations Admin Console Server support Data Shuttle 24/7 phone support Shared storage User-centric management Target: Very Small Businesses Backup & restore File Sync with Stash Mobile/Web access Single user Storage bundles Live chat Target: Consumers

5 Mozy Mobile Extending the Mozy Promise Browse, Search, View & Share
You never lose a single file with Mozy... …and now you are never without your files. Browse, Search, View & Share Enable Mozy end-users to access their backed up files from mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android Admin must permit use for the organization Browse file hierarchy and view files that the platform can natively render Open a file in another app (“Open In”) a file as attachment

6 MozyEnterprise Customers
Since becoming part of the EMC Family, we have closed some very large deals within the division and across the country. Many of these companies are both Avamar and Mozy customers. Many Enterprises have a need for both an on-prem and cloud-based backup strategy within their organization.

7 How MozyEnterprise Works
Administrator sets backup and retention policies Lightweight agent runs on target laptops/desktops/ servers Data is encrypted and sent, backed up to an encrypted server online Automatic backup happens in the background. No user intervention required Previous versions and deleted files are kept on backup servers for immediate retrieval for 30 days making retrieval of accidentally deleted files possible

8 Mozy Security MozyEnterprise Encryption
448-bit Blowfish default /256-bit AES private encryption Encryption key(s) are created and managed by the customer Mozy stores encrypted 1s and 0s No key escrow or “back-door” decryption Customer encryption key options Third-Party Audits/Verification ISO (No major or minor variances identified) SSAE 16 Veracode AA rating TRUSTe certified Safe Harbor

9 MozyEnterprise Backup Clients
Customizable client configurations at the user group level Automatic or scheduled backups Scan-once client with incremental backups Single-instance storage Customizable bandwidth throttling Unlimited versioning Bit-level file resume Open-file support Near-CDP backups Local backup with Mozy 2xProtect

10 MozyEnterprise Admin Console
Administrators log in to the Web-based admin console to manage users, devices, configuration, and billing, as well as monitor backup health across the business The Mozy Admin Console Account Management User Management User Group Management Administrative Roles Machine Management Resource Allocation Complete Client Configuration Centralized Restores Custom Backup Settings Reporting and Notifications Schedule Defaults

11 MozyEnterprise Account Architecture
Company Account Root Administrator Company Account Root Administrator Sub-Partner Root Admin Sub-Partner Root Admin Support Backup Set/Client Configuration Support Backup Set/Client Configuration Support Sub-Administrator Support Sub-Administrator Support Support PD Backup Set/Client Configuration PD Backup Set/Client Configuration Sub-Partner Root Admin Sub-Partner Root Admin PD Sub-Administrator PD Sub-Administrator Marketing Backup Set/ Client Configuration Marketing Backup Set/ Client Configuration Product Development Product Development Administrators log in to the Web-based admin console to manage users, devices, configuration, and billing, as well as monitor backup health across the business Marketing Sub-Administrator Marketing Sub-Administrator Sales Backup Set/Client Configuration Sales Backup Set/Client Configuration Marketing Marketing Sales Sub-Administrator Sales Sub-Administrator Sales Sales

12 Active Directory Integration
Easy End-User Experience Single sign-on using corporate credentials Easy User Management Automatically create, organize, and deactivate Mozy users Get enterprise lifecycle management of virtualized Windows, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and Web applications Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) for all cloud-based applications Give users simple, secure access to virtualized Windows applications, and SaaS and Web applications from their preferred devices, anytime and anywhere

13 Server Backup Capabilities
Easy and Supported Backup across Platforms Mozy for Server combines the ease of desktop backup with support for common server-specific applications found in 32- and 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X (10.7, 10.6, 10.5, and 10.4) physical and virtual servers Server-Specific Applications Mozy for Server backs up server-specific applications, including: Network shares All versions of SQL Server® and Exchange SharePoint® Active Directory Com+ services SYSVOL directory share Windows Registry database Speed to the Cloud Mozy Data Shuttle service moves terabytes to the cloud in no time

