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Pet Treat Sale: Maximizing Your Profits

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1 Pet Treat Sale: Maximizing Your Profits

2 Get signed permission Get your permission slip to sell Pet Treats for your 4-H Club signed by your parent or guardian and return to your Club Leader.

3 Package Price: $4.00 All products sell for the same low price. 4-H Profit: $2.00 per package (Less any applicable shipping costs)

4 Set a Club Activity Goal to Take a Trip Attend an event Participate in a special 4-H Program

5 Club Activity Goal Determine the money needed Set a Package Goal for Club Divide Package Goal by number of members to set an Individual Member Goal Members should be able to talk about Club Activity Goal and Community Service Project to customers

6 Establish a Community Service Project Donate pet treats to local humane society Purchase a bullet proof vest for Police K9 Adopt a kennel of Military Working Dogs serving overseas and send donated pet treats

7 Dont forget you can download: Order forms Sample Email blasts Other Materials at

8 Take Order

9 Practice what you will say and how you will say it! Im selling pet treats for my 4-H Club to raise…

10 Your Pitch Im selling pet treats for my 4-H club to raise money so I can go to camp. I am very excited to participate in such an opportunity. These treats are perfect for all of the pets you love. Plus, 4-H receives 50% back from each package sold to support my goal. All pet treats are made in the USA.

11 Ask family, friends and neighbors to buy first Do Not go door-to- door


13 When you ask, be enthusiastic as you explain why your club is raising money and how it will help your club reach its 4-H Goal. Were raising money for summer camp.

14 Would you like to purchase a package for donation to the Humane Society or a local animal rescue group?

15 CUSTOMERS ARE EVERYWHERE! During order taking time, carry your order form at all times to Soccer Practice Church School

16 Turn your order form in on the due date

17 Pick up your pet treats on the designated date!

18 Dont Procrastinate Deliver your treats as soon as you can after receiving them. Your customers cant wait!

19 Enthusiastically thank Customers for Supporting 4-H Activities

20 Ask your Club Leader when your money is due

21 Complete your Community Service Project Project Complete Take Photos Write Story for Local Newspaper Post on the Blog

22 Use pet treat sale proceeds to accomplish the special Club Activity Goal -- take your trip, participate in 4-H program and special events. += Success


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