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Social Skills Palatine High School

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1 Social Skills Palatine High School
Barb Gray Sophie Foucault-Lawler


3 Social Skills Groups – IEP & 504 plans
Girls/Boys Groups Higher skilled - relationship building, confidence, assertiveness Lower skilled - circles, feeling, problem solving making/keeping friends Examples - Friend Files, Forming Connections Pg. 2, 3, 4, 5 hand-out acquaintance-friendly-friendship-relationship

4 Community Based Education
4 “L” strats - Look, Loud, Lips, Long Conversation Problem Solving Speaking Skills in the Community Example - Convo Cards Pg 6 handout

5 Best Buddies Program 80 students in regular education and special education students with cognitive disabilities/ students with autism to create bonds and develop friendships Monthly activities Weekly connections

6 Commit to the PIRATE Palatine’s PROMISE
School Wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) Integrity Respect Achievement School Wide Social Skills Pride Respect Ownership Motivation Integrity Success Excellence

7 Life and Learning Strategies
High functioning students with autism 4 leveled classes Social thinking-Expected/Unexpected Behaviors, Thinking with your Eyes., Listening with your Whole Body, Hidden Rules Executive functioning-Planning ahead, Organizing, Prioritizing, Self-Monitoring Problem solving Socializing Conversation/discussion relating to common core standards Pg handouts Example - social thinking awareness/convo discussion activity

8 Adult Transition Program ATP
Lower functioning students Rec/leisure skills/job sites ATP social group-turn taking, asking for help, expressing feelings, problem solving Communicating in context-problem solving, making plans Handouts pg.11,12

9 Job Coaching transitional students
Soft skills on the job Video model Social communication coach-get a job, start a job, keep a job Examples Self-rating Flow chart Cue cards Handouts 13-17

10 In Context and Ever changing
Use visuals-apps(pg. 18), videos, post-its… Work in all settings Train T.A.s, teachers and job coaches-give examples as often as possible Don’t assume the students infer anything Keep it verbal if possible

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