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Educational Technology Plan Del Mar Union School District.

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1 Educational Technology Plan Del Mar Union School District

2 Guiding the Process DMUSD Strategic Plan Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) E-Rate SDCOE ◦ Approve and submit the plan to the State

3 Aligned with the District Strategic Plan Every student will actively use technology to develop 21st Century skills within a safe and secure digital environment.

4 Components I. Plan Duration II. Stakeholders III. Curriculum IV. Professional Development V. Infrastructure, Hardware, Software and Technical Support VI. Funding and Budget VII. Monitoring and Evaluation VIII. Adult Literacy IX. Effective Research- Based Methods and Strategies

5 I. Plan Duration o 3 year plan o Includes goals, benchmarks, and timelines for all essential components. o Reviewed and Updated Annually- Includes goals and input from the Strategic Planning Process and the Educational Technology Committee. Modifications are communicated to the Superintendent and the Board of Trustees.

6 II. Stakeholders o Superintendent o Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction o Assistant Superintendent of Business Services o Director of Technology o Student Information/Data Management Coordinator, District Web Master and Technicians o Principals o Educational Technology Committee o Instructional Technology Teachers

7 III. Curriculum o Integration of technology into classrooms to maximize student access and curriculum-based learning outcomes by providing resources, materials, and tools that meet individual needs and a wide range of learning styles. o NETS for Students o NETS for Teachers o DMUSD Instructional Technology Program o New: AB 307 Internet Safety and Ethical Use of Technology

8 DMUSD Instructional Technology Program o Grade Level Concepts (K-6) o Etiquette and Safety o Cyber Bullying o Hardware and Software o Keyboarding Skills o Formatting Skills o Operations and Files o Graphics and Multimedia o Internet Use and Research

9 IV. Professional Development o Professional Development and Proficiency requirements needed to facilitate student learning. o District provides computer access for all teachers and administrators. o DMUSD Technology Profile o California Technology Assistance Project o Speak Up Survey

10 IV. PD Opportunities for Staff Time-Bank Wednesdays Summer ◦ Week-long ◦ Half-day Live On-Line ◦ Google Hangouts ◦ ◦ 10 Minute Thursdays ◦ Laptop Lunch Conferences ◦ CUE ◦ ISTE

11 V. Infrastructure, Hardware, Software and Technical Support o Infrastructure requirements (networks, wireless, electrical, phones, video) needed to implement an integrated, safe, “ invisible ” network. o Administrative applications (record keeping, attendance, inter-site, and intra-site communications) to increase staff efficiency.

12 VI. Funding and Budget o Funding and Budget resources to insure that all of the Plan ’ s components have the necessary equipment, training, and technical support.

13 VII. Monitor and Evaluation o Instructional Technology Team- Effective bi-monthly process to monitor and evaluate all facets of the implementation. o Educational Technology Committee- Annual Review and Revisions.

14 VIII. Collaborative Strategies o Adult literacy identification and input: Local agencies that offer established Adult Literacy Programs. Collaborate with agencies to increase communication of resources within community. Review Plan with agencies to solicit input. Explore other models for increasing community awareness.

15 IX. Research-Based Methods and Strategies o Technology Integration and Student Achievement o Record Keeping and Assessment Tools in Technology o Technology and Special Student Needs Research o Technology Staff Development Research

16 X. Policies, Procedures and Publications o Del Mar Union School District Board Policies 6163.4, 5131.2 o Replacement Procedure for Obsolete Equipment o Publications: NETS, Profiles for Students, Teachers, and Administrators, DMUSD Grade Level Concepts, and Speak-UP Survey Results, DMUSD Technology Profile o Appendix C- Criteria for EETT Technology Plan


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