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Fundraiser Overview Guide

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1 Fundraiser Overview Guide

2 GREAT ADVANTAGES: An easy to sell product that is personalized with the name of your Key Club You sell them for $20 at the door Keep 50% - That’s $10 profit per card! Your supporters save hundreds at popular restaurants and businesses for an entire year

3 Save up to 50% off at local favorites plus national brands like:

260,000+ locations

5 How do the cards work? Frequently Asked Questions
Key Club Cards are designed to fit conveniently in a purse or wallet and are about the same size as a credit card. Custom Text – We give you 25 characters to personalize your cards. This makes your Key Club Cards unique to your school and a lot easier to sell to your supporters. Expiration Date – All cards are set to expire 13 months from the date we send them to you. You’ll not only have plenty of time for the fundraiser, but you’ll instantly create repeat business that is ready to buy a new card from you every year. Login Codes – Each card has a unique login and pin number to access all of our local and national discounts for a full year.

6 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I see the discounts? Just like hundreds of coupon books, this one card gives your supporters the power to save on everything from dining, shopping, recreation, travel, groceries, golf, movies and more! Save up to 50% off at over 250,000 locations nationwide. After purchasing the card from you, your supporters will go to: and use the unique codes from the front of their card to log into the discount network. To try it for yourself as a guest, use this login: KC

7 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I see the discounts? Your supporters are greeted with a welcome message fully branded for Key Club. The logo at the top stays static throughout the site. Once logged in, you can search by any zip code or savings category and the discounts are displayed:

8 How do you use the discounts?
Frequently Asked Questions How do you use the discounts? Many of the restaurants and businesses on our program will simply allow you to show your card to redeem their discount offer. Others (such as Domino’s Pizza) will provide a link to redeem the offer through their online ordering page. For tracking purposes, some merchants will require a printed coupon. These merchants say: “Coupon Required” so you can print out the coupon before going to their store. Most of our retailers will allow you to print and use their coupon as many times as you would like throughout the year.

9 Frequently Asked Questions
Sample Coupon Note: A 30 day expiration date is automatically added to each coupon when printed

10 Coming soon … Mobile Coupon Network:
[instant discounts via show-your-phone offers/coupons/codes] Throughout 2010 and 2011, Access is converting its “instant savings” brick & mortar merchant network into mobile-ready coupons and offers. Rather than printing a coupon to present at the point of sale, members can simply show-their-phone or provide a merchant approved code to receive an instant discount – all delivered via the users mobile device. The mobile merchant database will be geo-coded, similar to all other Access platforms, so that offers may viewed based on where the mobile device is located. National, regional and local brands will be a part of the Access mobile coupon network. Savings


12 KEY CLUB CARD The Fundraiser Process:
After placing your order with TriQuest, the cards are delivered to you within 7-10 days Your Key Clubbers and participants go out and sell the cards to everyone they know (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, family, friends and neighbors) All money is collected at the door with no return visits and no order forms You don’t need to pay for the order until after your fundraiser is over

13 Caring … Our Way of Life What could we expect to make with this fundraiser? Because you earn $10 per card, the profits really add up! While no two fundraisers are exactly the same, most groups conservatively set to have each participant sell cards.

14 What our customers are saying
We were able to capitalize on America's current economic struggles, by presenting the cards as a way to save money in these tough times, not as a "fundraiser.” - Jeanie | Michigan The 10 boys we had do this said it was easy! They sold cards each and were able to pay for all of their activities in one fundraiser. I sold 10 cards myself in less than 5 minutes just by talking with some people at my work. We'll definitely do this again next year! - Douglas | Florida I was at work and we were going to order a pizza, I pulled out my card and after seeing the discount, I sold 4 cards on the spot!! - Dave | New Jersey I absolutely love this program; one of our kids sold 15 cards just by going to some neighbors and talking to her teachers. They were easy to sell and I have been recommending it to everyone I know who is looking to raise money for their programs. - Brenda | Delaware Everyone that I sold the card to was thrilled that unlike other cards that they have purchased in the past, this card is good nationally. - Mike | Pennsylvania This was the most profitable and easiest fundraiser I found. - Pam | Texas

15 Caring … Our Way of Life How to Get Started:
STEP 1: Determine the number of cards you’ll need STEP 2: Fill out and fax in your order form STEP 3: You’ll receive your cards within 7-10 days

16 For a digital copy of this presentation, please contact:
The Key Club Card is a win-win fundraising solution for your Key Club and your District. It creates goodwill with the community and awareness about your organization. In this tough economy, the Key Club Card gives you an opportunity to provide something of great value back to your supporters, while simultaneously raising the money you need to support and enhance your programs. For a digital copy of this presentation, please contact: Steve McFarland| TriQuest Direct: (801) Marek LeBlanc | CNH Key Club Direct: (951)

17 We look forward to working with you!

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