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Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 1 Installation and configuration Clarity User Training.

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1 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 1 Installation and configuration Clarity User Training

2 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 2 Software protection Software installation HW installation Software configuration Installation

3 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 3 Software protection by hardware key  Hardware key (dongle) required for each station  USB standard (LPT optional on request)  The software is independent of hardware (A/D boards)  User code (16 position alfanumeric code) combined with the apropriate dongle (S/N yyyy) is necessary to operate the Clarity Datastation (S/N xx-zyyyy)  30 day trial version available IMPORTANT !! Please note that a loss of a dongle (hardware key) is considered as a loss of the license right to use Clarity SW. Software Protection

4 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 4 Install the software first before any hardware!  Insert the CD  Start install.exe (if not started automatically)  Follow the dialog screens Set the installation directory Software Installation

5 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 5 Software Installation Set the program folder Select type of installation Typical should be used in most cases

6 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 6 Software Installation Enter the User code corresponding to the HW key used Leave blank for 30 day Trial mode Chose acquisition device which would you like to set as default

7 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 7 Software Installation Wait for next screen, the installation is in progress

8 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 8 Software Installation Start the Hardware installation Wait for next screen, the installation is in progress

9 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 9 Software Installation Finish the Hardware installation Wait for the installation to finish

10 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 10 Software Installation Finish the software installation Show readme.txt file Run Clarity (do not check with hardware not yet installed!) Run IQ utility

11 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 11 Hardware Installation Switch off the computer Insert the INT7 A/D board to a free PCI slot Switch on the computer Follow the New Hardware Found dialogs

12 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 12 Hardware Installation Select „No, not this time“ for updates search Select Install Automatically (first time installation on a new computer)

13 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 13 Hardware Installation Wait, Installation is in progress This warning may appear under some circumstances. It is safe to ignore it, use „Continue Anyway“ to proceed

14 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 14 Hardware Installation Insert the HW key  New hardware found notice will shortly appear, the installation is automatic Finish the hardware installation

15 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 15 Inputs IN1-IN4  Symmetric inputs – the shield cable must be connected Electric connections

16 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 16 Start Clarity using the desktop icon Registration Dialog Needed for on-line updates Login Dialog Enter your name Click here to open instrument Clarity First Start

17 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 17 User Accounts  user access privileges Configuration  configuration of the datastation Directories  working directories for individual instruments Digital Outputs  setting and assignment of digital outputs System/Configuration Configuration

18 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 18 To define users  When several operators use the station for different analyses  The desktop file (user profile) stores information about last used project, table and graph settings, last opened files, etc. User Accounts window

19 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 19 Fill in accordance with your company rules for GLP and 21CFRpart11 compliance Leave zeros for empty passwords or not restricted password life time. Leave blank for unprotected mode. (All users will share common desktop file) User can change his/her password in the User Account Details dialog User Accounts

20 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 20 Available Control modules Selected instrument configuration (add devices) Setting of displayed instruments (data acquisition allowed only on instruments with purchased licence) Installed devices Select the digital input and output for synchronisation Instrument type selection System Configuration window

21 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 21 Available Control Modules list Device configuration (doubleclick the device icon) System Configuration window

22 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 22 Directories window Working directories  enables working with data over network Directory = where the available projects are searched for Useful for connecting of Eval version from other computer Blank = Clarity instalation directory Blank = LOG subdirectory of Clarity instalation directory

23 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 23 Chromatography data storage according to  user  analysis type  sample type  time Projects

24 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 24 Main Clarity directory program files, configuration, user settings COMMON Subdirectory report styles (*.sty), default method templates, other files shared between projects Projects Subdirectory project files info (*.prj) Project Directory methods (met.*), sequences (seq.*) Project CALIB subdirectory calibration files (cal.*) and standard chromatograms (*.prm) Project DATA subdirectory sample chromatograms (*.prm) File and Folders structure

25 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 25 RAWraw data file  data as received from A/D converter  created at run start and incremented during analysis  actual and last processed stored in TMP subdirectory PRMprimary data  integrated data  created when analysis is finished  contains RAW data, history and copy of calibration file CALcalibration file  contains data for calibrated results calculations  referenced from method and chromatograms  actual copies stored in saved chromatogram Chromatogram files

26 Code P010 Date: 20.2.2007 26 Functionality Check 1) Open Data Acquisition window. The signal will drift if the signal cable wires are free and should be within a few µV from 0 mV if the are interconnected. You can also compare the detector display reading and reaction to autozero. 2) Upon the injection (closing the marker contact) the analysis will start. Data Acquisition window will change in appearance. Note: The optional Validator can be used to check the system correct function

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