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Aircraft Refueling Presented By John S. Gittins, P.E.

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1 Aircraft Refueling Presented By John S. Gittins, P.E.

2 Interested in attracting More traffic to your airport?

3 Concerned about the increasing costs for UST systems?

4 Concerned that your fueling system needs may change?

5 Issues With Underground Systems

6 Features With Aboveground Systems Installation cost differences, UST vs AST Protection from subsurface and aboveground fuel releases. System protection features. Relocateable system benefits.

7 Making Fuel Management Systems Work for You Cost savings from operating a self-serv system. Features that make it easy for customers to use. Access and billing options.

8 Concerned about the increasing costs for UST systems? Concerned that your fueling system needs may change? Interested in attracting more traffic to your airport?

9 Benefits Summary Aboveground systems have lower capital and operational costs Systems Features Ability to meet future needs

10 AVIATION FUELING INNOVATIONS New Technologies Integrated By Bryant Fuel Systems

11 Major Components The following components are a highlight of those used in the manufacture of integrated Bryant Fuel Systems and are not all inclusive. They are representative of some of the items required for proper operation, function and regulatory compliance.

12 Pumps Loading, Off-loading, Recirculation Pumps, motors & piping are part of a turn-key Bryant Fueling System. Factory integration is a proven cost advantage to field fabrication. The gallons per minute required for your job dictate pump, motor, piping size and cost. Recirculation for Jet & Helicopter fuel is recommended.

13 Dispensers Dispensers can be piped to the hose reel for direct over-wing dispensing. Tanks can be outfitted with multiple dispensers and hose reels to accommodate tanks storing more than one product. Just like at service stations, dispenser options are many. High volume 25 plus gallons per minute pumps and built in credit card readers are two of the more common options.

14 Filtration Loading, recirculation, & off-loading Jet A at 200 gpm or greater through a filter separator such as the Velcon HV1633150 meets American Petroleum Institute (API)1581 requirements and provides clean fuel. Filter components are easily monitored with a differential pressure gauge and easily changed.

15 BFS AVIATION SYSTEM PROVIDES CLEAN FUEL Slug valves (top) and strainers (bottom) are standard equipment on Bryant Aviation Bulk Fueling Systems to ensure clean fuel. Bryant Aviation Fuel Systems are designed to load, re-circulate, & discharge through the filtration system.

16 AvGas Filtration In line thread on filters will meet most AvGas filtration needs & gpm requirements.

17 Fuel Management Veeder Root Systems Fuel management systems can provide many useful functions such as current fuel volume and height. Increase and delivery reports. They can also interface with alarms for leak detection, high and low level warnings.

18 The Factory Built Advantage Electrical connection is typically the only thing needed for system operation.

19 Overfill Alarms & Protection UL listed low cost battery operated systems are available to help you meet EPA overfill alarm requirements. Most spills occur when overfilling the tank.

20 VEEDER ROOT ALARM SYSTEM Alarm light and horn interfaced with fuel inventory system. Well suited for high use, high thru-put locations.

21 Credit Card Readers Credit card readers come with a wide range of options and are priced accordingly. Consider having it mounted on the fuel system during manufacturing. It could save some money. Software and start-up are typically two line item costs.

22 Hose Reel Options Hose reels typically come in 25 increments with manual, spring or electric rewind capability. Hose should be certified for aviation fueling. If you have a specific nozzle need or preference that should be clarified going into the project.

23 HOSE REEL FUNCTION Consider the electric or spring rewind especially on hoses of 50 or longer. A little more expensive than a manual rewind but it will keep your customers happier.

24 Valve Options Automatically controlled valves provide ease of operation for many fueling systems. Manual valves provide a lower cost alternative to automatic valves.

25 Fuel System & Tank Styles Tank with open top secondary containment and dispensers for Jet A and AvGas at City of Fallon, Nevada Airport

26 Helicopter Refueling System Open top containment with hose reel in locking cabinet. Los Angeles Co. Sheriffs Dept. Aviation Bureau.

27 Closed Top Containment Style Tank with closed top secondary containment with man-ways for access.

28 Double Wall Tank Style Double wall tank on skid with dispenser, hose reel, and credit card reader.

29 Fuel Cabinets for Above or Underground Tanks Fuel cabinets can be equipped with multiple hose reels. Static or grounding reels and Deadman safety handles are recommended. Cabinets can be lockable. Stainless steel construction is an option.

30 Transportation & Logistics 40,000 gallons can be trucked. Such as this bulk fueling system on the way to the Army Airfield at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. Cranes are typically used to off load larger systems. Smaller systems such as this 500 gallon tank can get there as fast as you want it.

31 News Clip

32 For questions or additional information please contact Mr. John Gittins, Gittins Environmental Phone 949-837-9438 Mr. George Adam, Bryant Fuel Systems 800-873-3566 ext 113

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