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GradeBook Year-End Meeting May 15, 2014. Welcome & Introductions Name District Favorite ice cream flavor.

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1 GradeBook Year-End Meeting May 15, 2014

2 Welcome & Introductions Name District Favorite ice cream flavor

3 Year-End Report Card Generation Opening Report Card Windows Admin Home Page > Reporting Periods > Entry Dates Column > Edit link Open window for last grading period and any additional reporting terms your building(s) need to enter marks for Examples: Exam2, 2 nd Semester Average, Final, All Year

4 Year-End Report Card Generation GradeBook > Run Report Cards Users must now select the Reporting Period(s) they want to print on the report cards User must select at least one reporting period If the report card selected has a current comment template piece mapped you will also see the option to Select a Reporting Period for Current Comment

5 Archiving Report Cards No procedure available for MEC to mass archive the GradeBook Report Cards for Districts Districts are encouraged to produce a copy for their records prior to the rollover (July 16 th ) Copies can be printed, saved to a PC or server, or burnt to a CD NOTE: Once rollover is completed report cards for previous year cannot be re-generated MEC does provide access to the previous years database for District ProgressBook Coordinators Individual student grades can be viewed from the Student Profile - Assessment tab

6 Report Card Changes Standards based report card changes must be done before teachers can complete their yearly setup steps Work with your building staff to determine any changes that need to be made before the school year ends so that you will have plenty of time to make the changes over the summer Dont wait until the last minute!

7 Report Card Changes MEC offers consulting services to Districts for creating or changing standards based report cards at a cost of $100.00 per hour or $500.00 per day Quote requests for the upcoming school year must be received by MEC before Monday, June 30 th 2014. You must provide specific details on the work you would like done

8 Report Card Changes Report Card Builder Trainings offered May 20 th – 7 seats still open May 27 th – 7 seats still open

9 Summer Open Lab Dates Open to any GradeBook, SpecialServices or StudentInformation users Can work on completing start of year checklists, scheduling, report card changes, etc. Registration Information can be found on MEC GradeBook website May 22 nd June 4 th June 11 th June 18th

10 Summer Rollover Tentative Date – July 16 th Estimating minimal downtime again this year, hoping to limit it to just one day! Case Management Classes Be sure to set Retain during rollover flag before July 16 th Teachers and rosters are retained so there may be updates needed at start of school

11 Summer Rollover Whats Deleted? Teachers, courses, and classes Daily and period attendance records Students addresses Students homerooms

12 Summer Rollover Whats Retained? ProgressBook system settings Parent/Student Access Website Administration settings Parent/Student Access Website class home pages Student, parent, and staff login account information Student contacts and addresses with IEPs Named Codes Report Card Formatting Courses associated with standards-based report cards Student information Assignment and homework banks Lesson Plan Banks Special Services district and user banks

13 Summer Rollover Optional Scripts Available Purge Assignment Bank Deletes Assignments that are older than three years Can adjust number of years at Districts Request Purge Teacher Lesson Class History Deletes lesson plans from lesson bank that are older than three years Can adjust number of years at Districts Request Note: Scripts are only ran if Districts Request for MEC to run them Enhancement Requests Submitted Additional script to purge Homework Bank Ability for teachers to manage their own bank items

14 Year-End Reports Reports cannot be generated until Rollover is completed Will schedule batch jobs to run between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. after rollover is completed During this time the system will be operational, however, users may encounter slowness due to the processing requirements of the report generation jobs Typically takes 10 days to complete reports for all Districts Email will be sent when reports are available for download from FTP server Instructions for downloading will be attached to notification email

15 Year-End Reports Class Progress Reports Includes comprehensive class progress reports for all teachers and classes for the entire year

16 Year-End Reports Period Attendance Report Includes a file for each school building that has used Period Attendance. The reports lists the period attendance by reporting period for each student that had period attendance entered during the school year.

17 Year-End Reports Enhancement Request Submitted Daily Attendance Report We requested Software Answers include a report that could be generated for each school building that has used Daily Attendance. Also requested the report include any Daily Comments that were entered for each student Software Answers provided us with a script to generate a District CSV file that contains the Daily Attendance and Daily Comment information Script will be ran this year for each District and CSV file will be copied to FTP Server

18 Password Expirations Current bug - (SA still investigating) Users are unable to reset their passwords from the Central Password Expired Screen Passwords must be reset in StudentInformation until the bug is fixed

19 Password Expirations Common issue at end and start of the school year Passwords expire every 350 days

20 District Mass Password Resets District ProgressBook Coordinators or StudentInformation Team Leaders can request a District mass password re-set Submit a helpdesk ticket to request a mass re-set Specify in the ticket an approximate date you would like the reset to be done Also specify if you want the new passwords sent as an email to the individual users or sent in a single file to whomever requests the re-set

21 Password Changes Teachers can change their passwords from the Teacher Homepage in GradeBook (if enabled in District Features)

22 Password Changes Users Can also change their passwords by selecting CentralAdmin from the Quick Launch Menu then clicking on the dropdown in the upper right corner and selecting Change Password

23 Upcoming Future Releases 14.4 – May 16 th (tentative) Bug fixes Year-end EMIS changes 14.4.1 – June 13 th (tentative) Rollover – GradeBook Discipline re-write - StudentInformation 14.5 – July 18 th (tentative) Product header changes for consistency Separate StudentAccess and ParentAccess pages Ability to reset Parent passwords in PA Admin Addition of GradeBook Discipline create/start incident page EMIS changes as needed An email will be sent out once an installation date has been set

24 Software Answers Beta Site Logins The Software Answers Beta site is updated every Thursday morning between 9am – 11am. Draft Release Notes are available on the login screen.

25 Back to School Checklists Two Checklists Available Back to School Checklist Outlines tasks that need to be done: Before Rollover – July 16 th (tentative) Before integration can be turned on After rollover but before first day of School Checklist for GradeBook Integration Startup Outlines tasks that MUST to be completed before integration can be turned on Signed form must be received before MEC will begin integration setup process Teachers cannot begin using GradeBook until Integration is turned on! Note: Once form is received by MEC, integration setup can take up to two days to complete. Please plan accordingly!

26 Teacher Yearly Setup Steps Must be completed before teachers can begin entering assignments Setup must be done on ALL Classes Step 1: Setup Assignment Types Step 2: Setup Calc Methods & Weights Step 3. Setup Grading Scales Standards Based Report Cards – teachers must select Custom Setup 2 Secondary Report Cards – teachers need to select Custom Setup 1 and select the appropriate grading scale

27 GradeBook Configuration Utility Only available for Districts that use Standards Based Report Cards Can only be ran for Active Report Cards Eliminates a lot of start of year issues Mass sets Grading Scale Setup options for teachers who have courses attached to the report card the utility is ran for By default will only change classes currently set to Default Setup Override option is available Use Override Option with Caution! NOTE: Teachers must still complete yearly setup steps 1 and 2 on the previous slide

28 Contact and Listserv Updates Please review the Contact List and the Listserv Subscriber List and indicate any changes that need to be made

29 Open Discussion Forum Any questions on anything that was covered? Anyone have any other items they would like to discuss or share?

30 ProgressBook Suite Retreat Registration and session information should be coming out soon. Watch your email for the announcement.

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