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Automated Cargo Transport Systems Plus Real-time Silo Level Information.

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1 Automated Cargo Transport Systems Plus Real-time Silo Level Information

2 The Company Automated Cargo Delivery System developed by owner of cement transport company 30% Reduction in number of tractors & drivers Allows 100% consistent unloading procedure Offers real-time inventory information Significantly improves on-time delivery

3 Traditional Situation Driver arrives at site & connects hoses Driver requests permission to begin unloading Delivery of product takes approximately 40 minutes

4 Traditional Disadvantages Tractor & driver must be present to unload On-time delivery is critical, cannot be proactive Waiting time can be a significant factor Problems due to driver unloading errors Problems associated with faulty bin HIGH alarm

5 Automated Cargo Transport System Increases deliveries/day/tractor Tremendous dispatch flexibility 30% Reduction in number of tractors & drivers Real-time inventory management

6 The Patented Process ACTS computers control unloading process using patented algorithms to cycle valves based on silo level and tank pressure. Tanker can be delivered in “off” hours and be utilized as a secondary silo. This frees the tractor and driver to deliver at other sites. ACTS control system uses the unloading process to give you a competitive advantage.

7 Primary Components Located at Ready Mix Plant Real-time radar level sensors on silos Blower Control panel Located on Tanker Control valves Pressure transducers Control panel

8 System Overview

9 Silo Level Sensor Utilizes reliable radar technology No moving parts Provides continuous real-time level information

10 The Blower Installed at ready mix plant Runs at constant RPM - No driver panic shutdown - Lower cost to operate - Less maintenance

11 Silo Control Panel Mounted at ready mix plant - NEMA 4X protection Uses PLC/Digital technology Controls silo level & blower Silo levels tracked on: - Intranet or Internet

12 Tanker Control Panel NEMA 4X protection - PLC - Solenoid Valves - Pressure Sensors - Pressure Gauges Easy access for manual operation permits deliveries at non-automated plants

13 Control Valves Automated valves Controls product flow Avoids plugged lines

14 Two Quick Connections Communicatio n Connection Gladhand Compressor Connection

15 Real-time Inventory

16 View Inventory on Internet PlantCementAuxiliary Cement Fly AshSlag Park City 1/4/06 2:02pm Deer Valley 1/4/06 2:02pm 29.07.546.446.5 Brighton 1/4/06 2:02pm 61.9N/A35.2N/A Sundance 1/4/06 2:02pm 40.7N/A59.4N/A Inventory Summary (Tons)

17 Wrong Silo Alarm Option WRONG SILO ALARM Tanker #647 Cargo: Slag Unloading Halted

18 The Results No waiting for silo capacity & no overfilled silos Unloading procedure is 100% consistent - pressure control is automatic & accurate Bag house is properly cleaned every time Proactive dispatch - simply go to nearest empty tanker location

19 Additional Opportunities Lighter tractor = more payload capacity Increased driver loyalty - spends more time driving - beats morning rush at pick up location Increased silo capacity + option for multi-tanker drop at single ready mix plant

20 Actual Model Manual System 40 minutes or more delivery time 3 Deliveries/Tractor/Day (Based on average of 50 miles one way) 3 Tractors per 3 Tankers Automated System Gain 40 minutes or more per delivery 4 Deliveries/Tractor/Day 2 Tractors per 3 Tankers

21 Actual Business Model Results Reduces tractors by 30% Reduces drivers and overhead by 30% Real-time silo inventory management Increases flexibility of delivery schedule Eliminates driver unloading errors

22 Installations Proven track record of more than 8 years Proven savings to hauler and cement user Ability to provide managed inventory program via real-time silo level sensors & internet software

23 Economic & Strategic Benefits More deliveries per tractor = Reduction in:- expenses (capital & annual) - liabilities Fast system payback Eliminate material shortages: - Real-time silo level information - Proactive delivery schedule - Additional storage - Consistent unloading pressures & procedures

24 Benefits Summary 30% Reduction in capital & annual expenses Real-time inventory control Proactive tanker dispatch (eliminate waiting time) 100% Consistent unloading procedure Increased loyalty between hauler & cement user

25 The Total Package For Increased Profits

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