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RMU Nursing iPad Initiative Ravi Dontha Malik Segeer David Lloyd Mazen Alnashwan.

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1 RMU Nursing iPad Initiative Ravi Dontha Malik Segeer David Lloyd Mazen Alnashwan

2 Project Topics Project Background Project Scope Project Risks Advantages/Dis-Advantages Goals and Strategies Cost Estimate Project Failures Support Hardware/Software Work Break Structure Lessons Learned Conclusions and Recommendations

3 Project Background There were difference pros behind Laptop initiatives such as: Universities or schools felt that the technology improved students engagement in classes. Enhancing the teaching and the learning by using this technology. Faster and easier access to the materials and course related things at any time. Reduction in withdraws and higher GPA. Increase students skills for website creation, databases, spreadsheets, using digital images and videos, blogging and networking.

4 Project Background Example of : successful laptop initiative is North Carolina University. Example of : failed laptop initiative was Carnegie Mellon University Present RMU students learn best when they are actively engaged and start using technology, so the university decided to utilize 21 st century technology to implement the IPad initiative for all full-time students (undergraduate / graduate ) and faculties in the Nursing department, Because the IPad had many of apps that will support the students in their studies.

5 Project Overview To utilize technology by implementing IPad Initiative to all nursing students Purpose: To enhance the ability for nursing students to learn at Robert Morris University. There are educational apps that can be used as an additional tool in their effort to learn

6 Project Scope Implementation planning on IPad initiative project Enhanced RMU wireless network adapt the new IPad initiative Assemble IPad support and security team Installation begins on sitting up a protected wireless network for nursing students Procure IPad devices from Apple Company Develop and conduct training for nursing students Select 5 nursing students for pilot project Evaluation on the pilot project Rollout project to the remaining nursing students Evaluation of the rollout project. Establish support and maintenance structure for the new initiative Measure the IPad initiative project success.

7 Why IPad? Apps for Education Productivity iBook's Notes Video Mirroring

8 Technology Equipment Consideration Pros and Cons Pros Include mobility, size, price, ease of use, battery life, graphics capabilities, classroom integration, diversity, processing speed, availability of educational apps, wireless capability, tech support, and security. Cons Storage size and no keyboard

9 Educational impact Improve writing skills and depth of students research. Increase student interest in learning and ownership of the learning process. Improvement in student and staff attendance. Reductions in student behavior problems. Increase parental interest in school activities. Improve student and staff morale. Reductions in lecture/presentation instruction and an increase in project based learning activities.

10 Goals and Strategies Goal: Technology Infrastructure and Equipment Strategy: Improve student access to internet via IPad Goal: Technology Integration, Usage, and Availability Strategy: Research and develop a 1 to 1 IPad initiative for the Robert Morris University Strategy: Improve student technology skills Strategy: Technology integration into the classrooms Goal: Increased Enrollment

11 Project Cost Estimate Assumptions Includes the processes required to ensure that the project is completed within an approved budget. The total cost estimate is calculated for the 130 ipads. The Estimation is done by WBS and Expert Opinion. All amounts are in US dollars. All Nursing apps and software tools are approved and licensed.

12 Project Cost Estimate Cont… Cost Estimate Description# Units/Hrs.Cost/Unit/Hr.SubTotalsWBS Level 1% of Total Management $8,4003% IPad Initiative Proposal SignOff40$60$2,400 Research Nursing Apps80$75$6,000 Hardware $82,40030% Ipad Device Cost130$600$78,000 Icould (App/Blackboard synch)80$55$4,400 Software/Support $113,60041% Licensed Software/Apps130$800$104,000 Help desk Support 160$60$9,600 Testing/Pilot Training (10% of total H/S costs) $19,600 7% Training and Support $4,4002% Trainee cost80$55$4,400 Survey80$50 Reserves (20% of total estimate) $45,680 17% Total Project Cost Estimate $274,080

13 Project Cost Estimate Cont…

14 Project Failures Some of the course that are thought in nursing may not have IPad apps, therefore required to attend the class/alternate course material when and then required by the course schedule. By product of poor management practice and that can be prevented by team co-ordination Key issue is fostering communication and collaboration between business stakeholders (IPad approvals from university committee) and IT Department. Team members do not have the information of nursing apps and online course information (Nursing specialties pediatrics, geriatrics, emergency care, surgical) they need when then need it, causing delays. Do not have enough people to maintain the devices or apps, the right skillets, or the team is not committed to the project. Failure to set and manage expectations for installation of IPad apps and synchronize with the nursing courses.

15 Support /Hardware/Software The nursing course instructor for each given class would specify Software/Apps necessary for educational purposes. The cost would be endured by the student for any apps or e-books as required for the given course. Support Support will be essential for the deployment of I-Pads. I-Pads are fragile electronics and therefore will need support of how to utilize the warranty on these devices. Support can also consist of sending updates to all devices to correct any issues or software bugs in prior software releases. Apple will provide initial support for 2 years on complex issues (damaged device, software errors, etc.). A Help Desk will be maintained and technical support will be provided on simple issues. Staff will primarily be used for setting up new I-pads and app support. Any issues the staff cannot handle will be directed back to Apple for additional support. Apple will provide initial support for 2 years on complex issues, after that time staff will support 1 additional year. After this time the I-Pad will be outdated and no longer supported.

16 Support /Hardware/Software Contd.. Software / Hardware Dual-core Apple A5X Internet access6 Mac : OS X v10.5.8 or later PC : Windows 7; Windows Vista; or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later. Storage : 64GB Icloud setup

17 Major Risks Faculty and Student Risk: The faculty does not utilizing the iPad technology. Students do not use the IPad for their study. Device Risks: Device may suffer from loading documents over the air and viewing more than one text at a time. IPad may stole or lost. New technology shows up. Schedule Risks: Wrong time estimation, Failure to identify complex functionalities and time required to develop those functionalities.

18 Major Risks Operational Risks: Risks of loss due to improper process implementation. Failure to resolve the responsibilities Insufficient resources No proper subject/Apps training No resource planning/No communication in team. Budget Risk: Wrong budget estimation. Cost overruns.

19 Project Schedules

20 Project Milestones for the RMU Nursing iPad initiative Project:

21 Lessons Learned Planning Align the laptop initiative with your goals - Ex. access to Internet from home. Training & Professional Development Provide training and professional development for teachers and administrators mainly on curriculum integration, not only on technical skills. Ex. Provide necessary technical training on how to use the device Hardware & Software Build and maintain the necessary network infrastructure Ex.The university may require significant network infrastructure modifications Make technology support available onsite as well as offsite Managing Change Allow sufficient time for change and make it gradual Ex. Allow time for professors to become comfortable with the IPad before expecting them to use it for instruction Monitoring & Evaluation Make monitoring ongoing Ex. Some challenges may be foreseen and addressed during the planning stage but others emerge as implementation takes place. Ongoing monitoring helps identify obstacles at an early stage.

22 Conclusions and Recommendations Recommendations The Nursing IPad Initiative could essentially act as a test pilot for the university. This could essential be beneficial to learn the benefits and risks of the project and if it needs to be limited to specific majors. This if successful could be implemented university wide a crossed all majors. Conclusions The Nursing IPad Initiative will be essentially beneficially to the university as well as the students. To keep the university competitive it needs to continue its growth with technology. This will help enrollment, which will essentially help fund future projects. As a university you need to give your students all the available tools to continue their education and to help put Robert Morris University on the map on a national level.


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