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2 Hard? No. Frustrating? Yes! But Its rewarding! IS SWITCHING TO PAPERLESS HARD?

3 THE FUTURE IS HERE-WHY PAPERLESS? Physically --The benefits of debating without the need to lug multiple 50+ pound tubs of evidence all over the country probably doesnt bear much further explication. But, as we made the transition, we found ourselves continually unearthing new reasons we were glad wed switched. Just to mention a few: Cost savings – Probably the number one factor informing our decision to switch at Whitman. Obviously, it saves all the money spent on paper, printing, copying, expandos, and other tub- related supplies. It also saves all the costs associated with checked baggage on airlines – with escalating fee structures, not an insignificant amount. Somewhat less obviously, it also saves money on the size of rental vehicles needed for to transport the average team. While offset to a degree by the increased costs of the requisite technology (laptops, etc...), the net cost savings to our team just in the first year easily reach into the multiple thousands of dollars. In a time when many budgets across the country are at significant risk of being cut, paperless may soon become a necessity. Ease of travel – This should be obvious. Tubs weigh a lot, and airlines are evil.

4 WHY PAPERLESS? MORE BENEFITS Environmental benefits – These are probably not very significant in the grand scheme of things, and using more laptops might offset any benefits – but it does save a lot of paper, ink cartridges, increased weight on planes, etc...I wouldnt list this as an incontrovertible reason to switch, at least without somebody doing some research – but it might be a nice icing on the cake. PR – Whether the environmental benefits are real or perceived, the Whitman debate team has received a ton of positive press from the school over the transition. Ive heard similar stories from other schools who are switching. Theres never a bad time to impress the administration, especially when money is tight. The Paper Debate: ation/edlife/18debate-t.html?_r=1 COMMON SIGHTS

5 PART 1. CREATING PAPERLESS FILES Part 1 will be divided into three sections. 1. Getting Started 2. Navigating the Template 3. Troubleshooting

6 Things you will need. 1. Computer, preferably a Laptop 2. The newest version of Word you can get your hands on. Word 10/11 is the best but Word 7 will do. 3. MouseStandard button mouse with a wheel will do. 4. USB memory device 5. The Template: m/verbatim/ GETTING STARTED

7 1. Debate Stand: http://www.pctab http://www.pctab 2.Power supplies: Surge Protector Plug Converters Extension Cord (25 ft. probably will work). GETTING STARTED: ACCESSORIES

8 1. Run the downloader –for many of you this will be all you need to do. A. Security Settings File, Options, Security Settings B. Make sure the template is in the templates folder. File, New, My Templates, Debate If it is not there but on the desktop copy and paste it in the templates folder and vice versa Reinstall 2. Open the template INSTALLING THE TEMPLATE

9 F2 – Paste Unformatted Text (and remove Lexis enhanced coverage) F3 – Remove Returns F4 – Hat F5 – Block F6 – Tag F7 – Cite F8 – Normal/Card F9 – Underline F10 – Emphasis F11 – Highlight F12 – Clear Formatting Ctrl-8 – Eight-Font Macro. Turn un-underlined text into 8pt font. Make sure theres SOME underlined text in your paragraph first or it might turn the whole document into 8pt (can be undone) Ctrl-Q – Cite Request. Turns the current card into a cite-request ready format. Explanation of the Headings 1. Headings-When to use (Think about each file as an expando) 2. Pocketthe overall contents of that pocket of the expando 3. Hat-the fold-over 4. Blockthe individual block 5. Tag Each level of heading will import everything under it into the speech doc until the next HIGHER ORDER of heading. Be very discriminate in your use of heading. VERY! – Use the block heading for this FORMATTING THE FILE

10 1. Copy from the source 2. F2 paste (washes the card) 3. F3 Remove Returns 4. Copy the cite Repeat Steps 1-3 F8 for author name, quals, and date 5.F9--Underline the cardUnderline the relevant parts of the card highlight the text and hit F9 6. F7-tag the card 7. F6-Block Title CUTTING CARDS

11 PART 2: DEBATING PAPERLESS THE COMMANDS ` key – Send To Speech. Sends selected text, or Block/Card/Hat. If in reading view, inserts a card marker. Can also use Ctrl-Alt-. Ctrl-Alt- – Move Up Ctrl-Alt-– Move Down Ctrl-Alt- – Delete Block/Card/Hat Ctrl-Shift-N – New Speech Document Ctrl-Shift-S – Copy To USB Ctrl-Tab – Cycle Through Open Windows Ctrl-` key – Cycle the Nav Pane through Headings 1-3 (Requires the standalone NavPaneCycle.exe) STEP BY STEP 1. open a speech document 2. use the tilda to import the Block/Card/or hat you want for the speech 3. Organize the speech 4. Copy to the USB 5. Give to opposing team

12 TROUBLESHOOTING YOUR TILDA DOESNT WORK Customizing the keyboard: Word Options – Customize The Ribbon – Customize Keyboard. Make sure your template is selected in the Save Changes In box, then scroll down in the left box to find Macros and Styles. Find the relevant macro or style in the right box to see the currently assigned keys, delete them, and add your own. Note that the ` key cant be assigned manually – that requires coding. MAC Go to Tool and in the drop down list box click onTemplates and Add ins Make sure that the pathway to the template is in the top box Click Attach Also make sure that the Debate.dotm is checked, then click Add Finally click ok This should attach the debate.dotm template to your current document so that all o the macro features are present I HAVE AN OLDER VERSION OF WORD-CAN I STILL USE THE TEMPLATE The short answer is yes. If you are using an older version of Word (2007) 1. Go to the template folder 2. Save the template as file and it should convert what it can to Word 2007 formatting

13 TROUBLESHOOTING WHEN I SAVE I LOSE THE TOOLBAR Template Folder-Make sure the template is in the template folder GO TO THE SOURCE READ THE MANUAL!!!!!!

14 FINAL THOUGHTS Lab Leaders need to get added Download the files as they are posted Highlight, organize, write blocks


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