14 Mozy Data Shuttle Service
Simple, Fast Process for Uploading Big Data Secure! Mozy overnights Shuttle Customer plugs drive into server, overnights it to Mozy when loaded Mozy unloads data from the drive into one of our secure data centers Incremental cloud backups begin automatically Data encrypted twice for safe transit Mozy default key -and- One-time use random key Secure three-pass deletion of Data Shuttle drive at datacenter

15 Advanced Reporting Capabilities
As an administrator, you can . . . . . . create the following reports: . . . and schedule the delivery of reports: Enter the name and other required information Report Settings Billing Summary Billing Detail Machine Watchlist Machine Status Report Scope Select the user groups to be included Machine Over Quota Outdated Clients Resources Added Overdraft Added Select who, what, and when you want reports delivered Options

16 Mozy Restore Options Restore With Your Machine
Restore Without Your Machine In-Client Restore Use the Mozy software installed on your PC to select the files you want to restore Local Restore Copy back data directly from your removable storage device as part of 2X Protect Virtual Drive Restore Click into an icon presented on your PC in My Computer and find files and folders backed up Media Restore Order online a physical CD, DVD, or hard disk drive containing a securely restored copy of your data Right-Click Restore Right-click in Windows any protected file to restore the most recent or previous version of a file Web Restore Select your most important files for restore directly from online Mozy account web pages Admin Assist Admin Download Assist users by restoring on behalf of your end users Replace Machine Migrate a backup from one computer to another

17 Support and Professional Services
Dedicated account manager and technical consultant 24 x 7 phone and chat support World-class online knowledge base and help center Account Management and Support MozyEnterprise Assessment and Design Service Package Designed to thoroughly discuss and document business and technical requirements, and propose account design considering network and other customer constraints The Activation and Set-Up Service Designed to help customers build out and configure the proposed Mozy solution MozyEnterprise Administrator Training (Half and Full-Day) This course covers basic theory of backup and restore and how Mozy delivers these features Mozy Design and Implementation Service Packages Include:

18 Lower TCO Mozy provides a TCO advantage of more than 50% over in-house backup solutions Laptop/Desktop Backup TCO Analysis Focus on function and service, not technology No added hardware capital expenditure No impact on existing datacenter or infrastructure (e.g., power, cooling, space) Minimal administrative overhead No resource-intensive software upgrade cycles Number of Laptops or Desktops 100 Average amount of GBS to be backed up per computer 5 In-House PC Backup Solution MozyEnterprise Online Backup Solution Backup Software Package $2,500 Included Server(s) $1,000 Included Storage $5,000 Included Networking Gear $500 Included Datacenter Power/Cooling $2,500 Included Datacenter Bandwidth $10,000 Included Tech Support $2,500 Included Training $2,000 Included TCO Hardware and Software Costs Datacenter Costs Support Costs Management Costs Management $5,000 Included Off-site Solution (i.e., Iron Mountain®) $7,500 Included Total One-Year Cost $38,500 Included Customer Saves $31,405 Total Two-Year Cost $57,750 $13,545 Customer Saves $44,025 Total Three-Year Cost $86,625 $19,350 Customer Saves $67,275

19 Mozy Target Opportunities
Very Small Business to Large Enterprise Any company with desktops, laptops, remote servers Companies looking for a secure solution to access/share files via iPhone/iPad/Android Customer Type Sales Forces Remote Users/ Home Office User backup up to File Shares, External HD,USB Drives, etc. Customers who do not have a standard process for backing up user data Customers who have Connected/Iron Mountain/Autonomy/HP Remote Office Windows Servers Mozy Opps Large Corporations Small Companies All current customers

20 Five Qualification Questions
What are you doing to backup your employees’ desktops and laptops? What are you doing to backup your remote office servers? How critical is data protection for your laptops, PCs, and small remote office servers? How long would it take to roll out an application like this? What if you could be up and running in just a few weeks—and retain total control over the backup process? If we can prove a significant TCO savings, would you be interested in learning more? Next Step: Would you be interested in seeing an online demo of the MozyEnterprise solution?

