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The University of Gloucestershires SLAP Project: Implications for Student Retention Stuart McQuaid & Carol Kear.

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1 The University of Gloucestershires SLAP Project: Implications for Student Retention Stuart McQuaid & Carol Kear

2 SLAP: Simplifying Learner Administration Processes The SLAP project arose from a broader University- commissioned Student Lifecycle project to reduce bureaucracy for both students and staff Amongst the recommendations identified were: review processes associated with the student life cycle starting with enquiry, application and enrolment; cross-university services should be developed to ensure consistency of service and avoidance of duplication

3 SLAP: Background A recognition that the University needed to engage and develop relationships with its customers at all stages:

4 SLAP: Overview The aim of the SLAP project is to improve enquiry, application and (re-)enrolment processes to the benefit of customer service and University efficiency. The deliverables include the mapping, review and redesign the key business processes associated with: Student enquiries (from the point of receipt) Application This includes implementation of re-designed online processes.

5 SLAP: Enquiries Systematic Data Collection: Enquiry data not collected Enquiry data not used No data collection standard Difficult to access and report enquiry data A common data suite

6 SLAP: Applications Direct applications online Reduced duplication: data entry Reduced response times Processes that make it possible to track conversion rates eg: enquiry to qualification Streamline enquiry and application processes Reduction in the number of local databases & duplicate data

7 SLAP: SITS Student Administration Software Utilizes: SITS enquiries management software for processing enquiries and applications SITS publishing system for displaying course information and allowing online application and course enquiries via the University of Gloucestershires external website

8 SLAP: Data collection SLAP through stakeholder engagement identified: Key data to be collected Data collection vs. barrier to enquiry Level, ARI, Name, Address, DOB, Email

9 SLAP: Developing Relationships A personal linkage to an institution has been identified as a key factor in improved retention outcomes for undergraduate students The SLAP project will that support and enable the development of that linkage

10 SLAP: Data collection and CRM Allows student cohort administrators and marketing functions to develop early relationships with enquirers Relationships require dialogue. SLAP can give stakeholders the tools to develop dialogue

11 SLAP: Assists Marketing Activities Targeted information: Levels, ARIs, Country etc Drip feed information Centralised database Frees administrators to build relationships not chase data. Record of enquirer interaction: database of enquiry records

12 SLAP: Online applications: Faster decision turnaround Decisions not data processing Automated processes –SITS Process Manger software –SITS Tasking software Ability to access and input the right data at the right time. –Release staff time for more productive activities: follow up applications with marketing activities and developing relationships.

13 SLAP: Perceived Customer Service: Vehicle for building relationships with enquirers: Perception of improved customer service Automates the humdrum: aautomated email/text prompts to remind and update enquirers 12% of potential student population is lost because of poor customer service booking campus visits Automated correspondence can link to social networks etc for an independent view of the University

14 SLAP: Benefits for Student Retention The right courses for the right students Ensure enquirers and applicants have accurate and accessible information to make the right choice about the course and University Engage enquirers and applicants with different Faculties/Departments and increase conversion rates Tool not a solution. Can be used to enhance and automate enquiry and application interaction

15 Will engaging & developing relationships with enquirers actually make any significant impact on retention? Could resource be better deployed? For example - support/monitoring on arrival?

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