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Presented to CUGG by Jamie Leben 10/9/10 IT-Works Computer Services 970-405-4399

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1 Presented to CUGG by Jamie Leben 10/9/10 IT-Works Computer Services

2 What is NAS? Network Attached Storage Device that connects one or more hard disks to a network Typically headless- web managed, no keyboard or monitor Store and share files for multiple operating systems

3 Why might you want NAS? Add storage space easily Improve data security with RAID storage Access files across the Internet Easy sharing of files on your LAN

4 Common NAS features RAID Automatic redundant storage of data across multiple hard drives Your data can survive a drive failure USB ports Connect and share printers or usb hard drives Web interface for management

5 Model specific features Media streaming to local network and/or Internet FTP server Web server for Internet file access

6 A few examples of NASs

7 Pogoplug Ethernet to 4 USB ports Connect up to 4 of your own hard drives Includes service designed to give easy access to files from the web- create photo slide shows or share pictures on social network sites. Stream pictures and video to mobile devices. $99

8 Drobo Chassis for 4-8 of drives (you provide) that automatically manages RAID redundancy across different size drives $400+

9 Freenas Open source software to turn a PC into a NAS Use your own hardware to create a NAS $FREE

10 Other manufacturers Single drive $100+ Dual drive $200+ Empty 2 drive $150+

11 Windows Home Server Windows Home Server is version of windows meant to run on a "headless" PC designed to store, share and RAID protect data on a network. Purchase the software for $100 for installation on your own hardware Prebuilt systems range from $300-$1000 depending on power and storage Attach printers to share Easy to set up RAID protection Includes backup and security status management software It will report whether all connected PCs are backing up and if antivirus is out of date. wshomeserver/default.mspx wshomeserver/default.mspx



14 Shopping considerations: How much storage do you need? Do you have your own drives to use? What features do you need?

15 Questions? Thank you! Jamie Leben IT-Works Computer Services

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