21 Recent MozyEnterprise Success Story
Customer: 5,000-employee global consulting firm in New York City Opportunity: Customer needed a global solution to back up sales and consultant laptops. Its current solution was inconsistent, disruptive, and did not support Windows 7 or a 64-bit OS Partner upsold the customer to purchase a three-year prepaid contract for MozyEnterprise Customer reached out to EMC Velocity Partner to learn about cloud backup options 1 7 Deal $197,000 (Partner made approximately a 25-point margin on the deal) Total Sales Cycle 80 days from introduction to PO Moving Forward Customer is going to double deployment in the next three months Partner engages Mozy Sales Specialist to help qualify the opportunity 2 Partner and Mozy rep stayed in touch with the customer to assist and answer questions. MozyPro SE addressed any technical questions. 6 Velocity Partner and Mozy setup up a WebEx Demo with the customer 3 5 4 Right after the WebEx – Mozy Inside Sales rep set customer up with 5 trial PC licenses and an Admin Console Customer was impressed and wanted to test the solution

22 What’s In It For You? MozyEnterprise can help you build an annuity business that continues to grow. Cost-effective solution that solves a specific problem for your customers An easy solution to understand and communicate to your customers Get in the door and have a reason to talk/meet and show value Easy add-on to any deal you are working – bundle a small deal, e.g., 100 PC Licenses for 1 Year = $7,500 This Year Next Year 10 accounts, 500 laptops, one-year contracts Same 10 accounts, 500 laptops, three-year contracts $35,000 X 10 deals = $350,000 $95,000 X 10 deals = $950,000

23 Mozy Resale via ChannelXpress
Prepackaged Bundles in ChannelXpress Pick PC or server Enter quantity Select the length of contract: one-, two- or three-year One-part number with associated quantity Can be a standalone deal or bundled with bigger transaction Deal Example Partner can add PS for Implementation and Training to every quote Customer has 2,000 laptops to back up Assume $75/user/year (street price for yearly service) $75 x 2,000 users = $150,000 ~20 points of margin = $30,000

24 Mozy in ChannelXpress 1 2 3 4 MozyEnterprise Example Quote
Select either PC or Server from the drop-down menu 2 Enter the number of licenses 3 Select the contract length 4 After you have made your choices, click “Save & Exit” MozyEnterprise Example Quote Line # Qty Model Description Unit Price Ext Price 1 100 MOZY-ENT-1 MOZYENTERPRISE ONE-YEAR CONTRACT $95.00 $9,500.00

25 Mozy Marketing Materials
Mozy Partner Sales Training PPT Mozy Partner SE Training PPT Customer-Facing PPT Mozy Partner FAQ Doc Mozy Positioning Doc Mozy Client and Admin Manuals Mozy Supporting Stats Qualifying Questions Doc Overcoming Objections Doc Implementation Guides Customer Success Stories Call Scripts, Product Copy Blocks Presales Checklist MozyEnterprise Data Sheets Mozy Demo Request Form Press Releases Online Demos/ Recorded Webcasts RFP Templates Simple TCO/ ROI Tool Competitive Information White Papers Post Sales Kit

26 MozyPro Sales Support The EMC-Mozy Sales Support team is available to help with: Product questions Moby WebEx demos for customers Demo licenses for prospective clients Competitive information Any and all sales and technical questions Online Demo for Partners and Customers every Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST Sean Finnegan Mozy Global Sales Director (781) Daragh Donohoe Mozy EMEA 353 (21)

27 MozyPro Sales Support The EMC-Mozy Sales Support team is available to help with: Product questions Moby WebEx demos for customers Demo licenses for prospective clients Competitive information Any and all sales and technical questions Online Demo for Partners and Customers every Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST Matthew Hutley Territory Manager EMEA Adam Willis Mozy Sales Specialist UK/IRE/Nordics Kris Meulemans Mozy Sales Engineer EMEA


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