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The New User Interface MEDITECH Training & Education.

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1 The New User Interface MEDITECH Training & Education

2 Additional Benefits Windows look and feel Enhanced menu options
Mouse enabled Enhancements to graphs

3 Categorizing Changes Appearance Toolbar Navigation Graphs Menus

4 Appearance Changes Workstation Icon Color Schemes
Title Bars/ Workstation Utility Menus Text Changes Customer Defined Screens Color Coding of Text Response Field Changes System Messages

5 Workstation Icon Changes
The default icon for Version 4.00 or later of the MEDITECH Workstation has changed Earlier and later versions can be installed on the same PC

6 Color Schemes Workstation color schemes are set by the Windows Control Panel Changing your Windows colors changes your MEDITECH Workstation colors Color schemes are PC specific

7 MEDITECH Workstation with Windows Standard Color Scheme

8 Changing the Color Scheme in the Control Panel

9 New Workstation Colors

10 Title Bars Workstation title bars will display routine and lookup names Title bar fonts and point size can be formatted Access to the Workstation Utility Menu is gained through the title bar

11 Title Bars

12 Title Bar Formatting To format title bars: To format Workstation text:
Windows Control Panel Display - Appearance - Item - Title Bar Formatting applies to title bars only To format Workstation text: Display - Settings - Font Size

13 Reformatted Title Bars

14 The Workstation Utility Menu
To access the Workstation Utility Menu Click on the Workstation icon in the title bar Right Click on the Workstation title bar

15 The Workstation Utility Menu

16 The Workstation Utility Menu
Functions on the Workstation Utility menu can also be performed using the following keystrokes: Alt + F1: Workstation Help Alt + F4 : Exit Alt + C : Copy Alt + V : Paste Alt + D : Reset Display (NEW)

17 Example of Proportional and Fixed Fonts

18 Color Coding of Text Color coding of text will still be available in the Workstation Examples of color use: Patient Statuses High or Low Lab Values in PCI

19 Workstation Text Colors

20 Workstation Text Colors

21 Response Field Changes
Response fields are now represented by 3D input boxes Consistent with Windows applications Radio buttons or check boxes may be used for Yes/No response fields

22 Response Field Examples

23 System Messages The Workstation uses Windows Dialog Boxes to display system messages Error Messages Help Messages Dialog Boxes

24 MAGIC Error Message

25 MAGIC Help Message

26 MAGIC Dialog Box

27 The Workstation Toolbar
Used to perform functions in the MEDITECH workstation Buttons represent different functions Toolbar position based on mouse setup Windows Control Panel Mouse - Button Configuration Left or Right handed mouse

28 Right Handed Toolbar

29 Toolbar - Standard OK Button F12 on a PC

30 Toolbar - Standard Exit Button F11 on a PC

31 Toolbar - Standard Help Button Shift + F8 on a PC
Displays online documentation for fields and routines.

32 Toolbar - Standard Lookup Button F9 on a PC

33 Toolbar - Standard Magic Menu Button Shift + F12 on a PC

34 Toolbar - Standard System Info Button
When on a menu, the number of messages in MOX will display as a Tool Tip when button is highlighted While in a routine, it is used to check or uncheck individual items from a list Right Ctrl key on a PC

35 Toolbar - Standard Page Up / Page Down Buttons Arrow Buttons
Page Up and Page Down keys on a PC Arrow Buttons On a PC, Up & Down Arrows, Shift Left & Right Arrows

36 Toolbar - Standard Select All Button While in a procedure
Shift + Right Control key on a PC Used to check or uncheck all items from a list

37 Navigation Changes General Navigation Changes Multipage Drivers
Using the Keyboard Using the Mouse Multipage Drivers MDI (Multiple Document Interface) Resizing the Workstation Screen

38 Using the Keyboard (Menus)
On Desktops Arrow keys are used to highlight items Enter to select an item On Cascading menus Up and Down Arrow keys are used to highlight items Enter or Right Arrow keys are to select either a routine or submenu

39 Using the Keyboard while in a Routine
The 4.9 Version of the MEDITECH software supports Windows style keystrokes ESC = Exit TAB = Enter (Next field) Shift + TAB = Previous Field

40 Using the Mouse Menus Procedure Screens Lookups Verb Strips

41 Using the Mouse (Menus)
The mouse pointer can be used to select items from the Desktop and Cascading Menus Select the item with the pointer, and click to execute the routine or menu

42 Using the Mouse while in a Routine
While in a routine, you can click on an input field to move the cursor to the field

43 Using the Mouse (Lookups)
Selecting an entry Single click highlights an entry Double click selects an entry Page up/Page down Clicking on arrows will move the lookup display

44 Selecting an Entry

45 Verb Strips Items from a verb strip can be selected by highlighting the option with the pointer and clicking

46 Highlighting a Verb Strip Option

47 Multipage Screen Drivers
The mouse may now be used to click on upcoming pages of routines or dictionaries with multiple screens.

48 Multipage Screen Drivers

49 MDI - Multiple Document Interface
Allows you to move an active window “out of the way” View information on non active window(s) Click the title bar of the active window Drag it to the desired location

50 Movement of an Active Window

51 Resizing the Workstation Screen
Users can now change the size of their MEDITECH Workstation screen Scroll bars will be used to shift the workstation screen within the window

52 Resizing the Workstation Screen

53 Available Documentation
In the 4.12 Workstation On-line Help MEDITECH.COM Documentation FAQ List PowerPoint Document New User Interface Documentation (Web Pages) 4.9 E/E Menu Dictionary Guide

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